Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sitting Up, *Talking* & 6 Month Check Up!

 Sophia ,
I got to come home yesterday {Thursday April 28} after class and didn't have to work so I got to spend ALL evening with you! You were so happy to see me! And you sat up all by yourself yesterday for quite a while. I didn't get a very good picture because I was still kind of hesitate to have you sit by yourself without me being right there. 

You get a little wobbly after a few minutes but your doing such a good job and I think you love being able to do it on your own! Another new thing you've started doing is saying Ba Ba Ba! It's your first "words". I'll catch you saying Da Da. But not as much as Ba Ba. You love saying it. You make all kinds of faces when you are "talking". You have such a cute little voice too. It's going to be so much fun listening to you talk. But you can stay my baby as long as you want :)

{Here's a video of you from this morning "talking" you 
then just start screaming at the end. You love making noises}

This morning we woke up pretty early and headed to your 6 month check up with Dr. Berhane. I'm glad I got to be here so I could go with you, esp. since you had to get shots today. She weighed and measured you. So at 6 months, 1 week and 3 days ...

You weigh 18.5 pounds and you are 26 1/4 inches long! 

She also measured your head and it was 44 inches. Your daddy thinks you have a big head like him. I don't see it at all. {oh yeah, and the last 3 pictures aren't the greatest because they were taken from my phone} After they did all your measuring it was time for your shots. I hate these days. She gave you some liquid first. You drank it like it was nothing. 

She then gave you one shot in your right leg. I couldn't watch and had my back turned just waiting to hear a cry, and I heard nothing. Your grandma came because she knew I couldn't watch. She then did your second shot in your left leg.. you didn't cry either. I was surprised! Last times you've got your shots you've screamed and cried. This time nothing. I was proud of my tough baby girl. You did yell Ba Ba Ba after we were all finished.Dr. Berhane also switched your milk because she said you might have had a milk allergy from the other milk we were using so you are now trying Similac Sensitive Soy Milk. Hopefully it works better.

After your appointment we headed back home. You fell right to sleep so we took about a two hour nap. Then... you woke up in the crankiest moods but I think it was because of your shots. You just wanted held and you kept falling asleep and taking quick naps. I felt so bad for you and I wanted to stay with you all day but mommy had to go to work :( I dropped you off at the daycare and headed there. Your grandma brought you in to see me around 8 and you were asleep the whole time.. and you still are. I kind of miss you, even though you are laying right beside of me. She had you dressed so pretty. You wore pink today for Spring for Sids and for Team M! *We're still always thinking of baby Maddie 
{ These pictures are all of you sleeping, I didn't get one while you were awake and you are wearing the hat mommy won for you from a give away!! }

Hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow. We are getting up early and going shopping with your great grandma. THEN  we are going to your daddy's baseball game!! It's his Senior Game so I don't want to miss it and I really want you to be there. It'll be your first game. I plan on finding something for you to wear when we go shopping and I made a bow for you to wear :) You daddy is going to be so happy that you are there. AND we'll get to see Leah and Kinsley!! I'm excited for tomorrow. Talk to you soon baby girl.
  ♥ I love you 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Hey baby girl! It's such a beautiful morning here in Morgantown. I'm sure it is in Parkersburg too. I wish I was there with you. 19 days until I graduate!! So not too much longer at all!! Actually, after this Thursday I'm pretty much done. Just two tests on Tuesday and Saturday of next week. So I really don't need to stay here at all!! You don't know how excited I am to get out of Morgantown and just be with you! Been counting down the days since I came back to school. Anyways, we had a pretty good weekend!! You know how I am, I HAVE to write to you about each day. (Sorry, Mommy just wants to remember everything incase I ever forget!)

