Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am not used to this time change at all. I know that I've been doing it for 22 years now but for some reason, this year it really feels different. Maybe because I'm a mom now and it's not just me that's not used to it, but it's messing with Sophia too. I don't know what it is but we're all messed up with our sleep.

We must have had an exhausting weekend because as soon as I came home from work and the grocery store we were asleep by 8!! We only fell asleep because Sophia did and here lately she's been fighting sleep so we decided we'd just sleep when she did. Bad idea. Soph was up at 4 am. So I stayed up with her all morning. But I can't complain because she looked so cute in her pink footie pajama's.

I had to be at work at 8 but for some reason I wasn't tired at all. We played all morning and we got ready and headed out. I dropped Soph at daycare and spent the next 8 hours at work. It was such a nice day outside. I got to take a walk through the historic neighborhood behind my work building with another employer. It was so beautiful. I'll try and take pics if I'm lucky enough to get to go on another walk before it gets too cold.

The weather has been perfect here during the day but when I get home from work it gets cold. I'm really not looking forward to the colder weather and snow. Why can't it be fall all year round?

The past few days Sophia has been real needy. She won't play with her toys and when I sit her down she cries. I saw that she had a tooth coming in but she wasn't like this with her others. She also bit me the other day and also bit another lil girl at daycare. I hate that. I know she's a baby and doesn't know but I don't want her to be the one kid that bites at daycare and no one likes. I talked to another mom who said that her baby bit only when she was teething so I REALLY hope that's why Soph is. Has anyone had any problems with their baby biting you or another baby? She hasn't been sleeping much either. I'm hoping it's just her teeth and she'll be back to sleeping more at night. 

We got her to sleep just fine tonight. So maybe things are getting better. Either way I'm exhausted but I love my little girl with or without sleep. Have a good night everyone!

Oh yeah, I forgot to add another video of Sophia dancing to Hopeless Place. She's too funny but I have to say she does have rhythm. Check out her other dance moves here.


  1. She is so sweet and beautiful. I wish we lived closer so we could talk about mom stuff and let our babies play! Derek will be 1 on Nov 14, so he and Sophia aren't too far apart in age. Don't worry about her not walking; Payt didn't walk until a week before he turned 15 months. I think Derek's walking so soon because he has to keep up with Payton!

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Sophia is a doll! She is gorgeous! And I agree with you about the time change. It's rough getting used to it. Hopefully our babies can get back to a good routine soon. :)

  3. Sarah - Nov. 9 was Sophia's due date they would have been a lot closer! If you ever come home to visit you'll have to let me know!! :)

    Wendy - Thanks for the sweet comment about Sophia :)