Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Last week after work one day I came home & Sophia was so excited to show me what she found that day. I went with her onto my parents porch and she put her hand into a wooden crate & pulled out the littlest box turtle I have ever seen. It was the perfect size for her little hands.

I was so surprised she wasn't afraid to hold it. She even brought it up to her lips to kiss it! We sat in the grass and let the turtle walk around but she never let him get too far. We kept the little turtle up until today. My mom let it go this morning bc we were afraid that it wasn't eating. 

Sophia asked about him this morning. We told her that it went to find his mommy & she was perfectly happy with that answer. 

Monday, May 19, 2014


You guys, I finally got a picture of the three of us! My birthday was last Wednesday (May 14th) & we went out to dinner  at a Mexican restaurant and I forced Gary to get in one with me!

I am now 25! I am going to be a mom of two at the age of 25!!! Before getting pregnant with Sophia I would have NEVER of thought that I'd be a mom of two at 25! I actually didn't want to start having kids until I was 30. Instead, I got pregnant with Sophia at the age of 20 ... a decade before my plans. But, I love being a young mom. I did miss getting to drink a margarita at my birthday dinner but I got to spend it with my family. 

Today is Gary's Birthday! We are heading to visit his family in VA Beach on Thursday! He hasn't seen his family in a while so this will be a perfect birthday present for him! I am excited to go. This pregnant momma is need of a mini vacation!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sophia is my little outdoor girl. She LOVES being outside & everything about outside. The flowers, the birds ... the sunshine!

We have had some pretty warm weather the past couple of weeks (except for this weekend) so when I get off work & on the weekends we've been going outside (when pregnancy hasn't completely drained me). She always finds something to entertain her. I can't wait for her & her little brother or sister to join her!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

BABY #2!

I have not blogged in forever & the main reason is bc I've been exhausted with my pregnancy with baby #2! We are so excited & can't wait to meet our little baby in October!

Sophia is very excited too! She keeps asking about the baby and always kisses my belly! She says she wants a baby girl though! I'd love for her to have a little sister but I'd also love to have a little boy! We'll see! We find out the gender of the baby on June 13th. I will be 20 weeks!

This pregnancy has been completely opposite from my first with Sophia. I have been very exhausted & moody. I am working a full time job & taking care of a toddler so this may be why. 

I plan on updating my blog more though. I really miss blogging & want to be able to look back at my pregnancy & of course Sophia growing up!