Monday, June 27, 2011

First Tooth!!

Sophia!!! You got your first tooth!!! I had to do a quick update so we will know exactly when you got a tooth. It's on your bottom, but it has only came through a little. You can't see it, just feel it.

You went home with your grandma today because mommy went to get groceries after work. I got to her house and she was holding you and said I think Sophia has a tooth. And I asked why and she said that you were chewing on something and it got stuck to it. I sat down beside you and felt and there it was. A little bit of your tooth sticking out. I screamed and you got scared and started to cry. I was just so happy. And then I got sad. I wanted to cry. But your grandma would have thought I was crazy.

I enjoy watching you grow, but it's still so sad that my little baby won't be so little anymore. And now she has a tooth!! No more gummy smiles. But mommy wanted to just write to you real quick. I don't have a picture of it :( I keep trying to look and you aren't the happiest when I look. It's def there though. Another one of your firsts. I love you!

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