Monday, June 27, 2011

First Tooth!!

Sophia!!! You got your first tooth!!! I had to do a quick update so we will know exactly when you got a tooth. It's on your bottom, but it has only came through a little. You can't see it, just feel it.

You went home with your grandma today because mommy went to get groceries after work. I got to her house and she was holding you and said I think Sophia has a tooth. And I asked why and she said that you were chewing on something and it got stuck to it. I sat down beside you and felt and there it was. A little bit of your tooth sticking out. I screamed and you got scared and started to cry. I was just so happy. And then I got sad. I wanted to cry. But your grandma would have thought I was crazy.

I enjoy watching you grow, but it's still so sad that my little baby won't be so little anymore. And now she has a tooth!! No more gummy smiles. But mommy wanted to just write to you real quick. I don't have a picture of it :( I keep trying to look and you aren't the happiest when I look. It's def there though. Another one of your firsts. I love you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My favorite photo of June

The Paper Mama is having a photo challenge of your favorite picture of June. I decided to enter with this picture that was just taken of my baby girl yesterday. We have spent a lot of this month just sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and each other 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleep Walking

Well, not really. Just sleeping during a walk this evening. Mommy worked all day, picked you up at daycare and came home to your daddy. We played for a little bit, ate dinner and decided to go on a walk down to the river. The walk is about a 10 minute walk to the dam so we decided to go that way. It wasn't too hot outside but you could tell it was about to storm so we tried to walk quickly. We passed by a few of our new neighbors and they waved and said hi, and one introduced herself. I know we live clear out in the middle of no where it feels like but I do feel comfortable here especially knowing we've got nice people living beside of us. { Even though they did look scary to mommy at first } < --- & that's the reason why you never judge someone before you get to know them. That's something I hope you understand as you grow Sophia.

You sat in your stroller and just looked at everything. Daddy took you out a few times to hold you while we walked but he would put you back in your stroller and say "My baby is heavy". You are getting heavier. My arm has gone numb at time when I've held you for a long period of time. We finally got to the water. The sky was getting darker so we only looked at the water for a few minutes. You were more interested in all the people packing up their stuff from fishing. Like I said before, your going to be nosy like your mommy. 

I could hear thunder and see some lightning so I told your daddy we had to leave quick because  I didn't want to be rained on, or worse, get struck by lightning. So we headed back, even ran a few times. Mommy is clearly out of shape because after like 2 minutes running, we walked. Your daddy and I were talking and I looked down into the stroller and you poor thing had fallen asleep. It was so funny though. You fell asleep leaning forward with your head on the tray. I didn't have my camera or my cell{ really wish I did so I could have taken pictures of our walk } but your daddy got a picture of you. I'll have to have him send it to me and I can put it on here. He felt bad so he got you out of your stroller and carried you the rest of the way.

We thankfully made it home before it started storming. I get so nervous about storms and being out here because a tornado came through this area last summer and took a lot of homes away from people. So mommy kept the weather channel on just to make sure. It did start to hail but only for a second and it stormed for no more than 10 minutes. It wasn't too bad.

We didn't do much the rest of the day just played around. You were a little grumpy but I think it was because you didn't get a long nap after our walk. Your asleep now beside on me on the couch. I have a 6 page paper that's due tomorrow and of course I waited until the last minute to do it. It's not due until tomorrow evening at 5 but I have to work all day. And I could be working on it now but I'd rather write to you instead :) 

Your grandma asked if she could keep you every Friday night from now on. She misses you so much. I don't want to be away from you for a night but I def. could use it. Mommy is exhausted from working all day and not getting much sleep at night. I'm really going to be tired because I still have a lot to do on this paper and be at work at 8. So I may take your grandma up for but only because I'll need some sleep and so your grandma can be happy. You love being there so I don't think it'll be a problem.

I am so far behind on catching up on here and adding pictures. I still haven't even added them onto the computer. Maybe I can tomorrow and blog about the weekend and your daddy's first Father's Day! Mommy is going to try and finish this paper but I know I'll be watching you sleep and finding other random things I don't need be looking at or doing. I'll write to you again soon! Hopefully tomorrow. Leaving another picture I took at bath time sometime last week.
.... love always 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Busy!

