Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 months, new friends & water park!!

Today you are 10 months! Time still hasn't slowed down and in just two { fast, i'm sure } months you will be a year old!! These past few months have gone by so fast and you have grown up so much in the last couple of months.

You have become mobile. Still not crawling but you find ways to get around. You woke up as a 10 month beautiful baby girl this morning on a mission to get into everything. 

You were wanting to make a mess out of everything, esp your toys and a stack of books and DVD's. But it's ok, you picked out mommy's favorite books to make a mess of.

I would say "No Sophia!" & this is the face I'd get. 

Now when you smile, you can see your bottom teeth and some of your top. You have 5 teeth now!! Here lately you've started to make this goofy scrunched face and smile. You can see all 5 teeth when you do it. I need to get a picture of it.

After chasing after you for like 2 hours this morning we got ready and headed to Wal Mart with your great grandma. After that we got all ready and met up with Blessing & Camille. Our new friends ♥ and the four of us headed to the Marietta Aquatic Center. 

Your daddy had to go out of town yesterday and came back today and wanted to see you so he met us there. 

You had a great time playing with your daddy. Camille looked like she was having a fun time. She loves the water like you!

We did find a favorite for all of us. The Lazy River!!

We got out of the water and had a little snack. Blessing and I had a delicious salad from Panera { thanks again }, your daddy had pizza & you and Camille had strawberries! It was your first time eating them and you loved them!

I'm glad we got to spend such a beautiful day with new friends on your 10 months!! Def. had a good time!

We all left there sleepy. You and Camille passed out as soon as we got in the car.

Hope you had a good 10 months baby girl!! Now it's time to play, cuddle & love on each other all evening. I love you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Finger Foods!

A few weeks ago your grandma picked up some baby food and brought it over. She also picked up some yogurt bites and puffs too. She sat you in your high chair, put the yogurt bites and puffs on your tray, you picked them up and put them in your mouth. I was so surprised because I had no idea that you could do that! Your grandma said they had started to give them to you at daycare and you love them!!

You love sitting in your high chair, with your big girl food & watch TV.. esp your new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. I had to say your name a million times just so you could look up at me.

It's fun to watch you eat. You pick them up good but when you put them in your mouth you kind of open your hand. It's hard to describe but it's so funny.

I remember you holding your own bottle was hard to believe, and now your feeding yourself. :(

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Country Girl

On Aug. 4 your grandparents came over and we all headed outside to check out the fruit on our fruit trees. One thing about our new house is it's kind of out in the country. It's nice & quiet. We have a really nice yard too that's full of bunnies and deer early in the morning and the evening. The neighborhood is small but full of great of people. Our neighbors are very friendly and even come over with vegetables from their garden. 

Your great grandpa used to have a really nice garden on the property but now we just have the fruit trees. We have apple, pear and peach. Right now the pears are the only thing that are really ripe. They are small but still good. 

While we were out there I saw how pretty everything was and figured it'd be a perfect place to take some pictures of you. They actually turned out SO pretty. You got to pick your own pear and you wouldn't let go of it the rest of the evening. Now that you have teeth you were able to bit into it and eat it. You loved it!!

Crib Time!

I'm still catchin' up and just going by pictures I've taken. On Aug. 3 I put you in your crib with all your toys so I could clean in the bedroom. I would look over and you'd be standing up in your crib!! You'd pull yourself and just stand there and "talk" to me. You would also have your mouth over the top of the crib.

Anytime I would leave the room just for a second you'd start crying :( I've started to notice that you are afraid of a lot of stuff. Just like your mommy. If a vacuum or blender is on you get SO scared. And your grandma said that there is a baby doll at the daycare that laughs and talks and you are afraid of that. You poor thing. Here's your scared face.

As long as I'm in the room with you, your fine and you actually like sitting in your crib with all your toys.

Cole & Emma's Birthday Party!

Hey baby girl. Mommy has been slackin' on writing to you. I try to spend every minute that I'm not at work with you so that's mainly why I haven't been updating so much. Plus, you are a little mobile now so I'm chasing after you. This week you started army crawling everywhere, into everything! But you are SO close to crawling!!! Right now as I type this you are scooting your way across the floor to get Daddy's cell phone. 

Like I've said a million times before writing to you I want to be able to remember everything that we do as you grow up. Writing to you is probably the only way I'll remember EVERYTHING. It's crazy that I can't remember stuff from last week. Thankfully I love taking pictures so that helps with remembering what we do. So I'm going to write to you from the pictures that I have and probably do separate posts on them.

On July 30th we went to your second cousins Cole & Emma's birthday party. It was just me and you that day because your daddy was out of town and your grandparents were at the Greenbrier Classic which I was very jealous about. They got tickets to see Keith Urban, and they've never even heard his music before :( Anyways, we headed to their birthday party over in Belpre. You were SO good the whole time. It also looked like Cole and Emma had a great birthday.

During the whole party you just sat quietly and played with a toy gun. It was funny seeing you play with it.

After the birthday we went home and passed out at your grandparents house. I was too afraid to stay alone at our house in Belleville by ourselves. But we were both so tired from the party! I was so proud on how good you were the whole day! Thanks baby girl. ♥