Monday, June 13, 2011

Bananas & kisses

I forgot to write to you last night. I was so sleepy after work. Mommy worked most of the day while you spent the day with your grandma. Daddy worked on the house all day again.

This post is going to be short because mommy has to get ready for work :( And I have to get you ready to take you to daycare because your daddy is working on the house again.

During my break at work I got to see you. We ran some errands and then headed down to the house to see what all your daddy has got done. On the way there I fed you some banana, you loved it and ended up feeding yourself.

Mommy had to work the rest of the evening. When I came home from work you were still awake and we played, you stood on daddy, chewed on everything and got lots of kisses from daddy and love from your mommy 

{ These pictures aren't the greatest because they are from my iPhone but I tried to make them a little prettier using Instagram. }

We went to bed kind of late but you slept all through the night!! 3rd night in the row!! Mommy is very happy for a full nights sleep! But I need to get off here and get you and me ready. I'll write a longer post to you tonight. 
.. love always 

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