Sophia, I promise mommy hasn't forgot about writing to you. I've just been very busy. We also didn't have internet for a few days at the new house so I wasn't able to write to you. I can't write much tonight either because it's midnight and mommy has to be at work at 8 tomorrow. Your daddy just took you to bed and I'm about to join the two of you. { you are still sleeping in bed with us at the new house } 

Mommy started her new job on Monday. I work 8-4:30 everyday. Because we live a little far out I have to leave almost 45minutes before work so I can drop you off at daycare and make it to work on time. So I'm waking up around 6 to get ready. I have to dress up everyday. In dressy clothes and heels, EVERY DAY! I kind of like it now because I haven't been able to dress up in a while but I know I'll start to get tired of it.

My new job title is an Intake Specialist for Jan Dils. My job is actually merging with another here soon so we are taking training classes to learn both so mommy has a lot to learn. When I get home I'm exhausted and just want to sleep. I promise I'll try to write to you tomorrow and update on somethings and also update you on being 8 months!!! You turned 8 months on Monday! Mommy's baby is getting big.

I'm going to leave a picture I took a few days ago at your grandma's house in the bath tub. I actually took a lot just haven't had time to upload them all. I'll talk to you soon.
... love always 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mommy Survived! & got a NEW job!!

So I actually have time to blog this morning while you play with your grandparents. Good news, Mommy survived getting your wisdom teeth out!!! I was so nervous. I've had 4 teeth pulled before when I was younger and delivered a baby ... natural!  I don't know what I was so scared.

I couldn't even sleep the night before but ended up waking up real early the next morning. { June 17 } One good thing about the morning was I woke up to a voicemail on my phone. I listened to it and it was Natalie, the girl who did the group interviews a few days before. The message said to call her back. So I called her back before I went into my appointment because I knew I wouldn't be able to talk after it. She asked me how I was doing and how my morning was. I answered and asked how hers was too and then she finally said I got the job!!

Mommy is now part of the Jan Dils law firm. I will start out as an intaker. I have orientation on Monday for two days and will start right after orientation :) Mommy is so excited. I was really hoping to get this job. It seems like a great place to work, with good benefits AND hours! The good and set hours is what I need. I'll start around 9 and work till 4:30. So I'll have the evenings with you. I hope it all works out and i love this job!

After all the excitement about getting the job it was time to go to the dentist. Your grandma ended up taking while you stayed with your daddy. I couldn't even eat so I went to the appointment with an empty stomach { bad idea }. As soon as I got there they were ready to start. My heart was beating so fast. 

I chose to be awake during it so they had me lay down and gave me some laughing gas. They told me to breathe in and out, deep, through my nose. They then put numbing stuff on my gums around my wisdom teeth. My body started to get tingly, even my toes. I then felt so relaxed and just laid there wanting to sleep while I listened to everyone around me. Thank god for laughing gas. I didn't feel scared anymore.

Dr. Tebay came in and asked how I was and if I was ready. I don't even think I said anything. He then started numbing me. That hurt a little I remember feeling some stinging. It felt like he was putting shots everywhere in my mouth. After he was done I said, "You already took my wisdom teeth out?" He laughed and said "No, I'm not that good". Crazy mommy thought the whole thing was over with.

My mouth started to feel numb. I really hate that feeling. He then filled in two fillings. Then it was time to take my wisdom teeth out. I didn't feel any pain at all. Just a lot of pressure. My last took broke so that took a lil longer but he was all done within 5 minutes. Honestly, it wasn't bad at all, just felt pressure. It's funny because that's exactly how I would explain labor too.

They stuffed my mouth with gauze and took my laughing gas off and let me lay there. All of a sudden a felt awake and started panicking. My eyes got huge and I started shaking and got real cold. It was weird. One of the ladies gave me coke to drink and I felt better. 

