Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some Firsts

Well I started this post Wed. night Oct. 5th but didn't post it until after midnight. I forgot to write to you yesterday (Oct. 4). I was too tired and wasn't feeling the greatest. I didn't even work out like I said I would. I need more motivation.

I wanted to write to you yesterday because you had a "first". Actually two firsts. I wasn't too happy about one of the firsts, but it happens and if your like me you will be getting more of these. Yesterday at daycare you got your first bloody nose :( I guess you and a little boy were playing and he threw a toy at you and hit you in your nose, and it bled. Your grandma said you cried only for a little bit. I guess I'm kind of glad it happened at daycare. I would have freaked out. When I saw you after work you had dried up blood around your lil nose. My poor baby. No more bloody nose for a while, please. Babies aren't supposed to bleed!

But I promise the next first is better... and so much cuter than blood. You finally have enough hair to wear lil clips. Mommy used to put the big bows on you but now you just rip them off. So I decided to try the clip in bows. If you know it's in your hair, you take them out and smile at me. But if I sneak them on you, you have no idea. Ah, you look so cute with them in. I can't even imagine what you'd look like with pig tails. Here's your first pictures with them in taken yesterday morning before daycare (and your bloody nose).

Your holding tags. Ever since you were a little baby you loved tags. You would just touch em on your toys. And now you love the ones that come off of new clothes. We have to watch you though because you'll eat them. You'll eat anything.

We didn't do much after I came home from work. I cooked chili for dinner. Ate, played with you for a little and just laid down. I was in a really bad mood and just wanted left alone. Thankfully your daddy took care of you for the rest of the night. I was so stressed out about everything. Even the dishes were making me stress. It was just one of those evenings.

But I woke up next to you and in a good mood. I actually woke up early to work out. I got on all my work out clothes and even my tennis shoes. Packed my bag for work and even my lunch for the day. I sat down at the computer to check my e-mail and the weather. Well then i decided to just check out pinterest real quick. Well that real quick turned into an hour!!!! I was looking up all kinds of do it yourself projects for your birthday. I looked at the clock and realized I'd have no time to work out so I just got ready for work and headed there. All day at work I kept thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do and how bad I wanted to go to Crafts 2000. What's wrong with me?

You stayed all day with your daddy and didn't go to daycare. He said you were pretty good today. He took this picture of you passed out in your high chair.

He took it with the computer. And you are wearing the same clothes you were the day before. We usually give you a bath in the evening and put you in pajamas. We didn't get to that last night because of how cranky I was. I'm sorry. But daddy made up for it the next morning. You still smelled like you had just got out of the bath when i got home. One of my favorites :)

The weather was so beautiful today. Sunny and around 75 degrees, perfect. And the 20 min drive home through the country was so beautiful. I came home and we got all ready and headed back into town to eat dinner with your grandma. We dropped her off after dinner and went to say hi to your grandpa. You only wanted him to hold you. You love your grandpa so much.

We came home and played around for a little bit. You were so sleepy though. When you have you put your binky in your mouth, I know your sleepy. You were even carrying around two.

You decided to take your shoes off and hit your bottle with them. You would just look up at me and smile. Your crazy sometimes. :)

Ok it's a little passed midnight, I'm supposed to get up and work out with your daddy before work. I need to get to sleep. You both are asleep and have been for about 2 hrs. This is the only time I have to write to you and have "me" time. Good night! I'm leaving you with this picture of you standing up! I still can't believe you are pulling yourself up onto everything. You will be walking so soon!

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