Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

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This is our Saturday Morning Scene:

Passed out during her morning nap.
Bottle in her hand and milk going down her face,
I couldn't stop laughing! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bye bye 8 months

I can not believe that tomorrow you will be 9 months!! The months are flying by and before we know it you'll be one! But like I said before I've enjoyed the past 8 MONTHS with you.

This month is when mommy started her new job so you started going back to daycare. I love the weekends so much now that I'm working because that gives me two WHOLE days with you. And every evening I try to spend as much time as I can with you.

I'm sitting here trying to remember everything that you've done this month. It's crazy how easily I can forget somethings. That's why I want to write to you as much as I can on here.

At eight months you learned to scream .. really loud. Sometimes you'll just sit on your mat on the floor and just squeel. You also laugh so much more. Sometimes you'll laugh when I laugh. I love it! You also started to say MaMa!!! That's probably my favorite that's happened this month. ♥ 

This month you got your first tooth. And then almost a week and a half later you got your second!! I FINALLY got a picture of them.

The struggle I had to go through just to get that picture. You never want me to look at your teeth. But when you smile now you can see them. My toothless grin has teeth now :( The other day your grandma was getting something out of your mouth and you bit down and bit her. She said "Ouch, she can bite now" It was funny!

You started sleeping in your crib this month too. You are doing great in there. You actually sleep through out the whole night in there. I miss cuddling with you but it is so much safer. And now that your moving a lot more I don't want you getting hurt. We will cuddle on the couch for like an hr before it's time for you to go in your bed. 

Speaking of moving. You move SO much now. You are actually REAL close to crawling. You do some kind of crawl, but it's backwards. But I guess whatever gets you to where your going. You also will lay on your belly and spin all the way around. The last day you were 8 months you actually were in the crawling position and going back and forth. I read and heard from other moms that most babies do that before they start crawling. So I'm sure I'll be seeing you crawl in the next week or two. I just really hope you crawl at home with your mommy and daddy instead of at daycare.

Sophia, I can't believe you are about to be 9 months! In just 3 more months you will be a year old!! I'm going to have to start planning your first birthday soon. Ahh, a year old just sounds so old. Where'd did my tiny 6lb baby go? Now I feel like you weigh 25 pounds. Oh yeah did I mention you eat SO much?! 

You are looking back at me right now clapping your hands and smiling. Oh I love that smile, even if there are two teeth in it. You are so loving Sophia. Even to strangers. You will smile at anyone. I hope you stay that way forever. Mommy is going to quit writing so I can start getting ready to work {I had to finish writing this on your 9 month because my computer was SO slow last night} I will see you right after. We will take your 9 month pictures and I will love on you all evening. I love you my sweet baby girl ♥ 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Baby!

Today's been a lot of fun. You were in such a good mood ALL day! We woke up around 7:30am this morning & watched your cartoons: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You LOVE these shows. 

We pretty much just played all morning. You are starting to crawl backwards and are able to make a circle on your stomach. In a way you are kind of crawling. Either way you are getting into stuff. I had to take a magazine from you today, a notebook, the remote controls, and a hand weight that you actually were lifting up. It looked so funny.

You are also saying MaMa now! It's so beautiful to hear you say that. I don't know if you are actually saying it to me or know what it means BUT in a way I think you do. You will lift your arms and say MaMa to me  I love it! & I love everything that we did today. I don't know what it was because I love spending every day and minute with you but today was just so fun. We were laughing SO much. It was perfect. Exactly how I pictured the 3 of us living together.

Later in the evening your grandparents came over. I put a new outfit on you that I bought the other day. You already have so many outfits but I fell in love with this one and HAD to buy it. I want you to wear it again for some more pictures. It comes with a hat but you won't let me put anything on your head anymore. Bye bye hair bows :( You just sat on the floor, in your new outfit, and played and watched us. While we watched you! & here's a bunch of pictures :)

After everyone spoiling you, your grandparents left. We then headed to Wal Mart to buy some groceries. Your daddy and I bought a bunch of fruit and healthy food. We're on a heal kick now. We'll see how long this last. 

After Wal Mart we headed back home and that's when the craziness started. I sat you down and fed you your cereal and you were just crazy! Making the loudest noises, farting noises, giving me raspberries, pulling yourself up .. just craziness. I've never seen you that hyper. But it was so fun. You had your daddy & I laughing so much. 

Here's a video of you & your daddy playing. It might be a little blurry.

You finally calmed down and your Aunt Corina came over! Then your grandparents came back over to see Corina. You were carried by all of them and at the end of the night your grandpa took outside to "catch lightning bugs". As soon as you two came in you were passed out & you've been asleep since. You are sleeping in the crib and your daddy, Corina and I are watching a movie { well kind of, I'd rather write to you .. they are watching a scary movie } I keep checking on you. I get so nervous still with you in another room. I'm kind of attached to you. Your mommy's little baby, how can I not be?

Well baby girl I'm going to call it night and watch a little bit of this scary movie. Honestly I'm sleepy and might just fall asleep during the movie { like I always do }. Mommy has to be up early for work :( I'll try and write to you tomorrow. Hope your sleeping good in the other room. I'm going to check on you as soon as I'm done with this. Love you always 

Photo Booth

Photo Booth time with mommy 

Softball & Shopping

Dear Baby,

You are passed out asleep right now beside me and your daddy. You are still wearing your cherry dress that you've had on all day. That's how tired you are! 