{Thursday April 21st}
Mommy had class that day around 1 and then I edited a little with my Multimedia Group. Around 3:45 I met this girl, Taira, at her dorms. She is dating a guy that plays on your daddy's baseball team. I followed her and another girl, Chera, to your daddy's game in Fairmont. I only made it to the second game. They won the first game and lost the second. But I enjoyed watching your daddy play :) After the game I talked your daddy into just driving back to Parkersburg with me to see you. He agreed and we headed home. He didn't have anything with him. No wallet and no clothes to change into. 

As soon as we pulled into the neighborhood and in front of the house there were SO many cars parked outside. Your grandma had bought you a cake the day before and I knew we were going to eat it when your daddy and I were both there BUT I didn't think she had invited everyone else! She's crazy! We walked in, and went to you first!! You were so happy to see us. Now when you get really happy you just smile real big, make the cutest noise, and then slap your arm down. It's so cute!! We hung out with everyone and had pizza and cake. You were pretty tired so you passed out kind of early so I didn't get too many pictures from that night. Here's a picture of you and your great grandma before you went to sleep. I was so happy to see her there. She doesn't go out much anymore because she has to stay home and take care of your great grandpa. Your great grandma is such a good person Sophia. I'm so glad you two get to spend time together! I love her so much. She just held you the whole time. And anytime she does get to come over she is so happy with you! Whenever I'd look over at the two of you she'd be singing to you or just kissing the top of your head. So beautiful to see!

{Friday April 22nd}

Friday morning we had to get up pretty early to take your daddy back to Buckhannon. I kind of stole him so he had nothing, no clothes, money or car. He was supposed to have a game that day so he wanted to make it back in time. I got us all packed up and ready and we headed on Rt. 50 to Buckhannon. The whole way I kept saying "It's gonna rain Gary" and it def. did. It poured the whole way back. AS SOON as we got there your daddy got a text saying the game was cancelled but he had practice at 4. We decided to just stay the night with daddy at his place because we hardly ever get to. We were SO lazy, we all just laid around and slept ALL day. I don't have much to write about that day because that's literally all we did. Here are some pictures from that day though.

Here you are, a mess, after eating carrots! For some reason feeding you is so much fun. You make "Mmmmm" noises while you eat and you go after that spoon! And of course you have to touch everything so you get the food all over your hands. And you have to see what everyone else is doing so as soon as I put the spoon to your mouth, you turn and it gets all over the side of your face, and even in your nose! :) 

Hmm, I wonder what your doing in this picture? Haha :) Sorry I had to. This is your "pooping" face and you do it every time! And you make a grunting noise too. You've done since you were a newborn. As soon as we see that face and hear your noise we all say "Uh oh"and laugh. Don't worry, mommy will get it on video too ;)

{Saturday April 23rd}

Saturday morning we got up early so we could head back to Parkersburg. Daddy had to stay because he had a baseball game (that ended up getting cancelled). We started to leave and I hadn't even got out of Buckhannon yet and it started to storm like crazy! We had to turn around and go back to your daddy's until it stopped. It was kind of scary. Because your daddy's came was cancelled he said he'd come to Parkersburg after he got some stuff done. We got there around 11 and hung out with your grandparents for a little bit. Then we got ready and met Stephanie and Kayla at the mall. Your daddy was on his way while we were there so he met us at the mall and we had lunch :) We ran into so many people at the mall that got to meet you!! It was nice seeing everyone!

After the mall we headed home and then mommy got ready and went to work for the evening. You got to stay home with your daddy. He texted me while I was at work and said that you two had the best nap every. I was jealous. Work wasn't busy at all and I was so bored. They let me off work at 9 and you and your daddy came to pick me up. We had dinner while you slept the whole time we were there. We came home and the three of us went to sleep *

{Easter Sunday April 24th}

Your first Easter! I know that your too young to know the meaning of this day and it may be a few years until you really do but mommy was so thankful to spend this day with you! I can't wait until you learn the real meaning! Either way, we had a great first Easter as a family! We all woke up and got dressed. I put you in your Easter dress! I loved it.. you looked so pretty in it! It was a 9 month dress, and you fit in it just fine!! I couldn't believe it. I was kind of nervous though, thinking it wouldn't fit. I put on a bow (of course) that I made for you. The middle of the bow had a bunny on it. I wore it on a bow when I was a little girl that I'm glad your grandma still had!! We'll be saving that little bunny :) Here you are on the porch in your little rocking chair after you were all ready! I love this picture!

