Thursday, April 25, 2013


You guys. I neglected my blog ... again. I think it was just so much easier to blog when Sophia was a baby. I've noticed that once she started walking, talking & basically turning into a little girl, it's been harder to find time to blog. But like always, I'm going to try and get back into it again, but I'm not promising anything.
This month has been super busy with birthday parties, baby showers, my first ever 5k & some beautiful weather. I plan on posting about all of these within the next couple of days but for now I will share my most recent pictures of Sophia playing with her favorite thing ever, bubbles! She also loves her little swing/slide set that was given to us last year. She uses it to "explore" the back yard.
Hope everyone has a great Thursday.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am so happy to share that Sophia has gone a week and a half without her binky! This is big for all of us because this girl couldn't go anywhere without it. She was always asking for it and couldn't go to sleep without it. Because of this I thought it was going to be extremely hard for us to take her off of it but surprisingly it wasn't bad at all.

Last Monday, 4/15/13, I decided out of no where to just take it from her. We came home from daycare and played and started to get ready for bed. She asked for it and I told her that we didn't have it anymore. She freaked out and probably cried/scream/went crazy for 10 minutes. I almost gave in because I hate seeing her like that but she eventually stopped crying.

We went to sleep and she asked for it again but I held her and patted her little butt as she fell asleep. 

The next couple of days she would ask for it here and there but now she doesn't even mention it. I'm proud of my girl. If I knew it would this easy on her then I would've taken it away after she turned 1 year old. 

Next is potty training! Wish us luck!