Thursday, May 19, 2011

last day being 6 months


In just a few minutes you will be 7 months! I can't believe it. You are growing so fast. Your 6th month went by too quick. And now that your going to be 7 months means that your getting closer to a year old. I wish that things would slow down. I like you being mommy's little baby. But even when your 7 months, a year old or 20 years old.. you'll still be mommy's little baby. 

This month I was able to be with you almost for the whole month!! I don't have to leave you anymore!! You are growing so fast and learning so much. You had a lot of firsts this month!! I am so glad I am able to be here for it all! 

At 6 months is when you started to roll over. And now I can't stop you!! I'll lay you down to change your diaper and as soon as I take your diaper off your rolling over to your stomach.. diaper-less. I think it's so funny. You lay there with your naked butt in the air saying Ba Ba and smiling so big. You now love tummy time. Before I couldn't get you on your tummy for anything. But now that you can roll over you spend most of your time on your belly! 

The other morning I woke up and looked in your bed and you were on your stomach!! Mommy got SO scared because you've always slept on your back. But you were perfectly fine just sleeping so peaceful. You must have rolled over while mommy was sleeping and just slept on your tummy. 

Sometimes you'll roll over onto your tummy and get tired but you can't roll back to your back yet. So you'll cry for me. So I'll go and put you back on your back.. and you'll roll right over. And we'll continue to do this until I just pick you up. It's funny how fast you can roll over. Mommy's proud of you!

You are also sitting up pretty good on your own. I still don't leave you by yourself because I'm afraid you'll fall and hit your head. Speaking of hitting your head, yesterday { May 18th } I took you to daycare because I had to work. I came to pick you up on my break and your grandma told me you got your first bruise. As soon as you saw me you were smiling and I didn't even notice a bruise. But I guess while mommy was at work there was a little accident at daycare and you hit your head on the floor. 

Mommy wasn't mad at all because I know accidents happen I was just heartbroken knowing that you got hurt. I just hope you weren't scared and it didn't hurt too bad. I know you're going to get hurt growing up but hopefully not too much. You seemed fine so I knew everything was ok but just thinking about how you felt when it happened and me not being there to love on you just makes me so sad. Try not to get hurt too much, it'll break mommy's heart! 

You still love to yell Ba Ba and you do it all the time. You are now sucking on everything. Your blankets, your clothes, anything you can grab so I'm pretty sure that means you've got a tooth coming. That may explain why you have been waking up a lot more than you used to at night. And you've been drooling A LOT!! All over you and mommy. And when people hold you you'll reach for their hands and try to stick their fingers in your mouth. 

This month you also sat in your first high chair at a restaurant. You've been sitting in one at home but never at a restaurant. You also wore your first 12 month pants too. You usually wear 6-9 but you can fit into some 12 months. I tried putting a 3 month onsie on you the other day, because I swore you could still fit into it.. nope. Couldn't even button the bottom. I don't want you to get bigger :( 

But we had a good month together, like always. Your so much fun to be around and your so goofy sometimes. Always making mommy laugh! I am so thankful I've got to spend 6 months with you just slow down please! I wonder what you'll be doing when I write to you when you turn 8 months?! 

♥ I love you Sophia, my beautiful 7 month old 

Mommy's Birthday & Graduation


Hey baby girl. Sorry mommy has been busy again. I debated on writing to you tonight because I was so tired but I couldn't help not to. I really wish I wasn't so tired in the evenings so I could write to you everyday. With working everyday, online and taking care of you it gets kind of busy and I don't want to waist all my free time on the computer.

The last time I wrote to you was the night before my birthday. That night I had asked your grandma if I could just sleep in the next day { my birthday } until at least 9 because you are a morning baby and we are up by like 6:30 every morning. Your grandma said yes. 

Well the next morning { mommy's birthday } your grandma walks into the room.. it's 7 am. And surprisingly your still asleep. She takes you out of the room and lets me sleep. Well, at 7:30 she comes back in and says she forgot she needed to meet someone early and that she had to go. So much for me sleeping in. One day I'll get to sleep more than 5 hrs and get to sleep in. Maybe when daddy is here with us I'll get to. 

Later that morning we went to garage sales with your great grandma. And then came home and hung out and played for a little awhile. I put you in one of your new outfits from Gap with a matching bow. Then we had to take pictures of me and you on my birthday.

