Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hey baby girl. sorry i haven't wrote to you in a while. mommy broke her computer over the weekend. i have been so sad. we are hoping to get it fixed. i did lose a lot of videos and pictures of you. i put most of them on facebook but videos like your first bath and just one's i had for myself are gone. i was so sad about that, cried to your grandma. but if you think about it, theres so many other worst things out there that this is nothing compared to it. teaches me a lesson to be more careful with my stuff AND always save your videos and pictures to something else. i dont know if they will be able to fix and i doubt ill be getting a new one anytime soon. so im going to try my hardest to write to you as much as i can. im at the library now. supposed to be doing homework. you've had a good week this week. your grandma said you've been eating so much! your my lil chunky monkey. you LOVES monkeys. i've been thinking about doing your first birthday in monkeys :) i also think that you are starting to teeth. you have been so cranky lately. you've been putting everything in your mouth. youll grab my fingers and put them in your mouth, everything. even when im feeding you, you will chew on the nipple of the bottle. your crazy. this weekend ill try and give you something to chew on and help you with the pain. but ill be seeing you tomorrow!! im going to get off here and work on homework ill try and write to you tomorrow. lets hope mommy's computer gets fixed. i love you!

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