Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TOES!! { April 8 - April 10 2011 }

hi baby! sorry I haven't been able to write to you. I have been super busy. After the high school thing {Friday April 8th} I mentioned about last Friday I came home to see you, but only for a little bit because mommy had to go into work. Mommy wants some extra money to go shopping so I'm helping out at your grandmas friends restaurant, El Mariachi. It's a very laid back job and easy. I am the hostess and sit people and also the cashier. I get to eat for free & eat whenever I want. I really like it esp as a job every now and then. Or when I want to work. & it's not much hours so I can spend time with you! I want to get a "real" job after school but then I don't. I want to be able to take off when I want to and spend the time I want with you. Oh well, it'll all work out.

I worked until 9 that evening & then came home to you. I was so ready to just cuddle & go to bed with you, and thats what we did :) The next day {Saturday April 9th} we were pretty lazy, just laid around and played. While we were hanging out I had you sitting up, with my help ( your getting so close to sitting by yourself!! ), you leaned over & GRABBED YOUR TOES!! I know you have seen them and tried to before but this time you wouldn't let go and you did your "excited" lil dance. You did happy dance and bobble your head, it's so funny. We all do it and laugh but not because we're making fun of you but because it's so cute! But after that "first" grab you were in love! Right after that I laid you back down and you had your toes up in the air and you were grabbing them. I'm so glad I had the camera right beside us when this happened. I got to capture it. 

Now you've been ALL about your toes. When I change your diaper you have your toes up in the air & you try SO hard to put them in your mouth. I always thought that was so weird when I saw other babies doing it, but I think it'll be perfectly normal and cute when you do it. You know I love your feet Sophia? I kiss them so much, they are my favorite! & now yours! It's funny how you find something new on your body that you've had your whole life, and it's like you've never had them before! Your toes aren't the only things you've been grabbing for lately, you pretty much grab for EVERYTHING. When I change your diaper you will grab for anything that's around you. The other morning you were grabbing wipes out of it. I couldn't believe it. You also grab for Dora doll that we randomly have at our house. Here you are grabbing for her. Poor Dora, you attacked her right after this picture.

After playing most of the day on Saturday I went into work at 4 & worked until 9. Came home to you and cuddled and went to bed. I love cuddling. BUT you are starting to me a little wiggle worm these days. Sometime I miss you as a newborn, only sometimes. I love my big (almost 6month) baby girl! On Sunday we did pretty much the same thing hang out & play until I went into work again at 2 and only worked 2 hrs. After work we got allll packed up & we headed to Morgantown. Oh man Sophia, you screamed & cried almost the WHOLE way. I had to keep stopping to calm you down. I think you were just scared because everytime I came back there and you saw me, you'd stop crying and smile. Bad girl :). I was taking you only for the night for your appointment at WIC & then taking you back after. But plans changed. I'll post about it in another post. I love you! 

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