Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sitting Up, *Talking* & 6 Month Check Up!

 Sophia ,
I got to come home yesterday {Thursday April 28} after class and didn't have to work so I got to spend ALL evening with you! You were so happy to see me! And you sat up all by yourself yesterday for quite a while. I didn't get a very good picture because I was still kind of hesitate to have you sit by yourself without me being right there. 

You get a little wobbly after a few minutes but your doing such a good job and I think you love being able to do it on your own! Another new thing you've started doing is saying Ba Ba Ba! It's your first "words". I'll catch you saying Da Da. But not as much as Ba Ba. You love saying it. You make all kinds of faces when you are "talking". You have such a cute little voice too. It's going to be so much fun listening to you talk. But you can stay my baby as long as you want :)

{Here's a video of you from this morning "talking" you 
then just start screaming at the end. You love making noises}

This morning we woke up pretty early and headed to your 6 month check up with Dr. Berhane. I'm glad I got to be here so I could go with you, esp. since you had to get shots today. She weighed and measured you. So at 6 months, 1 week and 3 days ...

You weigh 18.5 pounds and you are 26 1/4 inches long! 

She also measured your head and it was 44 inches. Your daddy thinks you have a big head like him. I don't see it at all. {oh yeah, and the last 3 pictures aren't the greatest because they were taken from my phone} After they did all your measuring it was time for your shots. I hate these days. She gave you some liquid first. You drank it like it was nothing. 

She then gave you one shot in your right leg. I couldn't watch and had my back turned just waiting to hear a cry, and I heard nothing. Your grandma came because she knew I couldn't watch. She then did your second shot in your left leg.. you didn't cry either. I was surprised! Last times you've got your shots you've screamed and cried. This time nothing. I was proud of my tough baby girl. You did yell Ba Ba Ba after we were all finished.Dr. Berhane also switched your milk because she said you might have had a milk allergy from the other milk we were using so you are now trying Similac Sensitive Soy Milk. Hopefully it works better.

After your appointment we headed back home. You fell right to sleep so we took about a two hour nap. Then... you woke up in the crankiest moods but I think it was because of your shots. You just wanted held and you kept falling asleep and taking quick naps. I felt so bad for you and I wanted to stay with you all day but mommy had to go to work :( I dropped you off at the daycare and headed there. Your grandma brought you in to see me around 8 and you were asleep the whole time.. and you still are. I kind of miss you, even though you are laying right beside of me. She had you dressed so pretty. You wore pink today for Spring for Sids and for Team M! *We're still always thinking of baby Maddie 
{ These pictures are all of you sleeping, I didn't get one while you were awake and you are wearing the hat mommy won for you from a give away!! }

Hopefully you'll feel better tomorrow. We are getting up early and going shopping with your great grandma. THEN  we are going to your daddy's baseball game!! It's his Senior Game so I don't want to miss it and I really want you to be there. It'll be your first game. I plan on finding something for you to wear when we go shopping and I made a bow for you to wear :) You daddy is going to be so happy that you are there. AND we'll get to see Leah and Kinsley!! I'm excited for tomorrow. Talk to you soon baby girl.
  ♥ I love you 

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