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Sorry I haven't been able to write to you. Like i said before mommy broke her computer :( I hate being without one. But your aunt brought hers up and told me i could keep it with me for the week! The place where my computer is getting fixed just called and said it was just the hard drive that's broke so I'll be able to just buy a new one and they'll be able to get it fixed! Also, they are trying everything they can to get all my stuff off my old drive. I really hope they do, I had so much stuff on there of you that I didn't save anywhere else. From now on, I'm saving EVERYTHING on my portable hard drive and somewhere online. Sometimes I think I upload too much to Facebook but after my computer breaking I'm so glad I did.

Sophia, I take way too many pictures of you. My camera holds like 1000 and I only have 200 pictures left to take on that card. AND I have 500 pictures of you on my cell phone, just you. I love it because when I'm away from you I just look at all 500 pictures on my cell phone. I'm going to continue taking lots and lots of pictures of you. My parents didn't take too much and I wish they would have. And your growing so fast! I want to be able to remember everything!

Speaking of growing too fast. I swear you gained like 3 pounds just over the weekend. The last time we weighed you at the doctor you weighed 15lbs!! I say your at about 18 now. You eat SO much! & you love your baby food. You love the vegetables more than the fruits. You won't eat as much as the fruits. I was surprised. Your favorites are squash, green beans, and peas. Once I get my computer back I'll upload all the pictures and videos from my camera onto here. It's so funny to watch you eat. You get all excited and wave your arms and you follow that spoon everywhere. You of course make a huge mess, we've been starting to just undress you when it's time to eat.

Sophia, you love to be naked. I don't know what it is but you go CRAZY! As soon as I lay you down to change you start squeeling and moving like crazy. Even if I'm just laying you down to change your diaper you get all excited thinking your going to be naked. I guess that's why you love bath time so much too. I'm so glad you enjoy bath time. You  have never cried about getting a bath. Even the first bath you ever had at a week and a half you loved. I remember that day so well. I was all alone with you. I went to change your diaper,  had the diaper off just for a second & you just gave one tiny little push, and you poop EVERYWHERE. It shot at mommy, I screamed so loud. I didn't know what to do so I just stuck you in the bath. I was so nervous. I had to give you your first bath all alone. But mommy did a good job. It's crazy that I never knew anything about babies, never even held one before you. And it all just came to me. I love being a mommy! Want to hear something crazy Sophia, your grandman is ALREADY asking me when your daddy and I are going to have another baby!! You'll have brothers and sisters, just not now.

Ok, mommy is writing a lot and still have so much more to talk to you about. I should be doing homework or getting ready for the day. Oh well, I'd rather write to you instead. We had a really good weekend Sophia. I think your finally getting over that yucky cough you've had the past few weeks. So you were a very, very happy baby! I ended up skipping class this Thursday so I can come home to you sooner. I went to the daycare and ended up just staying there until your grandma got off work. You smiled so big when you saw me, and gave your dorky, but cute lil laugh. I love it so much. It's not really a laugh just a noise that I call your laugh. But I know your trying to laugh. It's so cute, you make a crooked smile and just make that noise. I think your going to have mommys voice. I can't wait to hear you talk! I keep saying mama to you so that it will be your first word.

After daycare we just went home and laid around and played. Then went to bed pretty early. The  next  day {Friday} you woke up so happy! I looked over and you were just smiling at me. When mommy comes home you sleep with me in bed. I keep you in your bassinett most of the night but I usually sneak you out early morning and put you in bed with me. You hold my finger all night, I love it. And your such a cuddle bug. You need to be right next to me when we sleep. I always put you away, and somehow your right next to me again. Oh man, speaking of you getting right next to me. You are such a mover now AND you can almost roll over! I can put you on the bed and you can spin yourself all the way around. Ok back to our weekend. Because you were in such a good mood, I decided I'd be a nice mommy and let you hang out for a little big in just your diaper. You were so happy. We talked forever. You just looked at me and coo'd so much. I think your going to be such a talker.

