Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Play Date

I am doing more than one post to you because I haven't been on the computer for a few days. Sometime last week Mommy's charger to her computer stopped working. There is no store here in Parkersburg that sells anything for Macs so mommy had your aunt buy one at Best Buy in Morgantown and she came to visit this evening .. thank god. It's sad but mommy almost feels lost without her computer. At the beginning of this year I went almost two months without one, and I survived just fine. 

Anyways, Thursday after work I picked you up at daycare and we met Carissa and Lacey and headed to Butcher Farms Pumpkin Patch. It was their first time there. Your grand parents wanted to see you so they were there too. It was our first time meeting Lacey! She is SOOO cute. And it was your mommy's first time seeing Carissa since high school. We have been talking for almost more than a year about pregnancy and mommy hood and always wanting to meet up and we FINALLY did. 

We had a good time just walking around and talking. Lacey was a little scared at first but we gave you two apples and sat you down and you were fine. You two are almost the same size and just ate your apples and stared at each other. Of course mommy had to get pics.

We put you on this big chair at the pumpkin patch. You just sat there and ate your apple and acted like it was just a normal chair. 

Then your grandpa found a lil tractor and a cow and pulled the tractor over to the cow and made us photo prop kind of thing. So you and Lacey took turns.

And then we sat you two down beside each other and you two just sat there and ate your apples. It was funny seeing you girls eating away at those big apples. You even dropped yours and picked it right back up with with straw on it and everything.

I'm glad we finally got together. We are going to plan more play dates for the two of you in the future!