They told me it was ok to leave so your grandma and I left. I was so numb and had to hold ice on my cheek. I just felt so weird. And I couldn't talk or drink anything. Everything just kept coming right out of my mouth. I bet I looked a mess. I came home and laid around most of the day and worked on homework. 

By the evening I felt a lot better. I took a shower and your daddy and I went out to get stuff done. Your daddy took me through Tim Hortons to get soup because it was the only thing I could eat. And the only thing I had eaten all day. After that we headed to KMart and bought our tv and wall mount. We headed to the house and you were there with your grandparents already. We got the tv on the wall and it looks so good! Getting more and more excited.

Your great grandma's here to go shopping so I'm going to stop here and start getting ready. I'll try and write to you later today. I'm going to leave you with two pictures I took after getting my wisdom teeth out. I didn't swell too bad but you can so how rough I looked after.

don't mind how bad mommy looks. and how dirty the mirror is too.

Saturday Morning Scene - ALL SMILES!

Woke up early today & already full of smiles. I've been seeing this happy face ALL morning & I'm ready for a beautiful day with my baby 

I'm linking up with Katie from Loves of Life for her Saturday Morning Scene. It's my first time! Enjoy this gorgeous face! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rolling Over!


hi baby! Mommy is going to really start writing to you every night even if it's just a small post. We didn't do too much today. Woke up and did the usual feeding and play time. At about 10 I got you ready and took you to daycare at 10:30 because mommy had to work at 11. I feel like I'm working too much, but I like the money :) Mommy worked from 11-2. It was so slow today that I just sat on my phone. 

I had a break from 2-5 so I picked you up at daycare. You were asleep and slept the whole way home. We got home and you woke up for like 20 minutes and went back to sleep so mommy just laid around and watched tv until it was time to take you back to daycare. You slept the whole way back there and when I left. Sleepy head. Work was slow again this evening and I worked until 9. Then it was time to come home to you!

I got home and you were already upstairs getting ready to go to sleep. I came up and went to kiss your little feet and noticed something. Your lil toes were painted!!! Your grandma painted your toe nails while I was gone and she painted them the same color as hers.... BLUE!! I like pink better. I'll have to take a picture tomorrow to show you. She told me that you had been rolling over a lot. You have rolled over before but it was just once at a time so I never really counted them as your first time rolling over BUT today .. oh man your on a *roll*. You do it so easily and so quick now. You'll roll over.. be on your tummy { you've never really liked tummy time } for a few seconds and start crying because you can't roll back over yet. So I'll put you on your back and you'll roll right back over. And it's the sam thing over and over. I'm so proud of you though!! Your getting so big. Here is a video of you rolling over before you went to sleep. The room is already dark, so the video is too and it's not the best quality but you can still see yourself roll over!

Before we know it your going to be crawling and walking :( But that's pretty much it for today. Like I said, we didn't do too much because mommy was at work most of the time. But I still had a good day with you, like always. I'll write to you again tomorrow baby girl. Here's a picture of you yesterday after we played outside all day. You passed right out. I love you! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The many poses at naptime

Forgot to write to you the past two days. Once again I've been busy with the same ol stuff. Playing & loving you, working, & buying stuff for the house.

We finally got a mattress for our bedroom. So we can move in here soon!! You've been pretty good the past few days. Taking longer naps now. I'll make you a bottle and you'll feed yourself! I took these pictures of you three days ago { June 13 }.

After it took you about 15 min. to feed yourself you started to get sleepy. And you finally fell asleep. I love watching you sleep. You sleep so much like your daddy and move a lot. I captured a few of your poses { & your faces }

& then it was time to wake up! 

Last night you were sick :( You woke up puking so mommy took you out of your bed and put you in bed with me. I didn't what was wrong. I'm guessing maybe you didn't like one of the baby foods I gave you? And you've been a little cranky today & even threw up today. Mommy doesn't have to work today so I'll be able to spoil you and love on you while your not feeling too well. 