After our pictures we headed to Fusions because mommy wanted to eat some Sushi for my birthday. We met a few of your grandma's friends there and had some delicious food! At the place we ate, if you had 6 people with you the birthday person gets their meal for free. So mommy ordered the most expensive meal: lobster tail, shrimp and scallops mmmm. Plus some delicious sushi and of course desert at the end :) Mommy had a good birthday dinner. It was your first time at Fusions too. You just watched the guy. I think you were a little confused. 

After dinner at Fusions we met another one of your grandma's friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was getting kind of late so you fell asleep. Mommy stayed long enough to get a chocolate cake with ice cream then left. Mommy was tired and knew we had a long day the next day. But mommy had a good birthday spending the whole day with you! :) Thank you for making it a good day. 

I know I've been slow at writing to you. I wrote the beginning of this yesterday and was too tired to finish and now im finishing it today. Today is your daddy's birthday { May 19th } he is 23 years old today! We didn't get to see him because he's still in Buckhannon finishing up with school but he'll be here tomorrow.

But back to my birthday weekend. The next day was mommy's graduation. { May 15th } We got up kind of early to get ready because we had to drive to Morgantown. Mommy was very tired so I slept the whole way to Morgantown. Once we got to Morgantown we picked your Aunt Corina up and headed to wear the graduation would be. I wanted to get there a little early because I had no idea where it was going to be. We got there and found a good parking spot. { I'm glad because mommy was crazy and bought a really high pair of heels and couldn't walk too far in them } 

So we got there and took some pictures and then it was time for the family to leave and for all the graduates to line up and get ready. I got to be beside my good friend Kiersten in the line up so I was happy about that. I was sooo nervous. We walked in and sat down and listened to a speaker and it was time for our names to be called for our diplomas. Oh man, for some reason mommy was so nervous. I think it was because I didn't want to fall on the stage. Mommy doesn't wear heels too much and these ones were extra tall. I was so nervous that I don't remember crossing the stage or them saying my name. It was over in just a few seconds. All that for just a few seconds. Either way mommy is so happy to have gotten her degree and that you were able to be there when I got it.

After graduation we talked with some of my friends after and then headed home. It was a long day so we went to bed right after. Here are some pictures from graduation.

Sophia, I want you to know that you had made mommy's birthday and graduation so special. I didn't really have anyone to share those days with because your daddy couldn't come because of baseball and anymore mommy doesn't have as many friends as she used to. Becoming a mom has changed a lot of things. So I got to spend those days with you and honestly I wouldn't have spent it with anyone else. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hey baby girl. I told you I'd write to you again. You are asleep, sleeping just like your daddy. You two always sleep the same. You even sleep with your eyes a little open just like him. You were already asleep when I got home tonight from work. It was pretty late so I understand :)

Today before I left to work you ended up spitting up on yourself. It was a little chunky too because you ate baby food right before so you needed a bath. I needed to take a shower too but had to be ready for work in 30 minutes. SO I decided we'd just take one together. { Don't be too embarrassed when you read or find out about this when your older } I've heard other moms say they've done it but today was our first time. I got in first and left you in your swing thing in front of the shower while I got clean. I then got you undressed real quick and put you in with me. You kept looking around but you loved it. You smiled and laughed. I got you all clean and we were both all clean in like 5-10 mintues. Def saved some time! Might be taking more showers together in the future.

We got dressed and headed out the door to the daycare. You only had to go for an hour today. Daddy's game was over by the time we were done. They won their game today! I guess daddy played good too. He still misses you a lot and he asked for pictures of you. I sent him these.

You are getting so big! So is mommy! Well, not big but older. In about 7 minutes mommy will be 22 years old! It's still young but 21 went by really fast. Last year at this time I was pregnant with you! At the time I was kind of bummed out that I couldn't spend my 21st birthday the way I had planned to { before I knew I was pregnant with you } but mommy still had a good time. I couldn't wait to be 21 for the longest time. I was counting down the months but it was only because I wanted to go out with everyone. I was the youngest so I wasn't able to go to the places they were going in Morgantown.

Becoming pregnant, and having you made me realize what's more important in life. I'm glad it all happened to me too at a young age. I am more thankful than I was before I had you too. I just can't believe it's been a year already. It feels like yesterday. I don't have much plans for my birthday tomorrow. Daddy is still out of town so he won't be able to celebrate and really, mommy has friends but not like I used to. I would always have a bunch of people meet me for dinner for my birthday but now we're all so busy that I probably couldn't get that many people together anymore.

