Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty in Purple & Update!

I know I just posted but I forgot to add these pictures of you from I think last Thursday { June 5th } You looked so pretty in the outfit I had you in. I wish I would have gotten a picture of your whole outfit.

You have the darkest brown eyes. I love them. 

We went to the mall that day and walked around & went to TJ Maxx. { Mommy's favorite } We then went to SnoBiz. It's a perfect place to go with this hot weather. 

* Now for an update on the things you've been doing. I want to post all that you've done at 7 month on the day before you turn 8 months. But I never have time anymore. So now that I have time now. I'm going to do it.. hopefully I'll be able to on the 19th too. *

You love your daddy so much. You laugh at everything he does. It's the sweetest thing. Oh & you love his kisses 

Every day you seem to be getting bigger & learning new things. You talk so much now! & your dark hair is getting longer. You finally slept through out the night two nights ago. But you woke up the next night. We'll get there soon.. I hope.

Your starting to hold your bottle by yourself. But sometimes you just want someone else to hold it. Your still chewing on everything but have no teeth.. yet. I don't want any teeth to come in. I like your gummy smile! Your favorite thing to chew on is tags. You'll find a tag on anything & chew on it. It's what your doing right now.

You take baths in the real bath tub now. Because your sitting up so good now I figured why not. Plus you did so well in your baby pool. You love taking a bath in the tub now. You just splash & splash. I let you play for a little bit and then it's time to get clean & get out. I got a picture but it's from my iPhone and it's the best quality but it's the first time taking a bath in the real tub!

You are such a friendly baby. You smile at everyone. You are very happy and love mirrors. You put your feet on everything. When I sit by you while your napping on the couch you put your feet on me .. always. I love your little baby "peets". You love to watch everything. Your daddy says your nosey like your mommy. 

You love to sit outside on the porch. Especially with your daddy. And before it gets dark your grandpa takes you outside and you two watch all the Sparrows flying around. You love that too. Your legs are getting so chunky and strong at the same time. Your daddy practices you standing up. You'll stand for about 10 seconds and your poor lil legs will give in. Before we know it you'll be walking :(

You sleep on your stomach all the time now. I think you sleep longer that way. When your on your stomach you can scoot... backwards. We had you at the top of the bed and you scooted your way down to the middle. You also walk backwards in your walker. It's ok though. Going forward will come too.

I really enjoy this age. Actually, I've enjoyed every age but I think I just like watching you learn something new. It is all sad too because it means your getting older but your going to get older so might as well enjoy and be happy about it all 

I am still so thankful of all the picture I have of you. I am ALWAYS looking back at pictures of you. It's crazy how small you used to be! I plan on doing something with all your pictures. They are still only uploaded to the computer. I need to start putting them into albums or scrapbook or something. 

{ I don't know who reads by blog, or if anyone reads it at all .. but if someone is reading.. what do you do with all your pictures of your baby? Any ideas for me? :) }

Ok, time to really get off of here and play with you! Write to you sooon.
.. love you! 

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