Friday, April 15, 2011

WolfTrap Farms! {April 9-10}

Saturday morning we got up REAL early & hit the road to Gordonsville, Virginia. We spent our weekend there with your daddy's family. Your daddy's uncle's wife family owns this farm. It took about 5 hours to get there. You and your grandma sat in the backseat so you weren't scared like you usually are when you are alone and you two just slept and played back there while mommy drove the whole way.

We got there around noon on Saturday. Well, the weather was beautiful until we got there. AND I checked the weather for there and it said 70 degrees all weekend. That was a lie, as soon as we got into the town I noticed the weather dropping and it was like like 45 degrees when we go there, and it stayed that way, even colder all day Saturday. We were dressed for warm weather, and even packed just warmer weather clothes. Didn't even have a jacket.

The farm was beautiful. There were lots of horses and cows on the farm. The farm had three houses. The main house which was built in the 1800's. It was really big! & scary! The owner said that a family from Germany lived in it and their slaves lived upstairs! The house was decorated very vintage like and had very scary paintings. The room we stayed in at a painting of a woman named Agatha, she was very scary. 

The other house was called the pond house. It was a newer house and by a pond. And the other house was rented out to people who use the farm for their horses.

Your daddy's family was SO happy to see you! They hadn't seen you since Christmas. I really wish your daddy could have been there. He had a baseball game in Bluefield that weekend. Bluefield was only three hours away and your daddy was there and said the game was cancelled. I was so tempted to just make the drive and bring him there. But it would have been a lot of driving.

There's you with your MiMi. She was so happy to see you. I try and send her a picture of you everyday that I'm with you. She loves you so much!

Here's you with your Aunt Josephine. She spoils you a lot. & tries to feed you adult food behind my back!!! 

That day we just stayed inside and visited with everyone. It was too cold to go outside. We went to sleep pretty early too. I don't know if it was because we were in a new place and there was just too many people there but you were SO cranky that night. Just cried and cried. Maybe you were scared of the house like me. We finally got you calmed down and you finally went to sleep.

The next day {Sunday April 10} was a little warmer outside. We woke up to a HUGE breakfast. It was delicious!! By the way, that whole weekend we all just ate and ate. Such good food! It was your second cousin Ally's 2nd birthday too! So we had a little celebration for her! She is going to be so pretty!

Here's the two of you :)

Birthday Girl!

After her party we just walked around the farm. I got some pictures of the two of us! I want as many as we can get together!!

Looking at the horses. I was so afraid to have you near them. They were so interested in you and kept getting real close!

pretty view!

kisses on the farm! 

We had a really good and relaxing weekend there. It's always good to get out of town & esp to see your other family! We ended up staying until about 4 and left. Oh man, the drive back. The GPS took us a different route. We didn't even see the interstate. It took us through all these mountains and small towns and we somehow ended up going through where your daddy lives. It was so weird. I was was exhausted! We got home pretty late.But we had such a good weekend!

**** I LOVE YOU!****