Tuesday, March 29, 2011

relaxing day

Hey baby! Hope you had a good day today. Mommy has had a relaxing day. This week is my less busy week. I woke up & cleaned a little. Then went tanning. I feel so pale & just want to go to the tanning bed a few times. I won't go a lot. I get scared going to them but for some reason I find tanning in the tanning beds relaxing. I made appointments for the rest of the week. I'm only doing it because it's free. We have free tanning, gym, and a pool here at my apartment place. They also have free pedicures, manicures, waxing, facials, and massages for free! I need to start taking advantage of it because I'll be moving out in May. I have a pedicure tomorrow! I haven't had one since right before I had you. So mommy's toes have been naked since I had you.

I had class at 1 but I was running late so I just skipped and worked on homework on campus. Then I had class at 3. That class is usually 3 hours long but we only stayed 30 minutes thank god! Your daddy had a double header today. I told him I wanted to go but wouldnt make it until after my class. I didn't know we'd get out early so I told him I'd leave at like 5:30. He told me that I wouldn't make it in time to the game and pretty much I shouldn't go. That kind of made me upset because I'd be happy to even catch the last 10 minutes of his game. It's his last season to play so I want to see as much as I can. I don't know why he wasn't for me coming this evening. I think maybe he thought it'd be inconvenience for me but I don't mind at all. I would drive an hour there for the game and come right back. But I don't care at all. I looked at the live stats of the game online and it looked like your daddy did really good! I haven't talked to him yet so I'll see how he did once he calls. He says he's driving to see you tonight. I really hope he does! I wish I could go too. I have to be at the WVU News taping at 8 in the morning :( or I would go. I miss you so much already. I just got off the phone with your grandma. She says you've been good today but you sound a little congested :( I hope your not getting sick again. Your grandma sent me some pictures of you yesterday eating & playing!

After seeing these pictures you are starting to look more like what I did as a baby! It's so crazy. I'll have to upload a picture. But you still look so much like your daddy! He just texted me. They won both games! & now I'm hoping for a text saying he's on his way to see you. I really hope he goes! He has away games in Tennessee this weekend. Then next weekend we are going to VA for the weekend to visit his family. He has baseball games so he won't be able to go. I'm really excited though to see them. I love them so much! But mommy's going to get off here and finish laundry and head to Wal*Mart. I want to buy this book called Heaven is For Real. I've seen a lot of people recommend it. And I haven't read in a long time. That used to be ALL I did. But this year with having you and school has been the busiest! I'll write to you again soon, I'm sure tomorrow :) I love you!

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