Friday, September 20, 2013


Last weekend I could tell Sophia wanted something different. She had played with everything in the house and just wanted more. She loves playing with her little tea party kit so I decided we'd have a tea party. I asked her if she wanted to go outside and have a tea party. You should've seen her face. She yelled Yes! with the biggest smile on her face. 

I explained to her everything that we would need to have this party. She just nodded her head and looked so determined. We got her dressed into a pretty little dress and went into her room to get everything we needed. I let her pick out which "friends" she wanted to bring as I grabbed her tea party set. 

We headed outside and borrowed the perfect tea party table and chairs from my parents porch. Sophia even helped me carry one of the chairs. We found a perfect spot in the backyard and started to set up. I let her decide where her friends would sit. I brought a floral tray outside that I found at an antique store for her cups and tea kettle. I also brought a mason jar so we could fill with some flowers. 

We walked back over to my parents and asked my dad if we could pull some flowers out of this huge pot that he and Sophia planted flowers in earlier this summer. He of course let us and Sophia got to pick the ones she wanted. We put them into the mason jar and she was all set for her tea party.

She poured each cup with tea (water) & placed the cups on the chair beside each one of her friends. She was so serious but also so sweet. I sat in a chair away from her so I could take some pictures and every now and then she would look over at me and just smile.  

After about 20 minutes her tea party was over. My sister is staying with us and she has a dog named Penelope who was outside during her tea party. I think she had a lot to do with Sophia's short tea party.

I just love seeing her imagination as she plays. I loved everything about being child & I want to make sure Sophia will too. My parents did everything thing they could to make every day fun ... & I will do everything I can to do the same for Sophia.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I know they say to watch out for the terrible two's. Well, Sophia did pretty good up until now & she's almost three! I mean she's thrown fits before and has been but that was just randomly. Here lately she has not been listening like she used to and I find myself feeling more and more exhausted each day. We went on vacation two weeks ago and she started Pre-school right after so I don't know if it's because she has a new schedule but my gosh ... it's been rough. And I think it's just with me because her teacher said "Sophia is such a doll". 

She doesn't want to nap anymore or go to sleep at night. She is doing everything she can to stay awake so I'm guessing that's where most of this behavior is coming from. She will still have some of her good moments but here lately we're seeing more of the bad ones. She's been whining a lot too. I'm hoping that she will get used to her new schedule or get out of whatever mood she has been in because it's really wearing me out. I'm not used to this. 

See, I'm even getting attitude in these pictures. These were taken after she through a fit for almost 20 minutes straight. She kicked and screamed and threw herself onto the ground while all I could do was  watch. She ended up trying to pull a blanket off of my bed and her hand slipped and she hit herself in the lip.. and busted it. I wanted to throw myself on the floor and cry too. 

After I cleaned her up and held her for a little she was all happy asking if we could go outside. I gave in ... because I did not want her to throw another fit. Luckily this bad girl attitude has only been going on for about a week or two so I'm hoping maybe by the end of the week she will be fine. 

I'm just going to cross my fingers & breathe .... and maybe drink some wine. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


My favorite time of year is almost here! We love summer but the cool weather and everything pumpkin is just my favorite! If it could go from Summer to Fall, then back to Summer ... then I'd be the happiest person ever! But since that isn't going to happen here in WV then these pictures of my sweet Sophia will make me happy & think of Summer when Fall is over.

We took these pictures a few days ago in my neighbors yard. I put on one of her white vintage dresses and told her to pose and dance around for me in front of the "yellow flowers"/ragweeds. And she did and she looked so lovely. She just ran around barefoot, smiling and giggling. She'd run away from me and then run back and pose. I love that my littler girl enjoys posing for all the pictures I take of her.

We have done a lot the past couple of weeks so I plan on posting next week.

But for now, so long summer ... hello fall!

❤ ❤ 

Friday, September 6, 2013


My sweet little Sophia is now in Preschool! It is so hard to believe but I am so proud of my girl. She is attending a preschool class at a church close to our home. She goes Monday through Wednesday 9-1. Since I work all day my mom will be taking her and picking her up. 
 Her first day of Preschool was Sept. 3, 2013. 

We came home from VA Beach early that morning so it was a rush trying to get everything ready for her first day. I had to run to the grocery store to get some food for her lunch. I came home and quickly got her ready. I threw on this new dress that I recently bought at H&M and left to take Sophia to her first day with my mom. As we are walking in my mom tells me that my new dress is completely see through!!! I looked down & I could see my bright orange/pink panties!!! Here I am walking into a church full of children.... with a see through dress! I was so embarrassed and didn't even want to continue to her classroom. I was so nervous about my dress that dropping Sophia off was very quick and I only snapped a few pictures.

We got her signed in and put her stuff into her cubby and got her to her seat. She started coloring and I told Sophia I was leaving and started walking out the door and she looked at me with this look that I will never forget. She looked scared. And my heart just broke ... and I walked away. I am tearing up as I type this just remembering that look she gave me as I left. 

I took the day off work so I came home and immediately took my dress off and laid down so sad about leaving Sophia and just hoping she didn't cry. 

I ended up heading into town and dropping some coffee off at Gary's work & went to Wal Mart to pick up some little presents for Sophia for her first day of class. I then decided to stop by my great grandma's for a little before I had to pick Sophia back up.

Well ... I left my great grandma's home about 30 minutes before it was time to pick Sophia up and I get stuck in traffic! I ended up having to call my parents to pick Soph up because I was still stuck in traffic so  I didn't even get to pick her up on her first day! The whole day just didn't go as planned. 

I finally got home and Sophia was in a great mood! She said she liked preschool, Ms. Danielle (her teacher) & she ended up showing me everything she made at school.

Because I was so worried about my dress being see through and didn't get any pictures I decided to get some since she was in such a good mood. They all turned out great and I'm so glad they did. Even though the day didn't go as planned and I was a mess ... just looking at these pictures will make me forget and remind me of how happy Sophia was on her first day. 

I can't wait to see what she learns this year!