Wednesday, April 8, 2015


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On March 24th you turned FIVE months old! One more month until you are half a year old! I don't know how this is possible!

w e i g h t | I haven't weighed you since you were at your last doctors appointment but I wouldn't be surprised if you are weigh 25 pounds already! You are still wearing size 9-12 month clothes and wearing a size 4 diaper!!! I'm pretty sure that's the size you're sister was wearing at 2 years old when we decided to potty train her!

e a t s | Another month of exclusively breastfeeding complete! We are one month away from our first goal! We really aren't on a schedule since I just feed you on demand. I'd say about every 3-4 hours you are nursing. I finally decided to pump over the weekend and tried to give you a bottle but you wouldn't take it. 5 months of no bottles or pacifiers! The complete opposite of your sister!

s l e e p | Your sleep schedule is still about the same as last month. I guess I can't complain too much when it comes to your sleep schedule because you are already sleeping more through the night than your sister did! I'm still having a hard time with your naps since you will only sleep on top of me. I try to lay you down but as soon as I do, you wake up. So I just lay down with you until you wake up. We are also still co-sleeping! 

l o v e s | You LOVE your sister! Any noise or movement she makes puts a huge smile on your face! You also love all your teething toys. And here lately you've been loving the TV. In the mornings I put you in your bouncer in front of the TV while I get your sister ready for school. I keep Baby First on and you LOVE the show VocabuLarry. You still love rolling over and all the cuddles from mommy! 

d i s l i k e s | You still don't like your carseat or not being able to see me. You don't like sleeping with a blanket on you. As soon as I cover you up with a blanket you kick it right off. Sophia is the same way.

m i l e s t  o n e s | We are getting so close to you sitting up on your own. Almost there! This month you started reaching for things you want more. You also sound like you are saying "MomMomMom" when you need me! I'm already counting it as your first words! 

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