Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Last night we went trick or treating. It was your first time. After daycare we headed to your grandma's house to go trick or treating in her neighborhood. It's also the same neighborhood that I went trick or treating in growing up.

Growing up it was always dark when we trick or treated and I remember the neighborhood being full of kids. This year it was still daylight out and there was hardly anyone trick or treating. It was so different and it made me sad. Hopefully as you get older there will be more kids out trick or treating.

We did run into a cute lil bumble bee. We ran into lil miss Grayson. She's my friend Katie's baby girl who is only about a month older than you. I grew up with Katie in the neighborhood and we both were pregnant at the same time :) 

You two were so cute together. We need to plan more play dates with them. We ended up only stopping at the people's houses we knew in the neighborhood. Because it was FREEZING yesterday. 

We stopped at Becky's first. She had a lot of decorations and some scary ones. We got a picture of you beside one of the freaky vampires. You weren't too happy. Looking back at this picture I feel so bad now. Sorry baby girl :(

Daddy held you most of the time and we walked around to a few houses and then decided we were done. It was just way too cold. Your poor lil hands and face were so cold. 

But we had a good time trick or treating. We got Mexican after, went home and cuddled until we fell asleep :) Hope everyone had fun trick or treating!

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