Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beginning of Summer!

So mommy has been terrible at writing to you. I'm sorry! We have been so busy that when I do have any free time I don't want to spend it on the computer. 

It's finally SUMMERTIME!! We have been enjoying every minute of it! I think you love summer just as much as your mommy does! I would love to try and think of everything we've done since I last updated but I really can't think of it all.

Mommy has been working a lot. I'm trying to save up money to buy stuff for our new house! Daddy finally finished up school last week so he's with us for good. We are both in the process of looking for *real* jobs here in Parkersburg. But for now we're both going to work for my mom and I'm going to help out at the restaurant too. I hate that I've been working so much but I still get to spend my morning and nights with you! 

We took our first vacation of the summer a week ago! It was Memorial Day Weekend and your daddy decided to go the very last minute. So we hurried up and packed and left { Friday May 27th } It was an 8 hr drive because we left from Parkersburg but you did so good. You always do so good on trips. We just sat in the backseat and "talked" to each other, played and slept while your poor daddy drove the whole way.

We got there around midnight and got to visit with his family. I love going there, they are really great people. I know I've said it before but you are very lucky Sophia! Your grandma was so happy to see you! I hate that we all don't live close but I'll do the best I can at visiting with them as much as we can! Here's a picture of you with your grandma and your cousins!

It looks like you and your cousin Adriana have such a difference in age. But really you don't. You are only 5 months older than her so growing up you two will be the same age. I hope you two will be able to be close! I'm glad that you have cousins the same age as you. Growing up I had one cousin who was 5 years older than me.. and then 3 cousins that were 5-10 years younger than me. 

We only got to stay in Virginia Beach for 3 days. But we made sure to go to the beach as much as we could. I was nervous about taking you to the beach especially since your daddy and I had to go by ourselves. Your Aunt Christie wanted to come but with a new baby she was nervous. She did give us some good advice. She told us to bring a baby pool to the beach. 

So we packed up {with the baby pool} and headed to the beach. It was SO hot both days we were there. 90 degrees + !! The beach was very crowded because of the holiday. We found a perfect spot and started unpacking.

I covered you in baby sun block. I wasn't going to let you get burnt. Daddy blew up the pool and started filling it with the ocean water. I walked you down to the water while he was doing it. You've been to the beach before .. but when you were only a month old and it was November so I'm going to say this was your real first beach trip! 

You smiled so big! And waved your arms and legs! And just watched the waves and everything going on. It was so special to mommy for some reason!   Being there with you at the beach was so beautiful.

We sat you down in the sand right where the waves came and you loved it. Just sat there and let the waves cover your little body. 

You are now starting to stand with help for a little time so daddy and you went on a little "walk" by the water. Your little toes were deep in the sand and the ocean waves would hit you. It didn't bother you at all. You'd smile right after a wave would hit you. My baby girl loves the beach 

We went back up to our little spot and the pool was ready. I sat you down and you just started splashing away! I'm so glad you can sit up so good on your own now. You don't even need me there anymore { but I still stay very close, just incase } I bought some pool toys too and you just sat and splashed and played with your toys! I'm so glad you love the water so much!

We had so much fun just sitting in the sand and watching you play in your pool. It seemed like you played for hours. After about 4 hours of being at the beach we decided it was time to head home. We went down to the water to get some more pictures real fast.

I love all our beach pictures especially the one with the 3 of us  I need to start scrapbooking! We packed up { which took soo long } We were all so tired and headed back to your great grandma's house. As soon as I strapped you in the carseat you fell asleep.

We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out with family. The next day { Monday } we headed back to the beach again. 

We played in your pool and went down by the water. Your daddy took you out in the ocean and dipped you in the water. I was so nervous for some reason. But your daddy took good care of you!

While you were walking in the water with your daddy Mommy was just taking picture after picture { like always } Well daddy was too busy talking with me that he didn't see a wave coming. This wave came and went right over you. Daddy hurry up and picked you up and you were soaked. I figured you'd throw a fit but you just looked at us. It didn't bother you at all. Mommy did get a picture of it. It's funny to look at now.

We had such a good time at the beach. I want to try and go back a lot this summer. We spent the time we weren't at the beach just hanging out with family. It was perfect  We def. needed this little vacation. It was a great start to our summer!

We headed back to Parkersburg on Tuesday morning and daddy had to go back to Buckhannon for his class and mommy had to go straight to work. You got to spend the rest of the day with your grandma who missed you so much.

The rest of the week mommy worked and daddy had class. But daddy is FINALLY done with class and is never leaving us again! He still needs to move all of his stuff out but no more nights without daddy! 

The rest of this month is going to be pretty busy with getting the house ready and getting us moved in. I can't wait until we can finally be family in our own home! But mommy needs to get ready for work. I have to work all day :( But you get to spend the day with your daddy! I'm going to try and write to you again every night. Or I'm going to end up with long posts like this. I'm sure it would have been a lot longer if I could have thought of everything that has happened since the last time I wrote to you.

I'm going to try and write to you tonight because I want to do an update of all the new things you are doing. You are growing so much baby girl! But I am enjoying every minute of it. I love you! 

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