Monday, May 2, 2011

Baseball Game!!


Hey baby girl! Your taking a nap so I have time to write to you real quick! You've been a little cranky this morning.. and last night. I've come to realize that your just very spoiled. Your grandma has made you this way. Hopefully once we're in our own house with daddy we'll be able to get you on a schedule. I'm still counting down the days until we're all living together. Your daddy and I both have to take summer classes. I only have to take one and it's online so I'll be able to stay here with you but your daddy has to take 4 and 2 are in class. So he'll be in Buckhannon until the beginning of June :( But we got to go to Daddy's baseball game in Buckhannon on Saturday!!

{ Saturday April 30th }

Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and got ready. It took so long to get you ready because we wanted you to wear your daddy's teams colors. Well, we had nothing orange. So we just put a I love my dad onsie {that your daddy bought for you} and black leggings. The leggings were size 12m! i couldn't believe you could fit into them. I then put your "Weslyan" bow on and your cute sandals. We then headed to Buckhannon. We had a late start so we got there around 2. Your great aunt and uncle, Jeff and Debbie came too. They got a new car so they wanted to drive somewhere in it. We got to see Leah and Kinsley too!! Kinsley is such a good baby! You were nothing like that at her age. You two looked at each other and held hands. I wish I would have gotten a picture.

As soon as we got to the game we got to see a funny play your daddy did. He got himself into a pickle and the other team were trying to get him out and he was running back and forth between the bases and went to slide and slid right into a mud puddle! WBOY got it on camera. 
{Thanks Leah for telling me about it!} 

Your daddy said that the water smelled SO bad and that when he went back on the field he was gagging on second base from the smell. He said he could taste it in his mouth. I think you enjoyed being at the game. So many people got to hold you too.

They ended up winning the first and losing the second. After the game we all went to eat at CJ Maggie's. We got SO much food. We were all stuffed and so tired. We were going to stay with daddy that night and just go to his game the next day and then have your grandparents pick us up and go to morgantown and move out. BUT your daddy had a final Monday so he needed to study. So we headed back to Parkersburg. I was SO tired. That drive on Rt. 50 is so miserable! As soon as we got back we all went to sleep. We had a good day watching your daddy. We love our #9 

{ Sunday May 1st }

The first day of May! I can't believe it's already May! I've been waiting for this month forever. So much going on this month. Mother's Day, Graduation, my birthday AND your daddy's birthday! It's going to be a good month! But Sunday morning I woke up SO sleepy but had to be at work at 11. I worked 11-2. It was so busy that it went by really fast. You stayed with your grandparents. They gave you a bath in the sink and they said they had so much fun. They said you were splashing everywhere that they had to put towels on the floor and on the counter tops. Your grandpa got it on video from his phone I'll have to upload it later! After work I came home and ate lunch and we all headed to the mall.

I had to go back to work at 5 so your grandparents dropped me off and I worked until 8. I came home and we cuddled and went to sleep. You woke screaming a few times last night, as soon as I put the bottle in your mouth you stop crying, drink a little, and go back to sleep. I don't understand it. Hopefully this won't last too much longer. But you woke up again at 6:30 and we've been playing. You've taken about two short naps. I have a final tomorrow. Wonder how much studying I'll get done with you? 

{ you actually just woke up, putting you in your jumper now }

Ok, back. A friend of mine did a story on me. For her class she had to interview someone who has been going through a hard time. She asked if she could interview me. She wanted to focus it on being a young mom, in school, with a long distance relationship. She came over to do the interview real late one night. I wasn't ready at all AND I was so tired. I rambled on so much that I wasn't even making any sense. She was able to pull something together and it turned out pretty good. It made me tear up a little.

I don't want the video to seem like having you has made my life so much harder because in some ways it has but I don't mind at all. She just wanted me to talk about everything and compare my life before to now. Also to show people how much work it is to do all the things. I am SO thankful for you Sophia {I tell you this a lot} and for the way my life is now. I wouldn't change a thing, no matter how hard things are and will get. Just remember that.

Before I forget, mommy won another give away!! I'm still entering all the ones I can find. But we won another crochet hat. This time it's white with a pink flower from { Fantasy Photography }. I can't wait to put it on you!

Another thing before I forget. Last night you were asleep and I was laying beside of you on the computer. There's no TV in that room so I didn't know what was going on. Your daddy texted me and said that President Obama was going to do a speech at 10:30. He never knows whats going on with the news, I'm the one that always has to tell him. I wanted to run downstairs and watch it but by within a few minutes your daddy texted me and said Osama Bin Ladden is dead!! 

Your too young to know all of this, but this is such a big event!! Thanks to our troops they were able to make this happen! Now they all need to come home! Your grandpa was in Iraq right after 9-11. He was there for over a year. It was a really hard time but it was his job to go there. I'm sure you'll be learning everything about this day when your in school!

You're crying for my attention. Time for play time with my baby and making crazy noises and faces just to make you smile and laugh. Oh, I love that smile I'll write to you soon! 

I love you! 

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