Saturday, November 5, 2011

Carvin Pumpkins

I'm a few days late on posting this but I don't know where all the hours in the day are going. I really wish there was more in a day. It feels like as soon as I get home from work it's time for bed and time for another day of work.

This past week I haven't been wanting to go to work. Not because I don't like my job, because I do. I don't want to go because I'd rather spend that time with Sophia. I see her for a little bit in the mornings, drop her off at daycare around 8 and then I don't see her until about 5:30. That's so much time that could be spent with her. I know that me working is what I need to do and it's for Sophia but I'd rather be broke and spend all my time with my daughter :( I'm kind of jealous of all the stay at home moms. 

But I try to make the best out of the time I do have with Sophia. So if I'm a couple days late on a post it's because I'm with my baby girl. :)

This past Tuesday we decided to finally carve a pumpkin. We wanted to see how Sophia would re act to it. She helped but mostly tried eating the insides of the pumpkin.

I think Sophia enjoyed carvin pumpkins. She's staying with her grandparents tonight so this tired momma is going to sleep as much as she can :) Hope everyone has a good Friday evening! Also I added some pictures and some other fun stuff to read on my pages at the top of the page! Good night everyone!

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