Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who's black & white.. and cute all over?

My little farm animal is!!
I am so glad that I picked this costume out because I LOVE it!! You look so cute in it Sophia! And the best part is that I got it for less than 10 dollars!! 

This isn't your first Halloween but it is the first time that you dressed up for it. Last year you were only a few weeks old and mommy wasn't expecting to have you that early so I didn't have a costume picked out. I know I could have gotten one after you were born but for the first few weeks we spent most of the time inside my apartment, we only left for your appointments.

But I was SO excited to dress you up this year. I wanted you to be a monkey but when I saw this I changed my mind. Tomorrow we are going Trick or Treating in the neighborhood I always went to. Daddy has to work tomorrow evening :( but me and you will be going as a farmer and a cow. I can't wait. It's calling for rain but hopefully there won't be much so we can have fun and get lots of candy!! 

I dressed you up today to get some pictures since it was pretty nice out. You were so good and just sat there and let me snap away. You are just too cute!

{ Lots of pictures ahead :) }

I love my little farm animal 

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