Friday, April 15, 2011

Week in Morgantown with Mommy! {April 4th - April 8th}

So I have time to update real quick. I update when your napping because that's the only time I have free time to do anything! I am so far behind on updating but I want to go back to last week. I want to be able to write to you about everything that you do! Well last week was a VERY VERY busy week for mommy! I brought you back with me to Morgantown because you had an appointment at WIC. We got there Sunday night and you played with Steph while I tried to catch up on my homework.

She loves you so much. She drives home every weekend just to see you and she helps mommy out a lot when I need it! 

You kept trying to stand up when she was holding you. You are getting so strong!

The next day {Monday April 4th} we woke up and got ready real fast. It's kind of hard to try and get ready when you have a baby. After we got ready we headed to campus. Mommy took you to class with her! I was REAL nervous to take you. No one had met you yet and I didn't know if you would be a good baby. Everyone wanted to hold you when we got there! Half the time I had no idea where you were. I'm so glad that my teacher, Prof. Dahlia, let me bring you to class. I couldn't find anyone to watch you so I told her that I'd probably be missing class because you here for an appointment and she so "Oh no bring her in, as long as I can hold her." & well she did. She held you the whole class! 

Prof. Dahlia said she's going through baby fever and is wanting another so bad, but her husband says no more. So she LOVED holding you. After class we went straight to WIC for your appointment. They just had to do a quick check up to check your weight. You now weigh 16 lbs & you are 25 1/2 inches long! They said you are in the 75th percentile! You are getting so big!! After class & your appointment we sat on the balcony it was such a pretty day! You really like being outside.

Here you are outside on the balcony. You loved sitting out there and watching everyone. Especially the basketball game going on. Later that day I had to work on my news story. I did my story on car seat safety. So I used you for my stand up. 

{Tuesday April 5th} - Mommy had class again this day and a test. So your Aunt Corina watched you while I took my test. You know what mommy did, I studied all the wrong chapters for the test :( I was so mad. I picked you up from your Aunts and then went back to my other class. Prof. Dhalia teaches that class too so I got to bring you through that class. That class is three hours long so we were in there for awhile. But you were pretty good. You got cranky once but I got up and just bounced you around. I even fed you in class and you took a nap. After class we just laid around and played and loved on each other :)

I love when we just sit like this. Oh and you love your toes way tooo much!

That evening your daddy drove to see us. He got there around 7 and we went to dinner at this Chinese Buffett. We love it because it's cheap and you can get sushi!! Your daddy and I are obsessed with sushi. We were all three tired after dinner so we all went to sleep after. Your daddy had class the next morning and had to leave so early :( I know I've mentioned this probably numerous times. But I HATE that we all aren't living together. But we're getting so close Sophia. I think my countdown is like 30 something days till I graduate. ACTUALLY, today's the 15th, so I'll be graduating in ONE MONTH!! 

The rest of the week was so busy and stressful. I had a news package due that week. My last one! And those take so much time. I had to take you to all my interviews with me and then Thursday I had to go to the edit labs and work on my story. I was there from 7pm-2am!!! I am so thankful Steph volunteered to help watch you. I came back and she was still awake and watching you. I asked her why she wasn't asleep and she said she was too scared not to watch you. She's crazy! Also that week you broke out into a rash! It was so scary and of course I was scared. But I'm pretty sure it was just a reaction you had to my detergent. But I put cortozone on you and it went away!

But mommy made it through the week with going to school and being a full time mom. It was def hard but I loved having you there with me! We ended up heading back to Parkersburg on {Friday April 8} & that weekend was our mini vacation to see Gary's family at WolfTrap Farms. I'll post about it in another post :) I love you Sophia!

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