But that's ok. I don't mind at all. As long as I get to spend tomorrow to you that's all I need for my birthday. Let's have a good day tomorrow Sophia. Mommy is going to bed. Right when I turn 22! I hope this year was just as perfect as 21 was!! Can't wait to spend it with you baby girl!! I love you 

Friday, May 13, 2011

baby boys & belly buttons

{ May 12, 2011 }

Hey baby girl. So mommy wanted to write to you last night but the website was shut down until about a few minutes ago. So guess that means I get to write to you twice today! Yesterday was the same as the rest of the week. We got up, you actually played a lot more so I was able to clean up a little bit. I then got you ready and took you to the daycare because mommy had to work at 11. I've been working so much but saving up lots of money :)

Work was slow like usual. I just played on my phone the whole time. I guess that's why I don't mind working, because I get paid to play on my phone. I also get free Mexican food so that's another reason why too. I got off work at 2 and headed to the daycare to spend time with you on my break. It started to storm real bad so I just stayed at the daycare and played with you the whole time there. 

At 4:45 it was time for me to head back to work. Mommy worked from 5-8. Again, it wasn't busy at all. After work we headed to the hospital to see Kaylee Stoops new baby boy Jace. He was born yesterday weighing 6lb 6oz. It's funny because just the day before Kaylee and I were talking and she was talking about how she {TMI} lost her mucus plug and that she felt like he was going to come sooner. And she was right. She gave birth to him at 37 weeks. That's how far along I was when I had you. He seemed so tiny. I forgot how little you used to be! I was actually too nervous to hold him.

He is so cute! I am so happy for Kaylee. She's going to be such a good mommy. She was so calm while we were there. We wanted to take a picture of you and the babies that were there. As soon as we sat you down beside Jace you went and grabbed for his belly button clasp. Me and your grandma screamed and took you away. It didn't hurt him at all but we were just a little scared. Kaylee just laughed. You are so ornery Sophia. 

You slept really good last night. Your nights keep getting better and better. Carissa's schedule really helped us out. { Thank you Carissa! :) } You just woke up at like 6:30 and I got you out of your bed and put you in bed with me and you went back to sleep until almost 9, without a bottle!! We are getting there! This morning we did the usual. Played, ate, and now you are taking your second nap for the day. While mommy is being lazy and waisting her time on the computer.

I know your only 6 months { almost 7 } but I am already thinking about stuff for your first birthday party. I don't want it to come but I know it will { too fast } so I want to make it the best party ever. I want to make it a pink and monkey theme. I've already been searching for outfits and all that for your party. I do want to have a big screen of videos of your first year. I lost all the ones when you were a newborn but I've been taken a lot of random ones from about 2months and on. I want it to play at your birthday party. I already started one of all my maternity pictures. I want to start the other one now. I've been trying to get a picture and a video of you every day. Here's a video of you from the other morning when we first woke up :)

Now for an update on what daddy's been doing. Daddy says he misses you SO SO much!! He is still playing baseball { almost over } it's his last year playing so I've been doing better with him being too busy to text and stuff. I know he wants to be focused for his last few games. Usually I get kind of upset but I know he wants to do this for his team and for himself. So right now daddy is in Beckley, WV. We would have gone to the games but they are kind of far and mommy needs to work. Plus my birthday and graduation are this week so we would have been REALLY busy. It's kind of hard to travel with a baby too, alone. 

I'm not sure when he plays today but last night they played at 8pm and lost the game :( Hopefully they win today. He has to stay there Saturday no matter what, even if they lose but I'm not sure how the tournament rules go. I want him to win, but I also would LOVE for him to be done Saturday and come to my graduation, that'd be perfect!

Well mommy is going to quit writing to you so I can have stuff to tell you when I write to you again tonight when I get off work. I love you

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day in the Sun with Mommy


Hey baby girl! Mommy wanted to write to you before I fell asleep. Mommy's really tired right now for some reason. Today it was really nice out so we spent most of the day outside. I took a big blanked and all your toys out there, even your walker and we just enjoyed the warm weather. At times it'd get too hot so we'd go inside but most of the day was spent outside. You loved it and you of course looked so pretty.

