Monday, February 28, 2011

missing you ..

soo I think mommy has become addicted to blogging. all day today i couldn't wait to get home to just type. or maybe it's because it's the only way i can talk to you right now, especially when we're apart. it was really hard to leave you this morning. i even stayed later & was late for class. you had your four month check up today. i was so sad that i couldn't be there for you when you got your shots. hopefully they didn't hurt too bad. your grandma said you didn't cry much. but you now weigh 15lbs and you are 25.5 inches long!! your growing so much!! but i hope you've been having a good day. i know your happy now because your daddy is with you. he drove after class to spend the evening with you because he couldn't make it last night. im sad i can't be there with the both of you. i haven't seen your daddy in a week & we've barely talked because of baseball. but i guess you two need father/daughter time. my day hasn't been too bad, still upset about last time & leaving you. i went to class late and then came back here for a quick lunch then headed to the hospital to get an interview with a doctor for my news story for this week. right in the middle of my day your grandma sent me a picture of you ..

look at you sitting in a high chair like a big girl! your too cute. getting pics of you through the day make me so happy. i just look at it for the longest time & smile. people probably think i'm crazy. i've been looking at pictures of you all day, like always. you make the funniest faces sometimes. ohh & i learned something new about you this week, you LOVE to be naked. i took a video of you while we were in the middle of changing you and you just kicked and moved like crazy when you had all your clothes off. 

look how beautiful you are. i still think you look just like your daddy. i'll have to upload that video of you having fun naked later. it's so funny. your girl parts show so ill have to try and figure out a way to hide it. mommy has a meeting tonight at 9 :( i wish we were cuddling right now. it's been such a perfect day to do just that.. rainy & cold. it thundered all last night and early this morning. you slept right through it all. wish i was like that, im still scared of them. but i'm going to relax for a little bit before my meeting tonight, i'm sure i'll write to you again before i go to sleep tonight. i'm going to post this video of you from this weekend. missing you lots baby girl

Sunday, February 27, 2011

forgot to write to you last night :(

mommy forgot to write to you last night :( i laid down to put you asleep & fell asleep too. it was pretty early, like 9pm. we didn't do too much yesterday. we went to wal mart with your great grandma. after that me, your grandma and grandpa went to lunch at rubis. you slept through everything though. the rest of the day we just laid around & watched tv. i took lots of pictures & videos of you. i'm going to try and get lots and lots. that's one thing i wish my parents did for me. it'll be fun to look back at. & mommy can watch them when im away from you during the week. i took a picture of the canvas we got made for you. it's hanging right in the middle of the living room. 

isn't that beautiful! it was hanging in michele coleman's studio but we had to take it :) when mommy & daddy get a house to ourselves it will def. be hanging in it. you were in such a good mood last night and sitting up so good! & i actually got your grandma to take a video of us. we never get stuff of just us two because i'm the only one that ever uses the camera lol here's a video of us last night. your mom & grandma are dorks...

once all the other videos load i'll put them on here. & add all the pictures. you slept really good last night. only woke up once around 3 and went right back to sleep after i burped you. i woke up around 9 this morning and you were still sleeping!! soo i laid there for a lil longer and couldn't go back to sleep, sooo i woke you up lol you looked so mad at me. the weather outside today was so beautiful so we went on a few walks. you loved it!! you got to sit like a big girl in your stroller too. i wish i would've taken some pictures. next time i will! then we went to the mall. i got my eye brows and lip waxed. hopefully when you get older you won't have to go through all that. but if you do, ill take care of it for you :) mommy got a really pretty bathing suite today at victoria secret. its gonna make work harder at working out. i can't wait to take you to the pools and beach this summer! and put you in little bikinis. we haven't done much since the mall. you just took a nap but of course your grandma woke you up, she hates when you sleep. she spoils you too much. i'm going to stop for now so i can work on an assignment that's due tonight. your daddy is on his way back from myrtle beach and says he's stopping to see us tonight. he won't get here until after midnight but he says he's still coming. he loves us. i may write to you again tonight to make up for last night. i love you! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

up late*

Hey baby girl. Like I said, I'm going to try & write to you every night. It's almost 3 am now so it's pretty late. We went to bed around 10 tonight and you woke up a little bit ago to eat and your already back to sleep. You sleep so much like your daddy lol I haven't got to talk to your daddy much today because he's been playing baseball. I guess they lost their first game and won their second. but he didn't play the second game, hope he isn't in a bad mood bc of it. We didn't do much today. You didn't sleep good last night so we were pretty tired/cranky today. & i think we are both getting a little bit of a cold :( We played and laid around until around noon & then your grandma came and we went to Michele Coleman Photography to pick up the prizes we won from you getting first place in the cutest little valentine day contest. I'm so proud of you for winning :) we ended up getting this big canvas of you. it's hanging right in the middle of the living room right now. the whole house is going to be just pictures of you. such a spoiled & loved little girl. We also got two other prints of you from that photo shoot. You were so good there. 

that picture might be a little small but that's you at the studio. after we got home we took a little nap and then just played & hung out for a little bit. then when your grandma came home from work we went to el mariachi for dinner. you were kind of a little fussy :( we came home, got ready for bed, and went to sleep. we don't have too exciting lives lol I'm going to head to sleep right beside of you. 

Goodnight baby girl .. I love you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011



I am going to use this blog to write to you as much as I can. I started a diary for you when I was pregnant but like this blog I have been horrible at keeping up with it. Hopefully this time I can be better at it. You are asleep right now beside me. Sleeping like a big girl with her arms spread everywhere. You are getting so big! I can't believe it. You are mommy's 4 month old baby. Beautiful 4 month old. I stare at you for the longest times. I can't believe how beautiful you are! .. you just smiled in your sleep. Your always smiling now. I love it. Your also making noises too... and YOU love it. Always trying to make loud noises, I think somebody loves their voice. Hopefully you'll be a talker.. especially to your mommy :) I can't wait to hear you talk to me ... but you can stay mommy's baby for now. Mommy had an easy week at school this week. Didn't have much homework to do, just went to class and came home and slept. Always missing you though. You know I look at pictures of you everyday to help me get through the week. Leaving you for those three days is the hardest thing for me to do right now Sophia. Mommy misses you SO much when I'm in Morgantown. Your daddy too. We text each other all day just talking about you. & your grandma sends us pictures of you! Your grandparents are doing a great job of being your "second" parents and they are really helping your mommy and daddy. Just 2 more months and we will be all together. And your parents will have college degrees!!! All for you Sophia! I am so thankful for you Sophia. Everyday I am, but tonight especially... I just got done reading a blog about a women whose baby passed away and it made me so thankful for every day I've had and will have with you! Life is so precious Sophia, & everyday moment with you has made me realize it more and more. Since the day I decided to keep you and feel you kick my meaning and view of life changed so much, and has continued to change. My belief in God has especially gotten stronger! He gave me you and I thank him everyday. I know you were a surprise to all of us baby girl but God gave me my little Sophia for a reason :) ** It was hard, & still is... but I wouldn't change a thing! Guess what?! It's just me and you this weekend!! Your daddy is in Myrtle Beach for the weekend playing baseball. I told him to make some home runs for his girls. I'll take you to some of his games when it gets warmer out. I don't want you getting sick anymore. He'll be here on Sunday to see you though. He goes to Florida for a week next week so he wants to see you! Your starting to wake up, so I'm going to have to stop here. Mommy loves you!