Friday, June 10, 2011

Who's mommy's baby forever?!

That's right. Sophia

Just thought I'd do a quick post. I'm going to really {for real this time} post everyday. And I want to start taking pictures of you everyday and post them. *hopefully*. I just hope I have time for all of this. 

You woke up around 6 this morning and had a bottle and went back to sleep. Around 8 I woke up to you just playing with your feet. You and those feet.

We played all morning while your daddy got to sleep in. {like every morning}. Your daddy needs his sleep. He woke up and headed to the house to do some more painting. So it was just me and you. We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then went outside on the porch to enjoy the weather before it started to storm. 

Since before you were born I wanted to take a picture of you every month in the same spot to show how much you've grown. Well all that changed when you stayed in Parkersburg with your grandma. There were some months when I wasn't with you on your "monthly birthday". So I never got to. I have pictures of you from every month, just not in the same spot. 

So today on the porch I decided that every month starting at 7 months { well 7 & a half }, I'll start taking pictures of you on the porch. So that's what we did :)

Your really 7 & a half months now but we'll pretend. Then at 8 months we'll take your picture again. So we had a little photoshoot on the porch. I love taking pictures of you. We were only on the porch for 10 minutes. It's amazing how much you can capture in such a short time.

 So here's a few picture collages I made of you from today!

I'm going to try and get more videos of you on here and posted. You love to sit by yourself. Here's a video of mommy talking to you while you sit in the rocking chair by yourself 

While we were outside on the porch it started thundering and the sky started to get darker. Look at your face in this picture from the thunder. You're too funny.

& some more pictures of you on the rocking chair.

Well mommy has to finish writing and uploading pictures to take a midterm and get ready for work. Your grandma picked you up about an hour ago to go to the daycare so mommy get get stuff done. I will see you after work tonight. 
.. love always  

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