I took some videos that I'll have to upload tomorrow or something. When your grandma got home we headed to Kohls and mommy FINALLY found her graduation dress and shoes. I'm in LOVE! There will be pics of it after Sunday. Mommy got her grades back too. I did very good, I've never seen so many A's my whole college career. Who knew having a baby would make my grades better? But your passed out in bed with me. I may just keep you in bed with me tonight. I'm going to get some sleep too because mommy has to work tomorrow :( But I get some a break in the middle of the day so I'll spend it with you. I'm glad we got to enjoy some pretty weather today. I can't wait to spend this summer with you. You seem to love it outside. You are getting so big. Seeing you sitting up by youself in these pictures makes me realize it so much. Can we just stop time and stay this age forever? Good night baby girl, I'll write to you tomorrow.

I love you 

♥ Mother's Day!


Sunday { May 8th } was Mother's Day. My *first* Mother's Day as a mommy, as your mommy I woke up that morning still feeling a little sick. All I wanted to do was sleep. Your grandma came in and got you for a little bit so I could sleep a little longer. I got up around 10:30 and Holly { mommy's best friend, and neighbor } was downstairs visiting you. She stayed until I had to leave to go to work. I started to feel a little better so I didn't mind going to work because I only had to work 3 hrs. We were a little busy at work, not as busy as I thought it would be. I also started to feel a lot better at work too :) 

After work I went home and the 3 girls { your grandma, me and you } went to do a little shopping. Your daddy had a game that day so he couldn't be here with us. It makes me a little sad that he's been missing so much and not here with us on important days but I know he has to do it and it'll all be over soon* We went to TJ Maxx. Our fav store. I got you the cutest bathing suite. I can't wait for you to wear it. We then headed to the mall and to Gabes. After we shopped we went to visit your great grandma and great grandpa. They were happy to see you! We went home and I HAD to have pictures with you on my first Mother's Day.

Today while we were shopping I was carrying you and you were just looking around and then out of no where you just laid your head on my shoulder and went to sleep. It was the sweetest thing and it melted my heart. It was the perfect Mother's Day present from you 

Sophia, I am so thankful for you. Because of you I am able to celebrate my first Mother's Day. I am so proud to be the mother of such a sweet, beautiful baby girl. I am blessed that God gave me this role. I know that at times this role can be hard but I wouldn't change a thing. I have enjoyed being your mother for the past 6 months and will for the rest of my life. Becoming a mother IS the best thing that has happened to me. I am ALWAYS here for you Sophia, no matter what and I will love you forever 

and of course Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother. I seriously don't know what I'd do without her. I owe her my everything and I am so lucky to have her as my mother. She is a wonderful women and I hope that I can be just like her as a person and a mother. Def. a perfect role model. She is there for me no matter what. And she loves you so much Sophia. She told me that you are the best mother's day present for her too. I love her so much She is my best fried.

Well Sophia, it's 2 am. You'll probably be up soon for a feeding so mommy should probably get some sleep. I really do enjoy writing to you. I know I will be so thankful for doing this later on. But thank you for such a good mother's day. I am excited to spend the next one's with you. But I'm more excited that I have tomorrow off and get to spend it with you!! 
I love you 

Catching Up!


hey baby girl. Sorry mommy has been so busy and haven't had time to write to you. I have been working a lot at El Mariachi and when I come home I'm too sleepy to do anything. I don't have to work tomorrow {finally!} so I'm up late writing to you.

You are asleep right now. You have been sleeping better at night. Only waking up once around 3:30 for your bottle and going to sleep right after I burp you. You look so peaceful and comfortable when you sleep. You sleep on your side and back. I always put a blanket on you but you always get your little {chunky} legs out. Because you still sleep in your bassinet {I know your a little too old for it but you love sleeping in it} by my bed I can hear you breathing and every now and then I'll hear a little sigh from you. It's the sweetest thing.

The last day I wrote to you was a week ago. I'm trying to remember everything we did last week. That's why I want to try and write to you as much as I can because it's only been a week and I already forget what we did :(

On Wed. { May 4th } your daddy came to see you! He got here around 8. I was at your Aunt Debbie's working on my resume to send to Public Dept. She made my resume so good. Hopefully mommy will get a job there. {fingers crossed*} You were already asleep when I got back but mommy and daddy got to spend some time together! I was happy to see him :) May 4th was also your Aunt Corina's 20th Birthday! She had a test in Morgantown so we didn't get to see her on her birthday :( Here's a picture of you and Corina right after you were born!