Your daddy is in Buckhannon right now finally moving everything out of his apartment there. But he'll be back later this evening. Tomorrow morning mommy has to get her wisdom teeth out :( ALL 4 of them. Mommy is SO nervous. I'm not being put to sleep, just laughing gas. Hopefully I don't feel anything at all. I've had 6 teeth pulled before and delivered a baby natural. I don't know why I'm so nervous. 

Oh yeah, mommy had her second interview yesterday for Jan Dils. It was a group interview and 3 other ladies showed up. I was so nervous but it ended up being really fun. We interacted with each other and answered lots of questions. But fun questions. I really really hope I get this job!! 

Your starting to fuss so I'm going to have to stop here. If I have time tonight I'll write to you. I hope you start to feel better. & pray that mommy's appointment tomorrow goes good!
... love always

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My best shot

Decided to enter this picture in The Paper Mama's photo competition of your best shot of your child. I'm not the greatest at taking pictures or editing but I love this picture of Sophia that I took the other day. It's her daddy's favorite too!

The Paper Mama

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bananas & kisses

I forgot to write to you last night. I was so sleepy after work. Mommy worked most of the day while you spent the day with your grandma. Daddy worked on the house all day again.

This post is going to be short because mommy has to get ready for work :( And I have to get you ready to take you to daycare because your daddy is working on the house again.

During my break at work I got to see you. We ran some errands and then headed down to the house to see what all your daddy has got done. On the way there I fed you some banana, you loved it and ended up feeding yourself.

Mommy had to work the rest of the evening. When I came home from work you were still awake and we played, you stood on daddy, chewed on everything and got lots of kisses from daddy and love from your mommy 

{ These pictures aren't the greatest because they are from my iPhone but I tried to make them a little prettier using Instagram. }

We went to bed kind of late but you slept all through the night!! 3rd night in the row!! Mommy is very happy for a full nights sleep! But I need to get off here and get you and me ready. I'll write a longer post to you tonight. 
.. love always 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 little hands & a bottle

This is going to be a quick post because mommy is sleepy. I'm still going to try and write to you everyday. Even if it is short.

Lately you've been doing something by yourself. It helps mommy and daddy out a lot but also makes mommy sad because it just shows how big your getting and how independent you are starting to.. and going to be. 

This new thing has to do with your hands and a bottle ....

You are now holding you bottle by yourself. Tonight isn't your first night holding it by yourself. You've been doing it for maybe a week now but tonight was the first night I got some pictures. { They were taken from my phone so they aren't the best }

Once again mommy is proud of you but slow down on growing up!

Today you woke up screaming. I didn't know what was wrong so I hurry up and changed you on our bed and as soon as I took your diaper off you started peeing everywhere all over the bed. Your grandma heard you crying so she came in and got you and took you to her room. I decided to just stay awake so I can get stuff done today before work.

You played with your grandparents all morning. Around 10 me, you, your grandma, great grandma and great aunt all went to Wal Mart. I bought you some diapers, a sipee cup and more binkies. { I want to try and get you off your binky soon } You fell asleep in your great aunt Debbie's arms at Wal Mart.

After Wal Mart we headed to the mall with your grandma. We forgot the stroller so we had to get one at the mall. We picked the stroller with the car on it. I thought you were too small for it but we sat you in and buckled you up and you loved it. You started smiling and clapping. You even had your hand on the steering wheel. 

It was funny because you had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the side of the car. Everyone was wanting to talk to you. And you would just smile and clap. You LOVE to clap. I got to buy a bunch of new clothes at New York and Company. I decided to that's the only place I'm shopping, besides TJ Maxx. I feel like I need to change my wardrobe. I look too young in the stuff I've been wearing.

After the mall we headed to TJ Maxx. I bought 3 dresses a few days before and decided to take them back because your grandma thought they were too short. So I bought two more dress { that were longer }, two stools and chairs for the house. The chairs are SO pretty. Then we headed to Value City and bought the couch I mentioned earlier!! We're SO close to getting most of what we need for the house. Your daddy has been working on it everyday all day. He's doing such a great job. That's why the past few posts haven't had much about him in them because he has been working hard on the house. Your grandpa has been working hard too.