You stayed the night with your grandparents last night. Before you headed there I went to see you for a little bit at daycare. You were in such a good mood! I waited for your daddy to get there and we headed off to The Dugout. We were BOTH playing in the softball games that night. Yeah, it was mommy's first time playing ... EVER! The team needed another girl to play so I stepped in to help my team out. I'm kind of glad I did.

The first game was cancelled because the other team never showed up. { Mommy was kind of glad } But the second team did show up. Everyone told me I should play catcher.. so I did. I've never used a glove before, never caught a ball.. anything. But I figured, why not? It actually wasn't too bad. I didn't really catch any of the balls. Just let them roll by me & I would just pick them up and throw em back. { Oh yeah, this wasn't a serious game at all. My work just plays for fun and most of the other teams we play are the same way } THEN it was time to bat. I struck out the first time ONLY because I didn't know you didn't have to swing at all of them. The next times I was at bat I hit the ball!!! First time I got out, second time I made it to first! I waited there until the next guy hit the ball. He hit and I took off running. I heard someone telling me to keep running so I did. I made it past third and someone tagged me out as soon as I made it home :(

As I was walking by the umpire he whispered to me, "Hey you might want to touch the bases next time your on the field". OOOPS! I didn't even realize that I didn't touch any of the bases while I was running. I'm hoping not too many people saw that one.

We ended up loosing the game by 1. But I had a lot of fun. After the game we headed out with a few of the teammates. It was a lot of fun. Your daddy and I don't get to go out anymore and really don't have many friends to hang out with so it was nice to get out of the house and hang out with people. Hopefully we'll be able to do it more often. 

We did miss you though! We talked about you the whole way home! If mommy plays again I'll have you come so you can watch mommy and cheer for me! You've already tried on my softball shirt ...

I was laughing so hard when we had this on you. It was laying on the couch and you started to just play with it and put it on your head. So we decided to put it on you. It was So funny. But you do look beautiful in mommy's shirt!

Your daddy and I woke up this morning and went to your grandparents house first thing to see you!! Your great grandma and great aunt were there. So we ended up going to Wal Mart with them. And that's when our day of shopping started.

After Wal Mart we went home and dropped your daddy off so he could back home. { your daddy knew we were going to be gone all day shopping, he wanted no part of that } We went to some yard sales and TJ Maxx. We got you this Peek A Boo book that you love SO much. After TJ Maxx we went to Gabes, Kohls and last stop to get my nails done. Your grandma and I decided to get the gel nails. I bite my nails off so much so I barely had anything to pain so hopefully this will allow me to stop biting so they can grow. Your grandma has long nails so they look really pretty on her. You were good there. Just sat and watched. The place we got them done at is called Sophia's Nail Spa :)

We came home and were so tired. You watched some Baby Einsteins had a bottle and passed out. I'm about to pass out right beside you while your daddy watches baseball. I'm sure we'll end up in the bedroom, and you'll get to sleep in your crib. I'll try and write to you again tomorrow. 

                       Love always,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Black & White

The Paper Mama is having a Black & White photo contest that I'm entering in!

Here is my beautiful daughter 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Teeth!!

Hey baby girl!! Mommy wanted to write to you real quick. Today after work I was playing with you on our bed. You were sitting up and I would run towards you and make a crazy noise and you'd laugh. You would laugh with your mouth wide open. & that's when mommy saw your SECOND TOOTH!!!!

It's broke through just a little bit but you can feel it. Your first tooth is growing too. I'm going to try and take a picture but it's hard for me to even see it because you get kind of frustrated. 

But I just wanted to write to you real quick! Mommy has been so busy lately but I promise I will start to write to you more! I love you!

p.s. you are sleeping in your crib right now. I miss cuddling with you :(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First night ...

sleeping in your crib.

Mommy finally put you in your crib tonight. You've been sleeping with me since I finished school & was with you every night. I know that sleeping in bed with parents is bad but I felt so much safer with you beside me. Plus, I loved cuddling with you and watching you sleep.

But it's time you start sleeping in your crib. It's been at your grandparents house in the room they had there. You have slept in it before, but only for a 20 minute nap. The past few nights you've been moving around a lot & wake up cranky. I think it's because I'm in the way and you want your own freedom to sleep. So I decided to bring the crib to our house.

It was sad to have to put you in your crib tonight but guess what?!... The crib is in our room!! You may think I'm crazy BUT there was NO way I was putting your crib in your room that's on the other side of the house. Plus, there are 3 entrances to the house all near your room. I'm too paranoid. I'll sleep SO much better knowing I can hear you and easily see you. So your crib is in our room. 

I think your daddy is a little happy too about the change. You were sleeping in between us for the longest time. You've been sleeping for about 2 hrs now and I think you like it. You've moved around a little but haven't woke up. I'll probably continue to check on your through out the night but I hope you sleep perfect baby girl. Mommy is going to miss you for the night 

Monday, July 4, 2011

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

So happy to celebrate your first 4th of July! For some reason I love this holiday. I love the colors, food, weather & family and friends time! Today we plan on having people over at our house to cook out! I'm pretty excited :) Especially for you to wear your 4th of July outfits. I had to take a few pictures yesterday to try the outfit out. I'm in LOVE!

Hope everyone has a great & fun 4th of July!! We're all thankful for those who fought for our freedom then and now. God Bless