I was so happy to show you your Easter basket. You had already played with one of your toys, the Laughing Duck. But we put it in there again. We got you you a monkey stuffed animal, the duck, a new pair of sandals, these two baby einstein books, and another book about your laughing duck!

I was so excited for you to see your Easter Basket! Firsts for you are so much fun! Of course I had to take pictures of everything!

you couldn't keep your eyes off of daddy!

After you got to see your Easter basket we had dinner! It was so good, and there were so much food. We had sweet potato so I smashed that up for you and gave you some. You loved it! You even sat at the dinner table with us! After dinner, we took some pictures of you with your mommy, daddy, and grandparents :) I know I take too many pictures but I know I'll be thankful for them later on!

You and Abuelita!

Mommy and Sophia!

 *Our First Easter* as a family!

You and your grandparents!

I love this picture of you and your grandpa in the back yard!

We had such a good weekend! That evening your daddy and I watched a movie while you slept. Daddy didn't have school the next Monday so he got to stay with you a little longer before he had to leave for practice. I had to go back to Morgantown for class. But it was the last Monday I will have to leave you!!! Your daddy said that you two just sat on the front porch that morning. I would have loved to sit there with the two of you. But I'm sure you had a good time with daddy. You love sitting on the porch. I told your daddy that I'd love to have a porch on our future house and he said "Everyone needs a porch" So I guess we'll have one and we will all be able to sit on it! 

Mommy has class this week but I'll be home on Thursday. I plan on coming back Saturday with you and grandma so we can move everything out of here! Can you believe I'll be leaving Morgantown and this apartment after living here for 3 years. I know I've been so excited to get out of here but I will miss it! A lot of good memories here, especially meeting your daddy for the first time!* 

But I will see you in a few more days baby girl. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I woke up this morning and had an e-mail saying I won another give away!! Mommy loves these things! I enter SO many!! But this time we won $30 to a boutique { Eight Baby Legs } that sells the cutest baby stuff. I plan on getting this for you.

and then maybe buy this for you. I know it doesn't match the onsie but I love it and I could add it to another outfit :)

Well baby girl mommy needs to get ready for class. Again, I am so thankful for the great weekend we had together and that daddy got to be there. And of course so thankful for you!! This weekend I looked at you and realized you are growing up so fast. You are starting to "talk" so much more. Sometimes I swear I hear words, but you mostly say dadadadada and googoogoo! I love your little voice. I'll write to you again when I get free time! I love you so much Sophia! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


YOU ARE 6 MONTHS OLD!! I can't believe it! I remember thinking when you were first born was like "Ok, I'll graduate from college and you'll be 6 months, almost 7.. that's so far away. I'm never going to graduate" & now look. You are 6 months and mommy will be graduating in   like 25 days! I can not wait!! I'm excited about being done and getting a degree. But I'm most excited about getting to just be with you. No more leaving you. No more not getting to see each other every day. I've had to be away from you for more than a day since you were about a month old. It's been extremely hard and I can't believe we've been doing it for almost 5 months now!

 At the time it feels like the days that we are apart are so long and then when I am with you, it goes by so fast. It's all gone by so fast! But I've loved all of it Sophia. Even the days we are apart. Those days have made me so much stronger and has made the days with you so worthwhile! I just can't wait to be with you everyday without having to say bye to you on monday mornings. To have to ask my mom for a picture of you everyday because I miss you that much. Oh man, I probably bother her so much with all the phone calls asking how you are and all the texts saying "Can you send me a picture" But she does it for me, does it all for me and I'm so thankful for her for helping me out and watching you so I can finish. She is really the only person I trust watching you. She loves you so much!

