Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who's black & white.. and cute all over?

My little farm animal is!!
I am so glad that I picked this costume out because I LOVE it!! You look so cute in it Sophia! And the best part is that I got it for less than 10 dollars!! 

This isn't your first Halloween but it is the first time that you dressed up for it. Last year you were only a few weeks old and mommy wasn't expecting to have you that early so I didn't have a costume picked out. I know I could have gotten one after you were born but for the first few weeks we spent most of the time inside my apartment, we only left for your appointments.

But I was SO excited to dress you up this year. I wanted you to be a monkey but when I saw this I changed my mind. Tomorrow we are going Trick or Treating in the neighborhood I always went to. Daddy has to work tomorrow evening :( but me and you will be going as a farmer and a cow. I can't wait. It's calling for rain but hopefully there won't be much so we can have fun and get lots of candy!! 

I dressed you up today to get some pictures since it was pretty nice out. You were so good and just sat there and let me snap away. You are just too cute!

{ Lots of pictures ahead :) }

I love my little farm animal 


Entering in The Paper Mama's Halloween Photo Challenge.

Today we went out and took lots of pictures of Sophia with her cute lil cow costume on. 
It's calling for rain tomorrow on Halloween and it was nice today so I figured we'd take a few today when it was nice out.

She makes the cutest lil farm animal ever. And her lil tail.. sooo cute!
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First Birthday Party!

I can't believe that your birthday and party has already passed and you've been a year old for over a week now!! You know that mommy was hoping time would slow down and that just would never come, but it did and mommy is still so in love with her big girl now! And I'm SO happy on how great the birthday party went! {By the way this post is going to have lots of pictures}

On Friday, the night before your party, your daddy and I waited until last minute to get everything done .. of course. Even through college your daddy and I waited until the very last minute to write a paper or study. Hopefully you're not like that. 

We dropped you off at your grandparents house and we headed to the daycare to start decorating. Well, we ended up staying there till 5AM!!! I was exhausted but a lot of our decorations we made and we also had to make two trips to Wal Mart. The first time we drove to Wal Mart we got all the way there and I forgot my purse.. ooops. We had to drive all the back and to Wal Mart again, but we got what we needed. And we got mostly everything set up. We went home to pass out .. for only 3 hours.

We got up early and got ready and headed back to the daycare to do some last minute things. Your daddy did most if it while I went and picked up your birthday cake, cupcakes and balloons. I loved them!! I got the cake idea straight from Pinterest - here.

We got the desert table set and the other ones, and everything looked GREAT put together. Gary made a huge one that he cut out of cardboard and put tissue paper on. We wanted to add orange but since we waited last minute and headed to Wal Mart in the middle of the night, they didn't have any there. But it still looked pretty. We found how to make the one here. I made kind of a ribbon back drop behind the cake. I wanted to put it all the way across but, I ran out of ribbon and just had to put a few. We also made the Happy Birthday bunting banner. That was easier than I thought, bc we didn't sew .. just used fabric glue.

Around 1 everyone started showing up. There ended up being a lot of people there. Even your family from VA Beach came to see you. Unfortunatly I didn't get any pictures, I feel horrible. Your Aunt Corina was in charge of taking the pictures for the day so we'll blame her. You got some pictures with some of us in front of the desert table before everyone started eating.

Everyone played around and ate. Then it was time to sing you Happy Birthday. You weren't too happy when they took the cake away from you to cut it. But you enjoyed eating it when you got it back in front of you.


And then it was time to open presents. You def. got a lot of toys and pajamas!! & some really cute outfits. Thanks to everyone who came and for all the presents for lil Miss Sophia!

 After you opened your presents you started to get cranky. It had been a long and fun party and you passed out on Stephanie.

But you woke up a few minutes later. It's hard for you to nap when you know there's people around. So we had to get a pic with you and mommy and her best friends. Libby surprised and drove to see us for your birthday!! I'm so glad you FINALLY got to meet her. I've told you about Libby before but I'm going to have to write a whole post about her.. she deserves it :) AND she got you the most creative and sweetest gift ever!! She made you two CD's of the best songs and then wrote you a little msg about each one. She added little stories about me and her when we first met too. It was a great gift for me too! Thanks Libby!! Oh yeah, and I got her to start blogging! 

