Monday, October 3, 2011

100th Post

Before I got the computer out I was thinking of post titles for you tonight. I told myself that I would really try my best to write to you every night, even if it's a few sentences and a picture, I just want to remember everything.

I couldn't come up with anything creative and noticed that this would be my 100th post! I feel like there should be more. I spend a lot of time on here in the evenings. Well I guess it just takes me a while to actually post it because I'm always putting the computer down to do something else and I feel like I do write to you a lot. And I spend a lot of time reading other blogs. I wish more of my friends here blogged. 

I feel like this is a great way to remember "our story". It's like a modern day baby book. I have already went back to a few months ago and read the posts and enjoyed it. I know I will enjoy it so much more years from now. 

I wish I would have thought about writing to you when I was pregnant. I didn't get into really writing to you until the beginning of this year when I was away from you. It helped me. Those were the hardest times. I hope that one day you do read this and know that what your father and I had to do was for the best and everything turned out perfectly. 

And we did it all for our baby girl.

Now for our day.

You slept pretty good last night. You slept with us, again. We put our floor heater in the bedroom and we all cuddled up and went to sleep. The alarm went off at 5 and I pretended like I didn't hear it. I really didn't want to work out, I wanted to stay cuddled up next to you and sleep the extra hour I could before work. But I promised myself I would start to work out. I don't want to lose weight or anything. I'm pretty happy about my body actually. I just want to get in shape and feel healthier. I can't even run for 2 minutes, that's bad. And I just feel so much weaker. I know I just had a baby, a year ago, but there's nothing wrong with just trying to stay fit.

My work pays for gym membership so who wouldn't work out when it's free? We dropped you off at daycare and headed to the gym. I did cardio and toning this morning and your daddy went off and did his own thing. I only worked out for about 45 minutes but it's better than nothing. I took a shower, got ready and headed to work.

Work went fast, like always. I'm always so busy that the days go by so fast, which is a good thing. I really do like my job. It's not what I got my degree in but I enjoy it. And I think that's the most important thing about finding a job. 

I forgot to pack a lunch so I ordered from the Mango Bistre. It was my first time eating there and it was delicious. I got a Tropical Salad with chicken .. mmm. I will be ordering from there more. After work I called your daddy and he had picked you up from daycare and you two had been home all day. I headed to Wal Mart to get groceries for this week and to print out your invitations. 

I cooked dinner, gave you some strawberries and we all just hung out all evening. You got into everything while daddy watched football. You are starting to giggle a lot. If I laugh at something, you laugh too. I love it.

You've already fallen asleep for the night. You are wearing a tinkerbell pajama outfit. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that but I have already put the camera away. I feel like it takes a long time to upload pictures too. Maybe it's because I've got over a thousand pics of you on it. There's pictures from Christmas of last year still on here. I hate deleting any. It makes me scared and sad for some reason. I just never want to lose them. But I always fine the one pictures that I have of the side of your face or just the floor where I've tried to get a good shot but missed because your everywhere.. if that made sense? 

I'm going to lay down and cuddle with you. I'll leave you with some more pictures from tonight.

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