She loves you so much to buy you a birthday cake for your 6 month birthday! A HUGE birthday cake that said "Happy 6 months Sophia" She sent me a picture of it. It's so big! And she only got half of it. Your grandma isn't the best at taking pictues.

Mommy's going to celebrate your 6 months with you tomorrow. I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you today to celebrate with you. I hated that I couldn't be there with you on your 1/2 year! For some reason I feel like that's an important date in your life. But I'm just a day late, that's not too bad. Blame school. 

I wrote to you a few days ago about all the new things you have been doing. Nothing's really changed. Over the weekend you were able to sit up on my lap by yourself! You were still a little wobbly but you did it! It was so different to see you do that. I was so happy but it just showed that more and more you won't need me there to hold you anymore. 

Oh yeah, and this morning when I woke up I had two e-mails from blogs that I've been following that do give aways and guess what?! We won two items!!! I was actually thinking last night, man I've entered in so many give aways am I ever going to win one. And I wake up and I've won two! I think I won only because it was your 6 months and both the items will be for you!! Here's what mommy .. you won :) 

A pink crochet hat with a flower from Sampler Sweet Boutique! 

and monthly onsie stickers from Lil Baby Bumble Bee! I get to choose any style I want so I'm choosing the monkey one! 

I wish I would have taken pictures of you every month with something like this.. and in the same spot but I never got the chance too. I did for every week when you were a newborn but when you started staying at your grandma's it got kind of hard. And now with this I can start to take more pictures. We'll just start at 6 months! 

But look how cute the both of those are. I love entering give aways and I'm going to keep doing them! Well baby girl I could keep writing and writing.. well typing and typing but writing sounds better. I'm going to start some homework so I don't have to worry about it when I'm home with you.

I just wanted to make sure and write to you on your 6 months. I still can't believe it. I told everyone today. "My baby is 6 months today" They all probably think I'm crazy! But mommy loves you so much and I've enjoyed the last 6 months with you SO much. I am so excited to be with you everyday and watch you grow, just don't grow too fast. I'll see you tomorrow! And we'll take a 6 month picture for you since I didn't get one today. Ohh I can't wait to see that smile of yours when you see me for the first time. Ok, goodnight Sophia, mommy loves you!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adriana Faith*

I hope you had a good day today. Your grandma didn't send any pictures of you :( Mommy had an okay day. It rained a lot here in Morgantown and stormed a few times. I spent most of my day on campus doing school work. Almost finished!* I wanted to write to you real quick to let you know that today you have a new baby cousin!!!!

** Adriana Faith 7lbs 8oz **

She's so beautiful! Your Aunt Christie was supposed to be induced tomorrow tomorrow {the 20th} but Adriana decided to come early. Christie said that as soon as she went to the hospital she pushed twice and Adriana was born. She didn't have time to get an epidural or anything so she gave birth all natural just like your mommy ;) { I like to brag about it, sometimes } The crazy thing is, I think you two look similar from when you were born.

 I don't know, maybe it's me but I think you two look a lot a like! Especially your round faces and eyes. I'm so excited to meet her!! And I'm so happy you two are so close in age! It's going to be so fun visiting with them. I hope you two are very close friends! But I'm so glad that Adriana is a part of our family. She is a very lucky girl to be a "Williams". Such good people. Hopefully we will get to visit them soon!

So, it's 1:38 am. I'm up writing to you and about to work on some homework. I'm sad. You are now 6 months old, well at 6:55 you will be exactly. I can't believe it Sophia! You are getting so big, SO fast! It's so crazy to look at pictures of you when you were first born {yeah, I've already looked through them a few times today} You were so little! & now you are 16lbs!! I'm also sad that I'm not with you right now. That I won't get to spend your 6 month birthday with you. Mommy has a lot of school work to do. But I'll be home Thursday and we will celebrate then. I can't wait to see you. I miss you so much!! Tonight, after my homework, I am going to sleep thankful. Thankful that I have been lucky enough to have such a beautiful daughter. Thankful that you have been so healthy and perfect.Thankful that your mine forever. Thankful that I'm YOUR mother. 

