Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hey guys! Sorry it's been so quiet! My sweet Sophia had dental surgery yesterday & it completely drained me! I will post about the surgery tomorrow but today there is a GIVEAWAY! I've teamed up with some ladies for over $150 in cash and prizes! 

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Monday, September 14, 2015


So it's Monday morning and I am in such a good mood and it's not even 9AM yet! Sophia woke up excited for school, Jax is being good and playing with his toys while I drink some delicious pumpkin spice coffee, the temperature outside is below 50 which makes the perfect weather to cozy up AND theres a GIVEAWAY on my blog today that everyone needs to enter! 

I've teamed up with the Birthday Girl, September Farm, and some other lovely ladies for this giveaway! One winner will win all of these amazing prizes! So hurry and enter!! And here's to hoping it puts you in a the same good mood I'm in on this Monday morning! 

Post from September Farm:

the birthday celebrating isn't done yet! we still have two weeks to go in the month of september, and we're kicking off this week with BIG, fabulous group giveaway!

(sidebar - a HUGE happy birthday to my farmer...the hunkiest farmer ever.)

you guys...i'm not going to waste any more of your time telling you about how i'm nursing a hangover or that i didn't get out of my yoga pants all day yesterday. i'm actually pretty lucky i brushed my teeth. no more time wasting. read all the details below about all the giveaway awesomeness!

ummm...yes. one lucky winner is going to get themselves this super amazing xo necklace from jamison rae jewelry. allow me to get my braggy pants on, but this gal is straight from idaho! boise, in fact. i've been a fan of her jewelry for YEARS...and it just keeps getting better and better. i strongly encourage you to check out her website...and if you happen to want to buy me something for my birthday, feel free. xoxoxoxox all of her goods.

friends...the holidays are right around the corner and wouldn't this little sign on your wall or mantle or kitchen counter or or...countless other places look oh so cute! because, seriously, it is the most wonderful time of the year.
not only that, but jessica also makes homemade body scrubs! the winner of the giveaway will get to pick out their very own from jessica's etsy shop! have a look! i have my eye on the rose sugar lip scrub.

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Friday, September 11, 2015


Happy Friday everyone!

 So since I've posted everything Fall this week (our Fall Bucket List + apple picking) I figured I'd keep the theme going and share my new favorite Shakeology recipe with you all! 

If you love everything pumpkin then you will def enjoy this! I'm a pumpkin lover and had to try this and I ended up chugging it after letting Sophia take a sip! I've liked every Shakeology recipe but this one is in my top 5 for sure! ALL the flavors of Fall, the healthiest meal of my day and tastes like dessert ALL in one mason jar? YES PLEASE!

I still have half a can of pumpkin puree left so I plan on trying a different type of pumpkin Shakeology ... maybe mix it with some coffee to make a pumpkin spice latte? Mmmm.


Thursday, September 10, 2015


The first day of Fall is in 13 days (September 23rd) but with the cooler temps in the mornings and evenings + all the leaves falling onto the ground I think it's ok to go ahead and say it's Fall. Which I'm not complaining about it all. Fall is my favorite and I know I've mentioned this many times before but just everything about it makes me happy! The colorful leaves, the brisk weather, all the sweaters, scarves cardigans + boots, the holidays, both of my babies' birthdays, the scent of pumpkin everywhere and ALL the Fall activities!

Making memories with my little family means a lot much to me so I decided to make a Fall Bucket List! With how happy Fall makes me I don't want the next couple of months to slip away before me + my family have fully experienced all the fun this season has to offer. Here's to hoping we can complete all of these activities! 

You can download our Fall Bucket List HERE.

I plan on printing this out & putting into a frame. The size is for a 8x10 frame but you can resize if you need to with a photo editing program.

I am so excited to get started on our Bucket List! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My favorite time of year is here which means time for all the fun Fall activities! On Sunday the kids, mom and I completed one of these activities and went apple picking! I went last year with Sophia + Jax in my belly and loved it so we had to go back this year! This weekend they had Honey Crisp and Gala apples available for picking which are my favorite so we had to go!

We had a good time and picked a ton of apples but the weather was just SO hot! Or maybe it felt extremely hot because I was carrying around a 35 pound baby! I want to try and go again at the end of the month when there is more Fall weather. But until then we will be enjoy everything apples!

Do you have any favorite apple recipes?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day + weekend! Yesterday we didn't have any plans so we laid around and took naps all day until my aunt invited us over to swim in her new swim spa! It was SO hot outside so it felt very nice to swim and of course the kids LOVED it! 

Now it's back to our busy schedule. Sophia is excited to be in school this week from her little 4 day weekend and can't stop talking about going to gymnastics tonight. Jax and I don't have any plans today but to hang out with my friend Malorie before she flies back home. 

Today I'm grateful that my children love water so much! I'm grateful for family members who are always inviting us over to have fun! I'm grateful that Sophia loves school so much and is so excited to go every day. Linking up with Emily @ Ember Grey 

What are you grateful for?
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Happy Saturday friends! I wanted to get on here real quick + post some pictures from a few weeks back! The weekend before Sophia started school my aunt, sister and the kids headed to Athens, OH to Dow Lake for a day of fun! Jax sat and played in the sand and Sophia played in the water. My kids LOVE being near water so they were so happy just to be there. We also brought kayaks so my aunt stayed with the kids so my sister and I could kayak. We stayed there all day and of course I took a ton of pictures! I hope to go back to the lake at least one more time before it starts to get really cold. I would love to take Gary's family when they come at the end of the month. I'll be crossing my fingers that it's still warm enough outside to go. 

Now for a photo dump from our day at the lake. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2015


Since it's the beginning of a new month I thought it would be fun to make a goal list of things I plan to accomplish in September. I will look at this list at the end of the month + hopefully all or most of it will be completed!

September is going to be a busy month for us with birthday parties, planning for my kids birthday parties, fall activites + Gary's family coming to stay with us. Sophia will also be having a small surgery too that I will post more on later. So here is my first ever monthly goal list.

++ Post 5-6 times a week
++ Post more about my fitness journey
++ Post more on Twitter & Facebook page
++ Participate in at least one giveaway

++ Plan for my babies' birthday party
++ Finish gallery wall for living room
++ Find Halloween costumes for Sophia and Jax
++ Take Jax's 10 AND 11 month pictures (I'm behind)
++ Read at least one book this month
++ Plan fun things to do while Gary's family are in town
++ Sell Sophia and Jax's gently used clothes to buy more
++ Complete another round of the 21 Day Fix

I know there's a lot more that I want to get done because I usually have a To Do list a mile long each day but these are the things I really want to complete this month! Maybe posting them on here will actually make me do it. I guess we'll see! 

Do you make a list of goals at the beginning of each month?

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Tie Dying was one of the activities on our Summer Bucket List so a few days before Sophia's first day of school we decided to tie dye shirts for everyone in the family! I bought an easy little kit at the craft store. There were a variety of kits to choose from that had different colors but Sophia wanted the  basic one: blue, yellow & red. 

She was so excited about tie dying that as soon as we got home from the craft store she was ready to start! The kit was really easy to use and the squirt bottle made it perfect for Sophia to use. She basically took over and did all of the tie dying by herself. I helped her with bundling up the shirts and  wrapping them with the rubber bands but everything else was all her.

After she was finished we put all the shirts into plastic bags, let them sit for 24 hours, washed them & all wore them the next day! They turned out perfect! Now I want to tie dye everything!