Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting close

Sorry that it's been a couple days since I've wrote to you. I have just been so busy. Hopefully things will slow after your birthday party. I can't believe it's almost here! I'm still sad but I think I've accepted that your going to be a year old and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

I was starting to get stressed about your party but after yesterday I'm starting to feel a lot better. We ordered the birthday cake, your smash cake, cupcakes and cookies! I am SO excited about those. We got everything in pink, orange, and green! We also ordered your balloons yesterday. I ordered two bouquets that we will be picking up on Saturday before your birthday party. I really hope that I get everything ready and pretty before the party

Your birthday shirt also came in the mail yesterday. I LOVE IT! It's going to look SO cute with your tutu. I'm going to go out and buy your outfit for your actual birthday on Thursday. I think we're just going to have dinner that evening since Mommy has to work that day :( I promise that once your older and able to actually do stuff then I will take off work on your birthdays!

It was SO pretty yesterday and perfect. That's why Fall is now my favorite season. I hope it slows down too because I'm not looking forward to winter. Before we headed into town I got some pics of us outside real quick.


After the pictures we went into town and bought so much stuff for your party. You stayed with your grandparents last night and mommy got to get a lot of stuff made for your party. I'm about to get ready and head into town to pick you up. See you in a little bit my love!


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  1. She's just so gorgeous!! Love the pic of her sampling the leaf!! Sounds like your wee girls party is going to be AWESOME!!