Goodnight my 6 month old baby girl,
I'll be writing to you tomorrow!
** I love you more than anything **

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Park & Easter Bunny!

I finally have time to write to you. I did have time to do some give aways. Mommy is trying to win some stuff! I left you this morning & I miss you so much already. I cried when I left you :( Not much longer at all! I was real upset because I'm afraid I won't get to see you when you turn 6 months on Wed! I really really want to be there! Your grandma even bought a cake for you! 

We had a good weekend this weekend besides mommy being exhausted and busy. My Thursday class was cancelled so on Wed {April 13th} I went to Buckhannon & stayed with your daddy. We got to hang out with his friends and do stuff we used to do. The next morning, Thursday {April 14} I headed home to you! I got to hang out with you for a little bit until I had to head to work at 5. I worked 5-10. I know I'm not working much and it's not a hard job. But I'm so tired at the end of the day! I went straight to sleep with you! You are wanting to roll over so bad and you try so hard to roll over. It's so cute! 

Friday {April 15th} we woke up early and headed out for the day with Stephanie. First we headed to Sundae's In Lubeck to get some lunch. We ran into an old friend of the family while we were there and she held you the whole time while me and stephanie ate. You are so good with people. We then headed to the city park. We have been planning to meet Carissa and her baby Lacey there but Lacey's mommy wasn't feeling too well. We will next time! I'm excited for you two to meet! But you LOVED the park & I loved walking you. It was our first real walk besides walking at the mall. We had a good time and we took lots of pictures! I'm glad you like to be outside! 

You always have your foot up like this. Even during our walk you had your foot up on the tray part. 

look how beautiful you look!

so happy! I learned that if you say Boo! to you, you smile like this and even giggle! I love it. I think you like being scared.

walking at the park :) 

We were all so tired after just one walk at the park. It was kind of hot that day so I'm guessing that's what wore us out. But you passed out as soon as we got to the car. We headed back home and napped until I had to go back to work at 5. I was so tired! Got back from work and fell asleep with you again!

Saturday morning {April 16th} we woke up early and went to Wal Mart with your great grandma. We then went to Kohl's after. You ended up spitting up all over yourself and I had to strip you down into just a onsie and tights. You are getting so chunky but it looked so funny & cute. I love how chunky you are getting! I was the same way when I was a baby, very chunky. I love your legs and feet the most. I want to eat them!!! 

Mommy went to work that evening again at 5. While I was at work your daddy came to see you! & then you both came into work to see me. I begged to get off early and they let me and the three of us got to spend the night together!! :) 

Daddy had to leave very early that morning for a baseball game. We are going to try and make at least one of his game. It's his last year and I know he'd love for you to go to one. I'm sure he'd love for you to be at all of them but mommy has been so busy :(

Sunday {April 17} mommy went to work for a few hours and then came back and got you all ready to head to the mall to see the EASTER BUNNY!! You looked so pretty in your orange dress and matching head band! & I put shoes on you, you hardly ever wear shoes so it looked so cute! You were in such a good mood and was happy when you saw the Easter Bunny. I know that maybe even next year, you won't be so happy. The Easter Bunny scares a lot of kids, maybe you'll be different. But we sat you right on the bunny and just said your new favorite thing that you think is so funny: BOO! & you smiled --

I love this picture! It makes me laugh every time I see it! That smile is just too cute! I love it! You look so much like your daddy, even have a round head just like him! I wonder how many more pictures I'll get of you smiling with the Easter Bunny? I say  one more, and then you'll be scared.

We walked around the mall for a little bit and I bought you some more stuff for Easter basket! I can't wait for you to see it! I did give you one present early. It's this duck that if you tickle it, it sings this song. I'm surprised I don't know all the words yet but you know how to tickle it and it just sings and sings. You love it! We just give you your duck and you play, talk and suck on it!

there you are at the mall, hanging out with your new best friend!