You woke up the next morning { Thursday May 5th }  really early. So we went downstairs with you and let you play with all your toys. Around 8 you started getting sleepy so we all went back upstairs and slept for another 2 hrs. We got up and got ready and headed to Bob Evans for lunch. Mmmm it was so good. Your daddy and I got breakfast and then shared blueberry crepes. We were stuffed. Daddy had to leave right after because he had practice at 4. Baseball, hurry up and be over. After your daddy left I dropped you off at daycare and headed to work. It was Cinco De Mayo so we were pretty busy. 

Friday { May 6th } we woke up and laid around and played all day until I had to go to work again at 5. Again, work was really busy. It's crazy how many people come to eat there. I had a test the next morning in Morgantown so I made note cards to study earlier on Friday but because it was so busy I didn't have time to study at the restaurant so Mommy stayed up until like 1 studying for her test. 

The next morning { Saturday May 7th }. We all got up early: me, you, and your grandma and headed to Morgantown. Your grandma drove so I could study. We got to Morgantown around 8:45 and we went to mommy's apartment. You and your grandma stayed there while I went to take my test. I think I did pretty good on the test. I came back and we started packing up my apartment. I had SO much stuff there. I didn't know I had that much stuff there but I guess after living there for 3 years I would have that much. It was kind of sad packing up. I've really enjoyed living in that apartment. I have met a lot of really nice girls who have been my roommates through out the years and I am still friends with ALL of them. I'm really going to miss living with Steph. Out of all the 3 years she's the one who was with me through it all. She has been there for so much. I met your daddy for the first time at the apartment too  that's where we spent our first days getting to know each other too. 

I always wonder why I decided to transfer to WVU out of no where and now I know why. To meet your daddy so we could have you ♥ ♥ 

I also went through my whole pregnancy with you there and that's where you lived for your first month. A lot of good memories there but I am glad to be out of Morgantown and in Parkersburg with you and close to the rest of my family. Now all we need is daddy here. But after 100 trips up and down the 4 flights of steps { yup mommy lived on the 4th floor, walked up and down them EVERY DAY. Even when I was pregnant. DEF not going to miss them at all } we were done packing. Your aunt Corina is staying in my room because my lease isn't up until August so I guess if I miss it that much then I could always go and stay with her. Everything is still packed up in your grandpa's truck I've had NO time to unload everything yet. 

After we packed we headed to the mall real quick to do a little shopping. When we got there we saw this little stand of Bow boutique! We bought you these cute ruffled bloomers with a gold & blue ribbon on the butt! Next we headed to the Baby Gap. Oh man, they had the cutest stuff. Your grandma and I just went crazy started grabbing stuff and awe'ing over everything. We didn't even look at the price tags. We got up to the register with all the stuff we picked out and the total came up to $75! I wouldn't have paid that much for it { not because I don't want to spend that much on you because trust me, I would give my last penny for you, but because you grow out of your baby clothes so quick & half the time the clothes get dirty from your baby food and spit up } BUT your grandma spoils you way too much, surprise huh? & she bought it all for you. I can't wait for you to wear all your new clothes. Your such a stylish baby.

We then tried to find mommy a dress to wear for graduation. I am so picky that I couldn't find anything. I need to find something graduation is less than a week away! We went to Forever 21 and mommy bought a few things. I'm obsessed with that store! I'm going to miss not being able to shop there since they don't have one in Parkersburg. I'm going to have to make a trip to Morgantown just to shop. We ate dinner real quick and then headed back to Parkersburg because mommy had to work, again :(

I got to work at 5 and we were SO busy! You spent the evening with your grandparents. At work I started to feel sick. I think I was just exhausted from everything that past few days. You came in to work with your grandparents. After they ate we all left. Mommy went to Krogers because I didn't want to get sicker esp. since Mother's Day was the next day. I wanted to feel good so I could have a good day with you.

I'm going to write about Mother's Day in a different post because this one is so long.
I love you 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baseball Game!!


Hey baby girl! Your taking a nap so I have time to write to you real quick! You've been a little cranky this morning.. and last night. I've come to realize that your just very spoiled. Your grandma has made you this way. Hopefully once we're in our own house with daddy we'll be able to get you on a schedule. I'm still counting down the days until we're all living together. Your daddy and I both have to take summer classes. I only have to take one and it's online so I'll be able to stay here with you but your daddy has to take 4 and 2 are in class. So he'll be in Buckhannon until the beginning of June :( But we got to go to Daddy's baseball game in Buckhannon on Saturday!!

