Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Park & Easter Bunny!

I finally have time to write to you. I did have time to do some give aways. Mommy is trying to win some stuff! I left you this morning & I miss you so much already. I cried when I left you :( Not much longer at all! I was real upset because I'm afraid I won't get to see you when you turn 6 months on Wed! I really really want to be there! Your grandma even bought a cake for you! 

We had a good weekend this weekend besides mommy being exhausted and busy. My Thursday class was cancelled so on Wed {April 13th} I went to Buckhannon & stayed with your daddy. We got to hang out with his friends and do stuff we used to do. The next morning, Thursday {April 14} I headed home to you! I got to hang out with you for a little bit until I had to head to work at 5. I worked 5-10. I know I'm not working much and it's not a hard job. But I'm so tired at the end of the day! I went straight to sleep with you! You are wanting to roll over so bad and you try so hard to roll over. It's so cute! 

Friday {April 15th} we woke up early and headed out for the day with Stephanie. First we headed to Sundae's In Lubeck to get some lunch. We ran into an old friend of the family while we were there and she held you the whole time while me and stephanie ate. You are so good with people. We then headed to the city park. We have been planning to meet Carissa and her baby Lacey there but Lacey's mommy wasn't feeling too well. We will next time! I'm excited for you two to meet! But you LOVED the park & I loved walking you. It was our first real walk besides walking at the mall. We had a good time and we took lots of pictures! I'm glad you like to be outside! 

You always have your foot up like this. Even during our walk you had your foot up on the tray part. 

look how beautiful you look!

so happy! I learned that if you say Boo! to you, you smile like this and even giggle! I love it. I think you like being scared.

walking at the park :) 

We were all so tired after just one walk at the park. It was kind of hot that day so I'm guessing that's what wore us out. But you passed out as soon as we got to the car. We headed back home and napped until I had to go back to work at 5. I was so tired! Got back from work and fell asleep with you again!

Saturday morning {April 16th} we woke up early and went to Wal Mart with your great grandma. We then went to Kohl's after. You ended up spitting up all over yourself and I had to strip you down into just a onsie and tights. You are getting so chunky but it looked so funny & cute. I love how chunky you are getting! I was the same way when I was a baby, very chunky. I love your legs and feet the most. I want to eat them!!! 

Mommy went to work that evening again at 5. While I was at work your daddy came to see you! & then you both came into work to see me. I begged to get off early and they let me and the three of us got to spend the night together!! :) 

Daddy had to leave very early that morning for a baseball game. We are going to try and make at least one of his game. It's his last year and I know he'd love for you to go to one. I'm sure he'd love for you to be at all of them but mommy has been so busy :(

Sunday {April 17} mommy went to work for a few hours and then came back and got you all ready to head to the mall to see the EASTER BUNNY!! You looked so pretty in your orange dress and matching head band! & I put shoes on you, you hardly ever wear shoes so it looked so cute! You were in such a good mood and was happy when you saw the Easter Bunny. I know that maybe even next year, you won't be so happy. The Easter Bunny scares a lot of kids, maybe you'll be different. But we sat you right on the bunny and just said your new favorite thing that you think is so funny: BOO! & you smiled --

I love this picture! It makes me laugh every time I see it! That smile is just too cute! I love it! You look so much like your daddy, even have a round head just like him! I wonder how many more pictures I'll get of you smiling with the Easter Bunny? I say  one more, and then you'll be scared.

We walked around the mall for a little bit and I bought you some more stuff for Easter basket! I can't wait for you to see it! I did give you one present early. It's this duck that if you tickle it, it sings this song. I'm surprised I don't know all the words yet but you know how to tickle it and it just sings and sings. You love it! We just give you your duck and you play, talk and suck on it!

there you are at the mall, hanging out with your new best friend!

Mommy headed back to work after the mall :( I just started working and I don't want to anymore. I feel like it's taking our time away because as soon as I come home we go to sleep. But remember only like two more weeks and mommy is done!!!

Well baby girl I need to stop writing and actually write a paper that's due tomorrow. I'm so tired! I miss you lots and lots!! And love you SOOO much. I can't wait to come home and hold you and have you pinch me and drool all over me. I just miss you so much already. But I'll be home soon! Let's hope on Wednesday for your 6 months! I love you and good night!*

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