Mommy headed back to work after the mall :( I just started working and I don't want to anymore. I feel like it's taking our time away because as soon as I come home we go to sleep. But remember only like two more weeks and mommy is done!!!

Well baby girl I need to stop writing and actually write a paper that's due tomorrow. I'm so tired! I miss you lots and lots!! And love you SOOO much. I can't wait to come home and hold you and have you pinch me and drool all over me. I just miss you so much already. But I'll be home soon! Let's hope on Wednesday for your 6 months! I love you and good night!*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Give Aways!

So I found some more give aways!


First one is the Nap Nanny Give away. Piece of me is doing this give away. After reading about the product and checking it out I want one!! 

It's a portable infant recliner and could be used for sleep, relaxing, feeding and playing. I love this. I read that is is safe and it does have a harness. I would love this for Sophia! Visit the official Nap Nanny website to read more about the product & visit the link above to enter in the give away! It ends today at 11:59 pm!!


The next one is from Piece of Me as well! I like this one because i LOVE Twilight. I used to be obsessed with it but after Sophia and becoming busier with school I have kind of lost interest in it. But I'm sure when the next movie comes out, I'll be right back to how I used to be.

Piece of Me is give away copies of The Twilight Sage soundtrack! The give away ends April 20th! Click Here! to enter the give away!! :) 


So all my moms have to agree with me on this one. Once you become a mother your hands are hardly ever free because you are always carrying your baby. Well, my little (almost 6 month old) baby loves to be carried ALL the time so I'm either doing everything with one hand or not getting anything done at all. Piece of me is offering another give away. The Kokopax City Carrier.

I would LOVE this! I don't use a carrier, yet. I tried the Moby one this weekend. But with this one I'd be able to use and so would Gary. Visit Kokoplax to learn more about this carrier & click here! to enter the give away! This give away ends April 22nd! 


While I was pregnant I read What to Expect When Your Expecting ALL the time! I even used their online website to find information and was a part of their community where I read what other expecting moms were going through. I loved it and believe that both the book and website are both very useful & I recommend every new mother and current mother to use both. They have other books like what to expect the first and second year. I haven't had much time to read anymore of them. Piece of Me has a current give away:

A What to Expect When The Second Year Prize Pack!! This pack is valued at 75$$!! CLICK HERE! to enter in the give away. It ends tonight {April 18} @ 11:59 pm!!!


Sweetsation Therapy is a company that sells organic and natural products. What makes this product so great is that they are both safe for mom and baby! Everything is chemical free! I would love to win this give away because lately I've noticed the Sophia has been very sensitive to a lot of things. So I plan on using organic products for her from now on. All of their containers are also recyclable and if you send 5 back you get $10 credit towards a future product. They are having a give away, provided by Piece of Me:

Sweetsation is giving away a bottle of Svelte PRO Supercharged Organic Anti-Cellulite Treatment! *CLICK HERE* to enter the give away! It ends April 29th at 11:59 pm!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Almost 6 months!

I wanted to do an update on all the new things you are doing. I can't believe that in just 5 days you will  be a 1/2 year old!! My little baby is getting big :( & you are doing so many new things. I love watching all of them!! This is what you have been up to! 

- you are now a size three in diapers.
- you eat SO much!! almost 4 things of baby food a day.
- you are starting to get a little chunky, & I LOVE IT!
- you are trying SO hard to roll over. you are getting so close. you get kind of mad when you can't get it.
- you now are a maniac in your jumper. you jump SO much and you now notice almost everything on it. 
- you grab for everything now. If I have you on my lap at a table you'll start grabbing everything!
- you are still in love with your toes and grab them all the time.
- you have been sucking on your fingers a lot lately & your bottom lip.
- you love to be scared. if you just say BOO to you real loud when your not expecting it, you will laugh so much. I love it!
- right now you are putting your feet all over me. they are always everywhere.
- when you yawn you make an actual yawning noise. i don't know how to explain it but it's funny.
- you talk so much now and i sometimes i feel like i hear a word.
- now when you sleep, you sleep in your side. it's starting to scare me a little but i think you like it better. 
- you smile at everything now. you are such a happy baby.
- you reach for my face a lot. i love it!
- when you lay on your stomach you move your legs up, you are starting to want to crawl!
- & my favorite!! you can pick up your binky and put it in your mouth!! I LOVE IT. I was so proud the first time I saw you do it!!

