Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Busy!

Sophia, I promise mommy hasn't forgot about writing to you. I've just been very busy. We also didn't have internet for a few days at the new house so I wasn't able to write to you. I can't write much tonight either because it's midnight and mommy has to be at work at 8 tomorrow. Your daddy just took you to bed and I'm about to join the two of you. { you are still sleeping in bed with us at the new house } 

Mommy started her new job on Monday. I work 8-4:30 everyday. Because we live a little far out I have to leave almost 45minutes before work so I can drop you off at daycare and make it to work on time. So I'm waking up around 6 to get ready. I have to dress up everyday. In dressy clothes and heels, EVERY DAY! I kind of like it now because I haven't been able to dress up in a while but I know I'll start to get tired of it.

My new job title is an Intake Specialist for Jan Dils. My job is actually merging with another here soon so we are taking training classes to learn both so mommy has a lot to learn. When I get home I'm exhausted and just want to sleep. I promise I'll try to write to you tomorrow and update on somethings and also update you on being 8 months!!! You turned 8 months on Monday! Mommy's baby is getting big.

I'm going to leave a picture I took a few days ago at your grandma's house in the bath tub. I actually took a lot just haven't had time to upload them all. I'll talk to you soon.
... love always 

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