Today he said that he was using a ladder that was missing a step. He was cleaning the porch on the ladder and a wasp came after him so he climbed down the ladder as fast as he could forgetting about the missing step. Well he ended up falling off the ladder. I bet that was a sight to see. 

After all the shopping mommy headed to work and you stayed with your grandma. She said you two did some more shopping and then headed down to the house to see your daddy and grandpa. You guys were still down there when I got off work so I just met you there. The house is coming along really nice. I am very excited! I'm thinking we'll be able to stay in the house by next week! 

Well baby girl, your asleep in your bassinet on my left side and your daddy snoring on my right side. This sleepy momma in the middle is going to sleep. { I guess this post was kind of longer after all. Once I start typing it's hard for me to stop } Hope you have good dreams tonight and I will see you in the morning, welll... whenever you decide to wake up for a bottle.
... love always 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Who's mommy's baby forever?!

That's right. Sophia

Just thought I'd do a quick post. I'm going to really {for real this time} post everyday. And I want to start taking pictures of you everyday and post them. *hopefully*. I just hope I have time for all of this. 

You woke up around 6 this morning and had a bottle and went back to sleep. Around 8 I woke up to you just playing with your feet. You and those feet.

We played all morning while your daddy got to sleep in. {like every morning}. Your daddy needs his sleep. He woke up and headed to the house to do some more painting. So it was just me and you. We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then went outside on the porch to enjoy the weather before it started to storm. 

Since before you were born I wanted to take a picture of you every month in the same spot to show how much you've grown. Well all that changed when you stayed in Parkersburg with your grandma. There were some months when I wasn't with you on your "monthly birthday". So I never got to. I have pictures of you from every month, just not in the same spot. 

So today on the porch I decided that every month starting at 7 months { well 7 & a half }, I'll start taking pictures of you on the porch. So that's what we did :)

Your really 7 & a half months now but we'll pretend. Then at 8 months we'll take your picture again. So we had a little photoshoot on the porch. I love taking pictures of you. We were only on the porch for 10 minutes. It's amazing how much you can capture in such a short time.

 So here's a few picture collages I made of you from today!

I'm going to try and get more videos of you on here and posted. You love to sit by yourself. Here's a video of mommy talking to you while you sit in the rocking chair by yourself 

While we were outside on the porch it started thundering and the sky started to get darker. Look at your face in this picture from the thunder. You're too funny.

& some more pictures of you on the rocking chair.

Well mommy has to finish writing and uploading pictures to take a midterm and get ready for work. Your grandma picked you up about an hour ago to go to the daycare so mommy get get stuff done. I will see you after work tonight. 
.. love always  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty in Purple & Update!

I know I just posted but I forgot to add these pictures of you from I think last Thursday { June 5th } You looked so pretty in the outfit I had you in. I wish I would have gotten a picture of your whole outfit.

You have the darkest brown eyes. I love them. 

We went to the mall that day and walked around & went to TJ Maxx. { Mommy's favorite } We then went to SnoBiz. It's a perfect place to go with this hot weather. 

* Now for an update on the things you've been doing. I want to post all that you've done at 7 month on the day before you turn 8 months. But I never have time anymore. So now that I have time now. I'm going to do it.. hopefully I'll be able to on the 19th too. *

You love your daddy so much. You laugh at everything he does. It's the sweetest thing. Oh & you love his kisses 

Every day you seem to be getting bigger & learning new things. You talk so much now! & your dark hair is getting longer. You finally slept through out the night two nights ago. But you woke up the next night. We'll get there soon.. I hope.

Your starting to hold your bottle by yourself. But sometimes you just want someone else to hold it. Your still chewing on everything but have no teeth.. yet. I don't want any teeth to come in. I like your gummy smile! Your favorite thing to chew on is tags. You'll find a tag on anything & chew on it. It's what your doing right now.

