Friday, November 11, 2011

Old Toys

This post was posted late. This is for {Thursday November 11, 2011}

Today was a good day. Mommy went to work while you played with all your friends at daycare. Mommy's best friend Stephanie was in town so we made plans to see her after work.

Stephanie and her family invited us over for dinner. They are all so nice. We had salad and delicious stromboli's. Stephanie's mom, Mona, held you the whole time while we ate. She fed you apple sauce and cheerios. She was so happy to have you there. I'm glad that people get such joy from just being around you like she did. She's SO good with children! And also has good baby advice. Stephanie has learned so much from her and she will def. be a great mother one day. Steph, I know you're reading this, your having a baby when I plan for my second :)

After dinner Mona got you books and toys from when all her {4} children were babies. I'm going to be like her and save some stuff. You loved all of it! Stephanie played with all those toys that you were playing with when she was a baby. I thought that was so neat. And you played so good, you're getting so smart Sophia.

{The quality of these pics aren't good bc they were taken from my phone}

They have two of the cutest dogs. You used to be so afraid of them but you're starting to like dogs more now. One of their dogs is in love with you. Steph and Mona watched you one evening and they their dog never left your side. He watched you while you played tonight and even laid down beside you while you played. He's in love.

Maybe we'll need to get a dog like that for you. We stayed there till around 9:45. I'm glad I got to go over. I really enjoy going over there with you and hanging out with them. They are such great people! You fell asleep as soon as we got in the car while mommy drove the 15min car ride home in the dark through the country. Most of the time I hate the drive but tonight I enjoyed it. I turned the radio off. It was relaxing and I had time to just think.  Mostly about you. I thought about how much Mona enjoyed seeing you and knew that when you are older and no longer a little baby, I'd be the exact same way. Thinking about all this made me miss you even though you were right behind me. I would reach back and touch your warm face every couple of minutes and then feel all your hair. Just what I needed.

And then I thought about how much I enjoy the age you are now. Yeah, sometimes it gets crazy but I love how new everything is so new to you. I love that even though your so into exploring and crawling everywhere, you still want me to hold you and cuddle with you when your done. I love that you know I'm your mommy and that you need me. Mommy needs you too. And mommy needed tonight. It was relaxing and nice to get out of the house. Mommy's excited for Stephanie to move back to town. Maybe that'll mean more nights like tonight. 

You've been asleep since we got home. I'm going to kiss you goodnight one more time and go to sleep too. I love you, my sweet girl.

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