I'm sure there's so much more but that's all i can think of right now! Sophia, I have enjoyed all of this and I'm very thankful I'm your mommy. Your daddy & I love you so much!! 

our baby 5 months, 3 weeks & 5 days ago :) 


I just wanted to update & say that on Monday {April 11th} I didn't have class so I stayed an extra day with you in Parkersburg & your daddy came too! We spent all day just running around Parkersburg. It was  nice out too so it was a really good day. I love days like that! 

WolfTrap Farms! {April 9-10}

Saturday morning we got up REAL early & hit the road to Gordonsville, Virginia. We spent our weekend there with your daddy's family. Your daddy's uncle's wife family owns this farm. It took about 5 hours to get there. You and your grandma sat in the backseat so you weren't scared like you usually are when you are alone and you two just slept and played back there while mommy drove the whole way.

We got there around noon on Saturday. Well, the weather was beautiful until we got there. AND I checked the weather for there and it said 70 degrees all weekend. That was a lie, as soon as we got into the town I noticed the weather dropping and it was like like 45 degrees when we go there, and it stayed that way, even colder all day Saturday. We were dressed for warm weather, and even packed just warmer weather clothes. Didn't even have a jacket.

The farm was beautiful. There were lots of horses and cows on the farm. The farm had three houses. The main house which was built in the 1800's. It was really big! & scary! The owner said that a family from Germany lived in it and their slaves lived upstairs! The house was decorated very vintage like and had very scary paintings. The room we stayed in at a painting of a woman named Agatha, she was very scary. 

The other house was called the pond house. It was a newer house and by a pond. And the other house was rented out to people who use the farm for their horses.

Your daddy's family was SO happy to see you! They hadn't seen you since Christmas. I really wish your daddy could have been there. He had a baseball game in Bluefield that weekend. Bluefield was only three hours away and your daddy was there and said the game was cancelled. I was so tempted to just make the drive and bring him there. But it would have been a lot of driving.

There's you with your MiMi. She was so happy to see you. I try and send her a picture of you everyday that I'm with you. She loves you so much!

Here's you with your Aunt Josephine. She spoils you a lot. & tries to feed you adult food behind my back!!! 

That day we just stayed inside and visited with everyone. It was too cold to go outside. We went to sleep pretty early too. I don't know if it was because we were in a new place and there was just too many people there but you were SO cranky that night. Just cried and cried. Maybe you were scared of the house like me. We finally got you calmed down and you finally went to sleep.

The next day {Sunday April 10} was a little warmer outside. We woke up to a HUGE breakfast. It was delicious!! By the way, that whole weekend we all just ate and ate. Such good food! It was your second cousin Ally's 2nd birthday too! So we had a little celebration for her! She is going to be so pretty!

Here's the two of you :)

Birthday Girl!

After her party we just walked around the farm. I got some pictures of the two of us! I want as many as we can get together!!

Looking at the horses. I was so afraid to have you near them. They were so interested in you and kept getting real close!

pretty view!

kisses on the farm! 

We had a really good and relaxing weekend there. It's always good to get out of town & esp to see your other family! We ended up staying until about 4 and left. Oh man, the drive back. The GPS took us a different route. We didn't even see the interstate. It took us through all these mountains and small towns and we somehow ended up going through where your daddy lives. It was so weird. I was was exhausted! We got home pretty late.But we had such a good weekend!

**** I LOVE YOU!****