You take baths in the real bath tub now. Because your sitting up so good now I figured why not. Plus you did so well in your baby pool. You love taking a bath in the tub now. You just splash & splash. I let you play for a little bit and then it's time to get clean & get out. I got a picture but it's from my iPhone and it's the best quality but it's the first time taking a bath in the real tub!

You are such a friendly baby. You smile at everyone. You are very happy and love mirrors. You put your feet on everything. When I sit by you while your napping on the couch you put your feet on me .. always. I love your little baby "peets". You love to watch everything. Your daddy says your nosey like your mommy. 

You love to sit outside on the porch. Especially with your daddy. And before it gets dark your grandpa takes you outside and you two watch all the Sparrows flying around. You love that too. Your legs are getting so chunky and strong at the same time. Your daddy practices you standing up. You'll stand for about 10 seconds and your poor lil legs will give in. Before we know it you'll be walking :(

You sleep on your stomach all the time now. I think you sleep longer that way. When your on your stomach you can scoot... backwards. We had you at the top of the bed and you scooted your way down to the middle. You also walk backwards in your walker. It's ok though. Going forward will come too.

I really enjoy this age. Actually, I've enjoyed every age but I think I just like watching you learn something new. It is all sad too because it means your getting older but your going to get older so might as well enjoy and be happy about it all 

I am still so thankful of all the picture I have of you. I am ALWAYS looking back at pictures of you. It's crazy how small you used to be! I plan on doing something with all your pictures. They are still only uploaded to the computer. I need to start putting them into albums or scrapbook or something. 

{ I don't know who reads by blog, or if anyone reads it at all .. but if someone is reading.. what do you do with all your pictures of your baby? Any ideas for me? :) }

Ok, time to really get off of here and play with you! Write to you sooon.
.. love you! 


So you now have a new favorite thing you love to do all the time. CLAPPING! Even when your crying & throwing one of your "Princess Fits". That's what I'm going to start calling them. Because everything is fine with you, your diapers dry, your fed and you've napped.. you just want attention... ALL THE TIME! It's ok though. I don't mind spoiling my little Princess 

While we were in Virginia Beach your grandma would practice clapping with you. And you just smiled while she taught you how to do it. As soon as we were back home, you started doing it! It's so fun to watch you do it. Mommy's proud of you!

I'm still slacking on writing to you but I've been super busy. I've been working everyday and during my breaks your daddy and I have been running around looking for furniture for our house! I think we found the couch we want. 

But we've decided to finish all the painting and cleaning THEN buy the furniture. Moving into a new house is a lot of work. Your daddy is there right now painting and your grandpa is fixing up the yard. I'm just ready to move in!

But I'm off work today and I figured I'd write to you while you took your nap. It's just me and you today until daddy comes back from painting. I want to find something to do but it's SO hot outside. Maybe we'll get out your little pool. We'll do something fun * I'll write to you soon { more like when I find some time }
.. love you always 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beginning of Summer!

So mommy has been terrible at writing to you. I'm sorry! We have been so busy that when I do have any free time I don't want to spend it on the computer. 

It's finally SUMMERTIME!! We have been enjoying every minute of it! I think you love summer just as much as your mommy does! I would love to try and think of everything we've done since I last updated but I really can't think of it all.

Mommy has been working a lot. I'm trying to save up money to buy stuff for our new house! Daddy finally finished up school last week so he's with us for good. We are both in the process of looking for *real* jobs here in Parkersburg. But for now we're both going to work for my mom and I'm going to help out at the restaurant too. I hate that I've been working so much but I still get to spend my morning and nights with you! 

We took our first vacation of the summer a week ago! It was Memorial Day Weekend and your daddy decided to go the very last minute. So we hurried up and packed and left { Friday May 27th } It was an 8 hr drive because we left from Parkersburg but you did so good. You always do so good on trips. We just sat in the backseat and "talked" to each other, played and slept while your poor daddy drove the whole way.