{ Saturday April 30th }

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and got ready. It took so long to get you ready because we wanted you to wear your daddy's teams colors. Well, we had nothing orange. So we just put a I love my dad onsie {that your daddy bought for you} and black leggings. The leggings were size 12m! i couldn't believe you could fit into them. I then put your "Weslyan" bow on and your cute sandals. We then headed to Buckhannon. We had a late start so we got there around 2. Your great aunt and uncle, Jeff and Debbie came too. They got a new car so they wanted to drive somewhere in it. We got to see Leah and Kinsley too!! Kinsley is such a good baby! You were nothing like that at her age. You two looked at each other and held hands. I wish I would have gotten a picture.

As soon as we got to the game we got to see a funny play your daddy did. He got himself into a pickle and the other team were trying to get him out and he was running back and forth between the bases and went to slide and slid right into a mud puddle! WBOY got it on camera. 
{Thanks Leah for telling me about it!} 

Your daddy said that the water smelled SO bad and that when he went back on the field he was gagging on second base from the smell. He said he could taste it in his mouth. I think you enjoyed being at the game. So many people got to hold you too.

They ended up winning the first and losing the second. After the game we all went to eat at CJ Maggie's. We got SO much food. We were all stuffed and so tired. We were going to stay with daddy that night and just go to his game the next day and then have your grandparents pick us up and go to morgantown and move out. BUT your daddy had a final Monday so he needed to study. So we headed back to Parkersburg. I was SO tired. That drive on Rt. 50 is so miserable! As soon as we got back we all went to sleep. We had a good day watching your daddy. We love our #9 

{ Sunday May 1st }

The first day of May! I can't believe it's already May! I've been waiting for this month forever. So much going on this month. Mother's Day, Graduation, my birthday AND your daddy's birthday! It's going to be a good month! But Sunday morning I woke up SO sleepy but had to be at work at 11. I worked 11-2. It was so busy that it went by really fast. You stayed with your grandparents. They gave you a bath in the sink and they said they had so much fun. They said you were splashing everywhere that they had to put towels on the floor and on the counter tops. Your grandpa got it on video from his phone I'll have to upload it later! After work I came home and ate lunch and we all headed to the mall.

I had to go back to work at 5 so your grandparents dropped me off and I worked until 8. I came home and we cuddled and went to sleep. You woke screaming a few times last night, as soon as I put the bottle in your mouth you stop crying, drink a little, and go back to sleep. I don't understand it. Hopefully this won't last too much longer. But you woke up again at 6:30 and we've been playing. You've taken about two short naps. I have a final tomorrow. Wonder how much studying I'll get done with you? 

{ you actually just woke up, putting you in your jumper now }

Ok, back. A friend of mine did a story on me. For her class she had to interview someone who has been going through a hard time. She asked if she could interview me. She wanted to focus it on being a young mom, in school, with a long distance relationship. She came over to do the interview real late one night. I wasn't ready at all AND I was so tired. I rambled on so much that I wasn't even making any sense. She was able to pull something together and it turned out pretty good. It made me tear up a little.

I don't want the video to seem like having you has made my life so much harder because in some ways it has but I don't mind at all. She just wanted me to talk about everything and compare my life before to now. Also to show people how much work it is to do all the things. I am SO thankful for you Sophia {I tell you this a lot} and for the way my life is now. I wouldn't change a thing, no matter how hard things are and will get. Just remember that.

Before I forget, mommy won another give away!! I'm still entering all the ones I can find. But we won another crochet hat. This time it's white with a pink flower from { Fantasy Photography }. I can't wait to put it on you!

Another thing before I forget. Last night you were asleep and I was laying beside of you on the computer. There's no TV in that room so I didn't know what was going on. Your daddy texted me and said that President Obama was going to do a speech at 10:30. He never knows whats going on with the news, I'm the one that always has to tell him. I wanted to run downstairs and watch it but by within a few minutes your daddy texted me and said Osama Bin Ladden is dead!! 

Your too young to know all of this, but this is such a big event!! Thanks to our troops they were able to make this happen! Now they all need to come home! Your grandpa was in Iraq right after 9-11. He was there for over a year. It was a really hard time but it was his job to go there. I'm sure you'll be learning everything about this day when your in school!

You're crying for my attention. Time for play time with my baby and making crazy noises and faces just to make you smile and laugh. Oh, I love that smile I'll write to you soon! 

I love you!