Friday, April 15, 2011

Almost 6 months!

I wanted to do an update on all the new things you are doing. I can't believe that in just 5 days you will  be a 1/2 year old!! My little baby is getting big :( & you are doing so many new things. I love watching all of them!! This is what you have been up to! 

- you are now a size three in diapers.
- you eat SO much!! almost 4 things of baby food a day.
- you are starting to get a little chunky, & I LOVE IT!
- you are trying SO hard to roll over. you are getting so close. you get kind of mad when you can't get it.
- you now are a maniac in your jumper. you jump SO much and you now notice almost everything on it. 
- you grab for everything now. If I have you on my lap at a table you'll start grabbing everything!
- you are still in love with your toes and grab them all the time.
- you have been sucking on your fingers a lot lately & your bottom lip.
- you love to be scared. if you just say BOO to you real loud when your not expecting it, you will laugh so much. I love it!
- right now you are putting your feet all over me. they are always everywhere.
- when you yawn you make an actual yawning noise. i don't know how to explain it but it's funny.
- you talk so much now and i sometimes i feel like i hear a word.
- now when you sleep, you sleep in your side. it's starting to scare me a little but i think you like it better. 
- you smile at everything now. you are such a happy baby.
- you reach for my face a lot. i love it!
- when you lay on your stomach you move your legs up, you are starting to want to crawl!
- & my favorite!! you can pick up your binky and put it in your mouth!! I LOVE IT. I was so proud the first time I saw you do it!!

I'm sure there's so much more but that's all i can think of right now! Sophia, I have enjoyed all of this and I'm very thankful I'm your mommy. Your daddy & I love you so much!! 

our baby 5 months, 3 weeks & 5 days ago :) 


I just wanted to update & say that on Monday {April 11th} I didn't have class so I stayed an extra day with you in Parkersburg & your daddy came too! We spent all day just running around Parkersburg. It was  nice out too so it was a really good day. I love days like that! 

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