Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy Day.

Good Morning :D slept pretty good last night, didnt get to talk to gary, oh well. he's been acting different but im not going to let that worry me. im gonna spend today cleaning & studying and gettng my medicaid stuff taken care of. i have 3 finals tomorrow, alll day :( & then im done for the semester, have one week off then its summer classes :( i have to get it done tho. but about the doctors appointment. i survived getting my blood taken. it wasnt bad at all it just freaks me out. & it only hurt for one second. but they did that after everything. when i first got there they asked me questions and let me ask questions as well. after that i went upstairs and got my ultra sound :) it was AMAZING seeing my baby. i was expecting to see just a little bean but there was everything, arms and legs and everything! i found out that im 12 weeks 4 days!! & the due date for the baby is November21st. I got to watch the baby move around in my baby, it was so active. and of course hear it's little heart beat! ah i loved it!! now i cant wait to find out what the little baby is. im guessing a boy, but we'll seee. here are some pictures from the ultra sound!

Ahh i love the baby! But after that i just laid around and did nothing all day. And then my friend Megan had her baby at 5:30 yesterday. She had a little baby boy she named LeDaynien. He was beautiful. I went and visited her for a few and got to see her little girl Gabbie. Im so happy for her. this is a pic of her little boy....
But yesterday was a pretty good. and im gonna make today a very productive day. im gonna try and take a picture of my lil baby in my not showing belly lol. but ill update later this evening. well see how much stuff i actually get done>♥>

Monday, May 3, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment :/

I have my first doctor's appointment today in like 30 min, i havent even gotten ready yet bc corina's alarm didn't go off so i probably wont even get too ready today. im just so nervous :( mostly about getting my blood taken, these whole doctor appointments through out the pregnancy is gonna be the hardest for me. i hate doctors and anythng that has to do with them. but hopefully it wont take long i have a 5 page paper due this evening at 5p.m. i shoulda done it this weekend but i spent friday night at gary's game where they won their 21st game in a row and are now going to the tournaments in johnstown, pa. i havent decided if im going to it yet. saturday gary and i spent the day in parkersburg with my parents. we played with corina's new dog dudley. hes so cute. we went and saw the new nightmare on elm street too, it was a pretty good movie. we left sunday morning pretty early bc it was raining really bad and gary had a stupid banquet at noon, i just sat in his room while he went it. then we just hung out for a little bit and i left so i wouldnt have to drive back early this morning for the appointment. i actually woke up this morning around 6 to text messages from my friend megan who is in labor right now! this is her second child and she told me shes really nervous. great lol but im going to get ready real fast and head to this appointment that ive been dreading for weeks now. ill post when i get back & update on how it went and if i survive lol. pray for me :)