Thursday, May 19, 2011

last day being 6 months


In just a few minutes you will be 7 months! I can't believe it. You are growing so fast. Your 6th month went by too quick. And now that your going to be 7 months means that your getting closer to a year old. I wish that things would slow down. I like you being mommy's little baby. But even when your 7 months, a year old or 20 years old.. you'll still be mommy's little baby. 

This month I was able to be with you almost for the whole month!! I don't have to leave you anymore!! You are growing so fast and learning so much. You had a lot of firsts this month!! I am so glad I am able to be here for it all! 

At 6 months is when you started to roll over. And now I can't stop you!! I'll lay you down to change your diaper and as soon as I take your diaper off your rolling over to your stomach.. diaper-less. I think it's so funny. You lay there with your naked butt in the air saying Ba Ba and smiling so big. You now love tummy time. Before I couldn't get you on your tummy for anything. But now that you can roll over you spend most of your time on your belly! 

The other morning I woke up and looked in your bed and you were on your stomach!! Mommy got SO scared because you've always slept on your back. But you were perfectly fine just sleeping so peaceful. You must have rolled over while mommy was sleeping and just slept on your tummy. 

Sometimes you'll roll over onto your tummy and get tired but you can't roll back to your back yet. So you'll cry for me. So I'll go and put you back on your back.. and you'll roll right over. And we'll continue to do this until I just pick you up. It's funny how fast you can roll over. Mommy's proud of you!

You are also sitting up pretty good on your own. I still don't leave you by yourself because I'm afraid you'll fall and hit your head. Speaking of hitting your head, yesterday { May 18th } I took you to daycare because I had to work. I came to pick you up on my break and your grandma told me you got your first bruise. As soon as you saw me you were smiling and I didn't even notice a bruise. But I guess while mommy was at work there was a little accident at daycare and you hit your head on the floor. 

Mommy wasn't mad at all because I know accidents happen I was just heartbroken knowing that you got hurt. I just hope you weren't scared and it didn't hurt too bad. I know you're going to get hurt growing up but hopefully not too much. You seemed fine so I knew everything was ok but just thinking about how you felt when it happened and me not being there to love on you just makes me so sad. Try not to get hurt too much, it'll break mommy's heart! 

You still love to yell Ba Ba and you do it all the time. You are now sucking on everything. Your blankets, your clothes, anything you can grab so I'm pretty sure that means you've got a tooth coming. That may explain why you have been waking up a lot more than you used to at night. And you've been drooling A LOT!! All over you and mommy. And when people hold you you'll reach for their hands and try to stick their fingers in your mouth. 

This month you also sat in your first high chair at a restaurant. You've been sitting in one at home but never at a restaurant. You also wore your first 12 month pants too. You usually wear 6-9 but you can fit into some 12 months. I tried putting a 3 month onsie on you the other day, because I swore you could still fit into it.. nope. Couldn't even button the bottom. I don't want you to get bigger :( 

But we had a good month together, like always. Your so much fun to be around and your so goofy sometimes. Always making mommy laugh! I am so thankful I've got to spend 6 months with you just slow down please! I wonder what you'll be doing when I write to you when you turn 8 months?! 

♥ I love you Sophia, my beautiful 7 month old 

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