Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleep Walking

Well, not really. Just sleeping during a walk this evening. Mommy worked all day, picked you up at daycare and came home to your daddy. We played for a little bit, ate dinner and decided to go on a walk down to the river. The walk is about a 10 minute walk to the dam so we decided to go that way. It wasn't too hot outside but you could tell it was about to storm so we tried to walk quickly. We passed by a few of our new neighbors and they waved and said hi, and one introduced herself. I know we live clear out in the middle of no where it feels like but I do feel comfortable here especially knowing we've got nice people living beside of us. { Even though they did look scary to mommy at first } < --- & that's the reason why you never judge someone before you get to know them. That's something I hope you understand as you grow Sophia.

You sat in your stroller and just looked at everything. Daddy took you out a few times to hold you while we walked but he would put you back in your stroller and say "My baby is heavy". You are getting heavier. My arm has gone numb at time when I've held you for a long period of time. We finally got to the water. The sky was getting darker so we only looked at the water for a few minutes. You were more interested in all the people packing up their stuff from fishing. Like I said before, your going to be nosy like your mommy. 

I could hear thunder and see some lightning so I told your daddy we had to leave quick because  I didn't want to be rained on, or worse, get struck by lightning. So we headed back, even ran a few times. Mommy is clearly out of shape because after like 2 minutes running, we walked. Your daddy and I were talking and I looked down into the stroller and you poor thing had fallen asleep. It was so funny though. You fell asleep leaning forward with your head on the tray. I didn't have my camera or my cell{ really wish I did so I could have taken pictures of our walk } but your daddy got a picture of you. I'll have to have him send it to me and I can put it on here. He felt bad so he got you out of your stroller and carried you the rest of the way.

We thankfully made it home before it started storming. I get so nervous about storms and being out here because a tornado came through this area last summer and took a lot of homes away from people. So mommy kept the weather channel on just to make sure. It did start to hail but only for a second and it stormed for no more than 10 minutes. It wasn't too bad.

We didn't do much the rest of the day just played around. You were a little grumpy but I think it was because you didn't get a long nap after our walk. Your asleep now beside on me on the couch. I have a 6 page paper that's due tomorrow and of course I waited until the last minute to do it. It's not due until tomorrow evening at 5 but I have to work all day. And I could be working on it now but I'd rather write to you instead :) 

Your grandma asked if she could keep you every Friday night from now on. She misses you so much. I don't want to be away from you for a night but I def. could use it. Mommy is exhausted from working all day and not getting much sleep at night. I'm really going to be tired because I still have a lot to do on this paper and be at work at 8. So I may take your grandma up for but only because I'll need some sleep and so your grandma can be happy. You love being there so I don't think it'll be a problem.

I am so far behind on catching up on here and adding pictures. I still haven't even added them onto the computer. Maybe I can tomorrow and blog about the weekend and your daddy's first Father's Day! Mommy is going to try and finish this paper but I know I'll be watching you sleep and finding other random things I don't need be looking at or doing. I'll write to you again soon! Hopefully tomorrow. Leaving another picture I took at bath time sometime last week.
.... love always 

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