Saturday, November 26, 2011

13 months

Dear Sophia,

You are now 13 months old! Well, 13 months and 6 days but mommy is a few days late writing to you. The months are still flying by and you are still growing and changing so much. Your grandparents bought you this cute little chair and I decided that's where we'll be taking your monthly pictures from now on. 

Sophia, you are growing into such a fun, loving beautiful little girl. Sometimes I look at you and see a girl, not a baby. At times I get sad but I have to remind myself that you are going to grow no matter what but knowing that you're growing into such a perfect little girl makes me happy. My little baby is not so much of a baby anymore.

At 13 months you love to talk. You're favorite word is dog. You wake up in the morning and that's the first word you say. You hear our dog Rico make a noise and you yell it. You'll even call the most random things dog too. I caught you calling your grandma it. It was so funny. We'll walk by the pet section at Wal Mart and you'll yell it at the top of your lungs. Your second favorite word it book. You know what books are and when you see them you'll say it. You've started to say Baby this month. It's so cute when you say it. You'll see a baby doll and say "Baby". Yesterday I was doing my hair and you were just crawling through the house saying "Baby, Baby". I love your cute little voice. 

You also learned how to say "Gobble Gobble" for Thanksgiving. I was pretty impressed by that one. And you now know how to say "Hi" it's more of a "Hiyeee". You will pick stuff up, like your shoe, and put it to your ear and say "Hiyee". You've been saying "Bad" while waving your pointer finger. You'll say "Bad Baby" and "Bad Dog" I'm guessing I say these two a lot. You still say "Mama" and "DaDa" which are mommy and daddy's favorites.

You have 8 teeth now. And you love to use them, both good and bad ways. You use your teeth to eat A LOT. We can put anything in front of you and you'll eat. You've always been a good eater. You're favorite things to eat at 13 months {besides everything} is Cheerios, cheese puffs, corn, gold fishes and strawberries. The bad thing about your teeth is you have been biting. You bit me the other day on my stomach and it hurt bad. I said "Bad Baby" and you smiled with all the little teeth that I now had marks of on my stomach. You also bit the other babies at Daycare too. The other babies at daycare bite too and I understand it happens but I don't want you to be the one biting. So hopefully you were only doing that because you were teething. Hopefully no more biting.

You are starting to get lots and lots of curly hair. It's a crazy mess in the morning but it's so pretty. You're going to have the curliest hair like mommy. Your daddy's whole side of the family has curly hair so I couldn't imagine you not having it. When you get out of the bath it's SO curly. I have been putting a bow in your hair. You hate them. You'll reach for them with a smile on your face, grab it while saying "Oooooh" and hand it to me with a smile on your face. The trick is to distract you while I put it in. I have to do the same trick while putting on your shoes. Man do you hate shoes. I don't know why, I'm pretty sure you have the cutest shoes in the world, and lots of them. But you'd rather be barefoot. I guess that's ok, only because you have the cutest little feet. And they are still my favorite, even after 13 months.

You are very goofy. Which is ok because I'm goofy too. You laugh at everything and you are always trying to make others laugh. That's such a good personality to have Sophia. Your daddy and I are always laughing at everything you do. And your giggle, I could listen to it all day, every day. Such a perfect sound.

You still aren't walking but that's ok, you'll be very soon I'm sure. You practice with Daddy all the time. Mommy says you can crawl as long as you want. Walking just means that I'll have to chase you even more and that you really aren't a baby anymore. I'm sure once you start walking you'll never want to sit down. We'll run after you when you're crawling away and when you hear us you squeel and crawl faster. I can't imagine when you start walking.. running from us. It's harder now to keep you to sit down. You are always wanting to squirm away from me. Changing your diaper and getting you dressed is a lot of work. I break out in sweats just doing these. You hate it so much. Even taking these pictures you were climbing down and trying to get away. You're such a lil monkey.

We have to keep you strapped in your high chair now because you like to stand up backwards in it. Your not afraid of anything now. I hope that changes a little when you get older or I'm really going to have my hands full. Daddy can throw you so high up in the air {while I'm screaming for him to stop} but you'll laugh the whole time. Daddy says your going to be a tough little girl. That's ok with me, as long as you be girly with me :)

You're most favorite thing to do is dance. For being only 13 months you've got some moves girl. You're favorite song to dance to We Found Love by Rhianna. We probably play 20 times a day and you just go crazy. Any song that has good beat you'll dance. You'll nod your head and move your little body. Sometimes you'll get so excited you don't know what to do and you'll just crawl as fast you can everywhere. It's so funny.

You are in size 4 diapers, size 3 shoes and still 12 month clothing. You only use a bottle at night {sometimes} and mainly just use a sippy cup now. You've gone a few days without the bottle but then we'll break that and give you one at night. You still use the binky but only when you're sleeping. You still wake up in the middle of the night but only for a few minutes while I hold you and put you back to sleep. You take about two long naps through out the day. You still love to play with your books and unpack your diaper bag. 

You also learned how to give kisses. We'll say "Sophia, give me a kiss" or "Sophia, dame un besito" and you'll open your mouth onto our cheek. It's not really a "kiss" but it's close enough. We love getting our wet kisses from you. I love that your grandma speaks spanish with you. You already understand some. 

Mommy can go on and on about everything you've learned and have done this month but this sums it all up. Every day with you is so much fun. I love that even though I'm teaching you everything about life you are doing the same for me. I love watching how you react when you see or learn something new. You are so smart Sophia.

Thank you for another amazing month. I love you so much Sophia. Thanks for bringing so much life, love and happiness into my life every day. Thanks for loving mommy with kisses and cuddles at the end of each day. Thanks for entertaining me and making me laugh when you know I'm having a bad day. Thanks for being you, perfect little you.