Sunday, November 20, 2011

Up Early

Well Sophia decided to get up REAL early this morning. She woke up a 13 month old today. I will have to post about that later today with a picture and some updates about what she has been up to. But here are some random stuff that has been going on.

Oh & I changed up the blog a little and added a blog button that The Paper Mama made for me. I love it!! I am going to be sponsoring her blog starting in December :) Feel free to grab it and leave a comment if you did! I'd love to know! 

 First off, I finally went to see Breaking Dawn. It was my first movie in over a year. I used to go ALL the time but motherhood happened and now I never have time. I'm very glad I got to go this weekend. I with my friend Jesseca. We went to dinner at El Mariachi with Lindsey. Mmmm .. I love Mexican food. I also treated myself to a jumbo margarita. It was perfect. We headed to the movies after and I fell in love with Twilight all over again. I can't wait for the second one to come out.

Yesterday I woke up early and headed to the grocery store with my grandma. Then met my mom and sister at the mall with Sophia. I ended up switching cell phone services and getting a new phone! I got the iPhone 4! I LOVE it! I had the iPhone before but an old one and I love that I can better pictures and videos. Perfect for having a baby. I also have service at the house now so I can use my phone here. I've been a happy girl messing around with my phone. I bought Gary the new blackberry and I'm pretty sure he loves it too.

We spend the whole evening just lounging around and playing with out new toys. Now all we need is a bigger car. I really want the Chevy Equinox but we'll see.

Here are some pictures and videos that we took while trying out the new toy :)

Sophia was so exhausted from shopping that she passed out in her high chair with a cheerio in her hand. Poor thing.

This is Sophia's favorite book. She loves all books but she's always wanting this one. I hope that one day Sophia wants to be just like her mommy :)

Good night kisses for my sleepy girl.

All these pictures are on my Instragram as well. I didn't know you could follow people. I added mine to my sidebar on the left. 

And now for some videos. I got a video of Sophia babbling and saying baby :)
Now that I have this new phone I see lots of pictures and videos in the future. Which is a good thing because I am using this blog for those reasons, to remember our every day lives. And what's better than actual pictures and videos from that day?

Hope everyone has a great day!