Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend with friends

I finally have time to sit down and write to you. I wasn't able to the past two nights. Sorry! We actually did stuff both days and nights and was just too tired when we got home that I didn't even get the computer out. 

Friday after work we picked you up a daycare and we headed to Blessings house for dinner. It was delicious!! Nadie and her husband and their daughter Jada was there too. The kids had chicken, fries and plantains. The grown ups had steak, shrimp past, rice, and wine. It was nice to sit around and have dinner with our new friends. I forgot to take my camera so I stole these from Blessing.

After dinner we headed home. We were all so tired. 

Saturday morning we woke up and just hung out all morning. We stayed in our pj's until about noon. I love days like that. Then we got ready and your grandma came over. She cleaned up around the house { she does EVERY TIME she's here }. Then we picked Steph up, bought a present for Kayla and headed off to her baby shower. We bought her a Vera Bradley diaper bag and I'm pretty sure she loved it, at least I hope so.

It was so nice to see her and be there for her baby shower. She got a lot of nice stuff. I'm so excited for her. You and Zoey are going to be the best of friends just like her mommy and I!!

You were getting into everything. And helping your best friend Zoey get her presents.

After the baby shower you stayed with your grandparents for the night and your daddy and 
I went to our friends Ross and Jesseca's house. The guys ended up playing Call of Duty the whole night while me and Jesseca just sat around and talked. We got home pretty late and just went straight to sleep.

Today your daddy got to sleep in a little. I got up and started working on your slide show for your first birthday. I ended up finishing it with all the videos I have so far. I love it!! I know everyone at your party will love it too. I have put a lot of time into it. I also ordered your shirt today that you will be wearing at your party.

Your daddy left to go play flag football and I headed into town to pick you up. You and your grandma were sitting on the porch when I got there. She said that you were good all night and slept good. Your always so good for them. We ate some pizza and then headed to the mall because your grandpa needed to get his hair cut. 

Your daddy met us there and we just walked around and got some food and then headed home. Mommy cleaned and you played with your daddy. And here we are now. You keep pulling yourself onto the couch and you are just starring at me. Your daddy went over to Ross's to play some video games, he's obsessed. So it's just me and you. I don't like being home alone when it's dark out but your daddy said he'd be home soon, I hope. But we'll keep each other company. 10 more days until your first birthday!! Ahh! 

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