Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Hey baby girl! It's such a beautiful morning here in Morgantown. I'm sure it is in Parkersburg too. I wish I was there with you. 19 days until I graduate!! So not too much longer at all!! Actually, after this Thursday I'm pretty much done. Just two tests on Tuesday and Saturday of next week. So I really don't need to stay here at all!! You don't know how excited I am to get out of Morgantown and just be with you! Been counting down the days since I came back to school. Anyways, we had a pretty good weekend!! You know how I am, I HAVE to write to you about each day. (Sorry, Mommy just wants to remember everything incase I ever forget!)

{Thursday April 21st}
Mommy had class that day around 1 and then I edited a little with my Multimedia Group. Around 3:45 I met this girl, Taira, at her dorms. She is dating a guy that plays on your daddy's baseball team. I followed her and another girl, Chera, to your daddy's game in Fairmont. I only made it to the second game. They won the first game and lost the second. But I enjoyed watching your daddy play :) After the game I talked your daddy into just driving back to Parkersburg with me to see you. He agreed and we headed home. He didn't have anything with him. No wallet and no clothes to change into. 

As soon as we pulled into the neighborhood and in front of the house there were SO many cars parked outside. Your grandma had bought you a cake the day before and I knew we were going to eat it when your daddy and I were both there BUT I didn't think she had invited everyone else! She's crazy! We walked in, and went to you first!! You were so happy to see us. Now when you get really happy you just smile real big, make the cutest noise, and then slap your arm down. It's so cute!! We hung out with everyone and had pizza and cake. You were pretty tired so you passed out kind of early so I didn't get too many pictures from that night. Here's a picture of you and your great grandma before you went to sleep. I was so happy to see her there. She doesn't go out much anymore because she has to stay home and take care of your great grandpa. Your great grandma is such a good person Sophia. I'm so glad you two get to spend time together! I love her so much. She just held you the whole time. And anytime she does get to come over she is so happy with you! Whenever I'd look over at the two of you she'd be singing to you or just kissing the top of your head. So beautiful to see!

{Friday April 22nd}

Friday morning we had to get up pretty early to take your daddy back to Buckhannon. I kind of stole him so he had nothing, no clothes, money or car. He was supposed to have a game that day so he wanted to make it back in time. I got us all packed up and ready and we headed on Rt. 50 to Buckhannon. The whole way I kept saying "It's gonna rain Gary" and it def. did. It poured the whole way back. AS SOON as we got there your daddy got a text saying the game was cancelled but he had practice at 4. We decided to just stay the night with daddy at his place because we hardly ever get to. We were SO lazy, we all just laid around and slept ALL day. I don't have much to write about that day because that's literally all we did. Here are some pictures from that day though.

Here you are, a mess, after eating carrots! For some reason feeding you is so much fun. You make "Mmmmm" noises while you eat and you go after that spoon! And of course you have to touch everything so you get the food all over your hands. And you have to see what everyone else is doing so as soon as I put the spoon to your mouth, you turn and it gets all over the side of your face, and even in your nose! :) 

Hmm, I wonder what your doing in this picture? Haha :) Sorry I had to. This is your "pooping" face and you do it every time! And you make a grunting noise too. You've done since you were a newborn. As soon as we see that face and hear your noise we all say "Uh oh"and laugh. Don't worry, mommy will get it on video too ;)

{Saturday April 23rd}

Saturday morning we got up early so we could head back to Parkersburg. Daddy had to stay because he had a baseball game (that ended up getting cancelled). We started to leave and I hadn't even got out of Buckhannon yet and it started to storm like crazy! We had to turn around and go back to your daddy's until it stopped. It was kind of scary. Because your daddy's came was cancelled he said he'd come to Parkersburg after he got some stuff done. We got there around 11 and hung out with your grandparents for a little bit. Then we got ready and met Stephanie and Kayla at the mall. Your daddy was on his way while we were there so he met us at the mall and we had lunch :) We ran into so many people at the mall that got to meet you!! It was nice seeing everyone!

After the mall we headed home and then mommy got ready and went to work for the evening. You got to stay home with your daddy. He texted me while I was at work and said that you two had the best nap every. I was jealous. Work wasn't busy at all and I was so bored. They let me off work at 9 and you and your daddy came to pick me up. We had dinner while you slept the whole time we were there. We came home and the three of us went to sleep *

{Easter Sunday April 24th}

Your first Easter! I know that your too young to know the meaning of this day and it may be a few years until you really do but mommy was so thankful to spend this day with you! I can't wait until you learn the real meaning! Either way, we had a great first Easter as a family! We all woke up and got dressed. I put you in your Easter dress! I loved it.. you looked so pretty in it! It was a 9 month dress, and you fit in it just fine!! I couldn't believe it. I was kind of nervous though, thinking it wouldn't fit. I put on a bow (of course) that I made for you. The middle of the bow had a bunny on it. I wore it on a bow when I was a little girl that I'm glad your grandma still had!! We'll be saving that little bunny :) Here you are on the porch in your little rocking chair after you were all ready! I love this picture!

I was so happy to show you your Easter basket. You had already played with one of your toys, the Laughing Duck. But we put it in there again. We got you you a monkey stuffed animal, the duck, a new pair of sandals, these two baby einstein books, and another book about your laughing duck!

I was so excited for you to see your Easter Basket! Firsts for you are so much fun! Of course I had to take pictures of everything!

you couldn't keep your eyes off of daddy!

After you got to see your Easter basket we had dinner! It was so good, and there were so much food. We had sweet potato so I smashed that up for you and gave you some. You loved it! You even sat at the dinner table with us! After dinner, we took some pictures of you with your mommy, daddy, and grandparents :) I know I take too many pictures but I know I'll be thankful for them later on!

You and Abuelita!

Mommy and Sophia!

 *Our First Easter* as a family!

You and your grandparents!

I love this picture of you and your grandpa in the back yard!

We had such a good weekend! That evening your daddy and I watched a movie while you slept. Daddy didn't have school the next Monday so he got to stay with you a little longer before he had to leave for practice. I had to go back to Morgantown for class. But it was the last Monday I will have to leave you!!! Your daddy said that you two just sat on the front porch that morning. I would have loved to sit there with the two of you. But I'm sure you had a good time with daddy. You love sitting on the porch. I told your daddy that I'd love to have a porch on our future house and he said "Everyone needs a porch" So I guess we'll have one and we will all be able to sit on it! 

Mommy has class this week but I'll be home on Thursday. I plan on coming back Saturday with you and grandma so we can move everything out of here! Can you believe I'll be leaving Morgantown and this apartment after living here for 3 years. I know I've been so excited to get out of here but I will miss it! A lot of good memories here, especially meeting your daddy for the first time!* 

But I will see you in a few more days baby girl. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I woke up this morning and had an e-mail saying I won another give away!! Mommy loves these things! I enter SO many!! But this time we won $30 to a boutique { Eight Baby Legs } that sells the cutest baby stuff. I plan on getting this for you.

and then maybe buy this for you. I know it doesn't match the onsie but I love it and I could add it to another outfit :)

Well baby girl mommy needs to get ready for class. Again, I am so thankful for the great weekend we had together and that daddy got to be there. And of course so thankful for you!! This weekend I looked at you and realized you are growing up so fast. You are starting to "talk" so much more. Sometimes I swear I hear words, but you mostly say dadadadada and googoogoo! I love your little voice. I'll write to you again when I get free time! I love you so much Sophia! 

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