Friday, March 25, 2011

last day at daddy's

hey baby! Figured I'd post now because I  have time. You are now in your jump jump watching tv. You jump all the time now in your jump. Like crazy! The bat on your jump jump is your favorite. You hold onto it the whole time and you love chewing on it. You act like it's the first time seeing all the animals on it too. I'll show you the parrot above you and you'll scream and jump. You do that with me too. I had you in front of me in the jump jump and I was behind you for only like five mintues. I came back and said "What are you doing?!" and you smiled so big and jumped and swung your arms. You acted like you hadn't seen me in weeks. I loved it. You also sit in there and play, and make farting noises. You make that noise all the time. But you are always so happy in your jump jump.

You were a little better yesterday with the teething. You still threw your fits but not as much. The weather wasn't the prettiest so we were stuck inside all day :( I can't wait until summer so we can be outside more often. You really like to be outside. Yesterday evening you went to sleep around 9 and your daddy and I made steak for dinner. I think we needed that. We don't get to spend time just us anymore. And with you being so cranky from your teeth and daddy so busy with school and baseball while we've been here has been kind of crazy. Your daddy and I have been arguing and getting irritable with each other but I know its because we're both just stressed. So dinner was very nice. You even slept ALL night last night. You slept SO good! I couldn't believe it.

But today is our last day at daddy's. He has games this weekend in Charleston I think. So we're just going to leave tomorrow when he leaves. I'd like to stay longer, but I don't want to be here by ourselves all day. So we'll get to be back in Parkersburg tomorrow. I don't want Spring Break to end, but it just means closer to graduation, and closer to spending everyday with you. I've really enjoyed these days together, even though you've been super cranky. And I know your daddy has too.

Your daddy's in class now so I'm stuck with you while he's gone. He's going to be pretty busy today with school work and practice :( but we'll try and find time for the three of us. I'm going to feed and change you. I'm sure take pictures of you. But I hope your teeth aren't hurting you too bad today. Talk to you soon. I love you!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. One of mommy's best friend Kayla just found out she is having a baby! & she found out the same day I did a year later. I think that is so crazy! So her baby will be born around the same time you are! She's been talking to me a lot about everything. She's in the same place I was in a year ago. She is going to make a wonderful mommy. I am so excited for her. & I'm happy I'm going to have another friend whose a mommy and you will have another friend too :) You two will only be a year apart. I can't wait. Kayla & I have been friends for a very long time. And have done so much together. We used to go to the beach every year together. Last year was the first time I haven't gone. I was pregnant with you and just didn't feel like going. I should have went. Maybe me, you, kayla & her baby can all go to the beach together!  It's just so crazy she found out the same day as me a year later. We are so much alike!

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