Sunday, October 2, 2011

Colder Weather

I know it's October and Fall is here but man did it get cold quick. We had to sleep with the heater on last night because it was freeezing. I think it got down into the 30's and highs for today was only in the 40s. Burrr.  I love fall but I'm not looking forward to the really cold weather. I did get to wear my boots though and got to dress you up in one of your new outfits.

I'm pretty sure you dress better than what I do. Mommy has had a ton of clothes given to you from other mommy's at the daycare and had some clothes that were gifts from the baby shower BUT you have grown out of all of them. So mommy went on a few shopping sprees and bought you tons of warm clothes. I bought all 12 months so I know I will be going on another shopping spree soon to get you 18 months. 

It's so much fun to shop for little baby girls. Your outfit that you wore today I bought at Gabes but it's from Guess. Original price was $42 and I bought it for $12. And your UGGs were giving to you from your cousins in Michigan. We got them last year and I'm glad they still fit. And then you wore a peacoat outside that your grandma bought you.

Mommy wore a sweater, leggins, boots and scarf.. my favorite. And we headed into town to meet your grandma and aunt to do a little shopping .. we're obsessed. You fell asleep on the way there but woke up as soon as we got to Old Navy. I used to never shop there but now I'm starting to like it more. I needed to find a cardigan to wear for work but I ended up buying 3 shirts.

Then we ate at Panera. It was perfect for the cold weather. We shared broccoli soup. Then we headed to Kohls. I bought myself a pair of flats for work and a play outfit for you. Then one more stop at Wal Mart and we headed home .. finally. 

You are playing with daddy as I write to you now. There are DVD's all over the floor and you have unpacked your diaper bag. You are in a onsie with the cutest knee high socks. I'm about to turn the heater on again. I didn't think I'd be putting it on this early. Maybe it'll warm up a little for a few weeks and then come back to this colder weather.

Mommy's going to stop here and get us ready for sleep. I'm going to start working out again tomorrow. And I'm going to work out before work so I'm not at the gym after work. I feel like my evening is waisted when I do that and it's always crowded. Two weeks ago I went to work out in the morning and there was hardly anyone there. I showered { they actually have nice showers }, picked up breakfast at Tim Hortons, and headed to work. And actually felt good all day. Then the next day I got the cold that was going around work and was sick for almost 3 days and didn't work out at all after that. Tomorrow I am starting over. Your getting fussy, I'll write to you tomorrow. I love you.

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