We got there around midnight and got to visit with his family. I love going there, they are really great people. I know I've said it before but you are very lucky Sophia! Your grandma was so happy to see you! I hate that we all don't live close but I'll do the best I can at visiting with them as much as we can! Here's a picture of you with your grandma and your cousins!

It looks like you and your cousin Adriana have such a difference in age. But really you don't. You are only 5 months older than her so growing up you two will be the same age. I hope you two will be able to be close! I'm glad that you have cousins the same age as you. Growing up I had one cousin who was 5 years older than me.. and then 3 cousins that were 5-10 years younger than me. 

We only got to stay in Virginia Beach for 3 days. But we made sure to go to the beach as much as we could. I was nervous about taking you to the beach especially since your daddy and I had to go by ourselves. Your Aunt Christie wanted to come but with a new baby she was nervous. She did give us some good advice. She told us to bring a baby pool to the beach. 

So we packed up {with the baby pool} and headed to the beach. It was SO hot both days we were there. 90 degrees + !! The beach was very crowded because of the holiday. We found a perfect spot and started unpacking.

I covered you in baby sun block. I wasn't going to let you get burnt. Daddy blew up the pool and started filling it with the ocean water. I walked you down to the water while he was doing it. You've been to the beach before .. but when you were only a month old and it was November so I'm going to say this was your real first beach trip! 

You smiled so big! And waved your arms and legs! And just watched the waves and everything going on. It was so special to mommy for some reason!   Being there with you at the beach was so beautiful.

We sat you down in the sand right where the waves came and you loved it. Just sat there and let the waves cover your little body. 

You are now starting to stand with help for a little time so daddy and you went on a little "walk" by the water. Your little toes were deep in the sand and the ocean waves would hit you. It didn't bother you at all. You'd smile right after a wave would hit you. My baby girl loves the beach 

We went back up to our little spot and the pool was ready. I sat you down and you just started splashing away! I'm so glad you can sit up so good on your own now. You don't even need me there anymore { but I still stay very close, just incase } I bought some pool toys too and you just sat and splashed and played with your toys! I'm so glad you love the water so much!

We had so much fun just sitting in the sand and watching you play in your pool. It seemed like you played for hours. After about 4 hours of being at the beach we decided it was time to head home. We went down to the water to get some more pictures real fast.

I love all our beach pictures especially the one with the 3 of us  I need to start scrapbooking! We packed up { which took soo long } We were all so tired and headed back to your great grandma's house. As soon as I strapped you in the carseat you fell asleep.

We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out with family. The next day { Monday } we headed back to the beach again. 

We played in your pool and went down by the water. Your daddy took you out in the ocean and dipped you in the water. I was so nervous for some reason. But your daddy took good care of you!

While you were walking in the water with your daddy Mommy was just taking picture after picture { like always } Well daddy was too busy talking with me that he didn't see a wave coming. This wave came and went right over you. Daddy hurry up and picked you up and you were soaked. I figured you'd throw a fit but you just looked at us. It didn't bother you at all. Mommy did get a picture of it. It's funny to look at now.

We had such a good time at the beach. I want to try and go back a lot this summer. We spent the time we weren't at the beach just hanging out with family. It was perfect  We def. needed this little vacation. It was a great start to our summer!

We headed back to Parkersburg on Tuesday morning and daddy had to go back to Buckhannon for his class and mommy had to go straight to work. You got to spend the rest of the day with your grandma who missed you so much.

The rest of the week mommy worked and daddy had class. But daddy is FINALLY done with class and is never leaving us again! He still needs to move all of his stuff out but no more nights without daddy! 

The rest of this month is going to be pretty busy with getting the house ready and getting us moved in. I can't wait until we can finally be family in our own home! But mommy needs to get ready for work. I have to work all day :( But you get to spend the day with your daddy! I'm going to try and write to you again every night. Or I'm going to end up with long posts like this. I'm sure it would have been a lot longer if I could have thought of everything that has happened since the last time I wrote to you.

I'm going to try and write to you tonight because I want to do an update of all the new things you are doing. You are growing so much baby girl! But I am enjoying every minute of it. I love you!