Friday, June 17, 2011

Rolling Over!


hi baby! Mommy is going to really start writing to you every night even if it's just a small post. We didn't do too much today. Woke up and did the usual feeding and play time. At about 10 I got you ready and took you to daycare at 10:30 because mommy had to work at 11. I feel like I'm working too much, but I like the money :) Mommy worked from 11-2. It was so slow today that I just sat on my phone. 

I had a break from 2-5 so I picked you up at daycare. You were asleep and slept the whole way home. We got home and you woke up for like 20 minutes and went back to sleep so mommy just laid around and watched tv until it was time to take you back to daycare. You slept the whole way back there and when I left. Sleepy head. Work was slow again this evening and I worked until 9. Then it was time to come home to you!

I got home and you were already upstairs getting ready to go to sleep. I came up and went to kiss your little feet and noticed something. Your lil toes were painted!!! Your grandma painted your toe nails while I was gone and she painted them the same color as hers.... BLUE!! I like pink better. I'll have to take a picture tomorrow to show you. She told me that you had been rolling over a lot. You have rolled over before but it was just once at a time so I never really counted them as your first time rolling over BUT today .. oh man your on a *roll*. You do it so easily and so quick now. You'll roll over.. be on your tummy { you've never really liked tummy time } for a few seconds and start crying because you can't roll back over yet. So I'll put you on your back and you'll roll right back over. And it's the sam thing over and over. I'm so proud of you though!! Your getting so big. Here is a video of you rolling over before you went to sleep. The room is already dark, so the video is too and it's not the best quality but you can still see yourself roll over!

Before we know it your going to be crawling and walking :( But that's pretty much it for today. Like I said, we didn't do too much because mommy was at work most of the time. But I still had a good day with you, like always. I'll write to you again tomorrow baby girl. Here's a picture of you yesterday after we played outside all day. You passed right out. I love you! 

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