 I'm so happy with out everything turned out. I have a lot more pictures but these were some of my favs! I hope you had a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Dear Sophia,

Today you are 1 year old.

It's midnight on October 20th 2011 and I am up getting things together for your first birthday party this Saturday. It's crazy to think that this time last year I was in labor waiting to meet you. I can't believe it's been a year.

My labor wasn't too bad. It all happened so fast. But at 6:55 I fell in love with the most beautiful lil girl. My beautiful 6lb 10oz baby girl. I remember just crying. I was so happy and so very thankful that you were finally in my arms and so perfect.

 Even though you came 3 weeks early, you were as healthy as can be, and so beautiful. I remember just starring at you for the longest time shortly after you were born. I was SO tired but I just wanted to stay awake and look at you. I loved being your mommy at the time and kew that my life would  be changed forever, because of you.

Being your mommy has been the greatest pleasure in my life. You have made me so happy since the first time I ever held you to now. You have taught me so much and have made me such a better person. Everyday with you is new, fun and so full of life. 

I have enjoyed watching you grow. You have changed so much and it goes by too fast. I still remember you as a tiny lil new born always curled up laying on me. Now you are crawling around all over the house and saying words like book and dog all day. You still love to just lay on me and I love it. It shows me that you love me just as much as I love you.

I thank God every day for such a healthy, perfect baby that he has given me. I'm thankful that we have made it a year and we still have each other.

You are my everything.

You are so friendly to everyone and always smiling. You share your toys at daycare and love to dance. You like to play peek a boo with the dish towels while mommy (mom mom as you would say) is doing the dishes. The first thing you say in the morning is da da. 

You love to feed yourself. Especially strawberries. You drink from your sippy cup and you are now drinking whole milk. You are pulling yourself up so good now and I know you will be walking so soon. You hate to wear sock and shoes and you pull them off with a smile on your face. You want me when your sleepy and you love to cuddle and fall asleep with mommy.

You are still fighting sleep and waking up in the middle of the night. But hopefully that will change soon! When we go out in public everyone wants to say how beautiful you are, & you truly are. I feel so proud when I hear it.

You now weigh 22 pounds and you are 29 inches long. You are wearing 12 month clothing and some 18 months. You have 6 teeth and the curliest hair. I swear it grows more every night. You still have tiny little feet. Your tiny little feet are my favorites!

Actually everything about you is my favorite. Your giggle is the sweetest sound. You are such a happy baby.

I hope that you stay a sweet and happy girl. And that you enjoy your life as much as I have mine now that I have you. 

I could write to you forever, like always but mommy is going to have to finish this and get some sleep. I can't be sleepy on your special day!

 I still can't believe that I'm writing about you turning a year old. As I hold back my tears I want to thank you for the best year of my life Sophia. Your FOREVER my baby girl. 

You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. Thanks for making me mommy. Happy First Birthday, my beautiful girl. Love always, Mommy  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting close

Sorry that it's been a couple days since I've wrote to you. I have just been so busy. Hopefully things will slow after your birthday party. I can't believe it's almost here! I'm still sad but I think I've accepted that your going to be a year old and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

I was starting to get stressed about your party but after yesterday I'm starting to feel a lot better. We ordered the birthday cake, your smash cake, cupcakes and cookies! I am SO excited about those. We got everything in pink, orange, and green! We also ordered your balloons yesterday. I ordered two bouquets that we will be picking up on Saturday before your birthday party. I really hope that I get everything ready and pretty before the party

Your birthday shirt also came in the mail yesterday. I LOVE IT! It's going to look SO cute with your tutu. I'm going to go out and buy your outfit for your actual birthday on Thursday. I think we're just going to have dinner that evening since Mommy has to work that day :( I promise that once your older and able to actually do stuff then I will take off work on your birthdays!

It was SO pretty yesterday and perfect. That's why Fall is now my favorite season. I hope it slows down too because I'm not looking forward to winter. Before we headed into town I got some pics of us outside real quick.


After the pictures we went into town and bought so much stuff for your party. You stayed with your grandparents last night and mommy got to get a lot of stuff made for your party. I'm about to get ready and head into town to pick you up. See you in a little bit my love!