Now when we talk you just look at me and move your mouth when I'm talking. I feel like you want to talk so bad. It's so cute. You also touch my face. Always touching my face, just thinking about it makes me so happy! Your doing it in the picture I just uploaded of me and you. Your such a squeeler now. Wonder where you got that! Me and you just squeel at each other all the time. You always try to get louder than me. Sophia I really don't know what mommy would do without you. It's crazy how much you've changed my life! So thankful that I met your daddy and everything that happened gave us this, gave us you! We def. didn't have this planned out but I'm so blessed that it did. God wanted us to be your parents now, he knew your crazy daddy was supposed to be with me, so we could create our beautiful Sophia. After we played around and took pictures we started to get ready for the day. Mommy had a dentist appointment :( I took you to daycare & went to my dentist appointment. Mommy has to get her wisdom teeth out. They want to do it sometime soon, so I have to figure out a good weekend to do it.

After the appointment I went back to the daycare to get you. I just stayed there and helped your grandma out. After daycare we went home and had another relaxing night of playing and cuddling. Saturday we went to Wal Mart with your great grandma, you slept the whole time. After that we all went to TJ Maxx, I love that store! I bought you an easter dress and a new photo album! We had to get you a 9month dress because your getting so big! I can't wait to take your pictures in them. You have a cute outfit to wear this week for St. Patricks day. I won't be able to see you on St. Patricks day but I'll take your picture in it after :) Also your grandma made you a St. Patricks day tutu! All we need to learn is to make bows. After we did a lil shopping at TJ Maxx we went to Amanda's Baby Shower. Everyone loved you there. I didn't even get to hold you because everyone was "showing you off" that's what I called it. THEN, you peed through your diaper. & of course mommy didn't pack you another pair of pants. You were just wearing a dress and leggings. SO mommy just took your leggings off and let you wear just your dress. You loved it, of course. Amanda's baby girl Riley and you are going to be good friends. I'm so excited for her!

We then headed to Remington's first birthday party. You were getting a lil cranky so we just stopped by and gave him his present. I can't wait for you two to be able to play. When mommy was pregnant I was always worried that I'd be the only one pregnant and wouldn't have any other friends with babies. But now I have so many and I'm so thankful for them. They are always there to talk.. about anything! So you've brought me to know some really great people Sophia. Finally, our last stop of the day, a purse party. We didn't stay there long. Just stopped by.

 We then went home and of course played. You love your jump jump. And this weekend, you finally can reach the floor in your jump jump. I couldn't believe it. I was watching you and saw you bounce by yourself and looked down and your lil tiny feet were flat on the ground. You could spend hours in your jump jump and you are so amazed with everything on it. You want to suck and chew on everything though. I let you play for a long time. While mommy took pictures and videos. I know this might sound crazy but I think you know your name already. Everytime I say it you look. And I just Sophia, real fast and you smile and "laugh".

Your such a funny girl. Its crazy that a lil baby can make me laugh so much. My little baby is going to be 5 month this weekend! It's so crazy to believe. I'm so thankful that I have my healthy baby girl everyday. My healthy baby girl with her crooked smile and raspy lil voice. With her tiny little baby peets {feet}. Daddy says that babies say everything with a p in front of it so now we call your feet, peets. We love to pretend we're eating your peets. You love it.  And I love your feet I kiss them everytime I change your diaper or change you. I will even take your socks off in public and kiss your little peets.

That night we laid in bed and watch Aladdin until we fell asleep. I think you liked Aladding. The next day {Sunday} we just relaxed and waited for your daddy to get there! He came back from Florida Sunday morning and then drove to Parkersburg to see us. You were so happy to see him and I could tell he was very happy. Your daddy got SO dark in Florida. I hope that when you get older you tan good like your mommy and daddy. We spent the evening together just being the three of us. And then he had to leave that night to meet with a group for a project. Only a month and half Sophia and we will all be able to be together everyday! Mommy had to leave you the next day. I've been missing you since. But mommy has to get ready for class. It's another busy week for me. I just need to get through with this week then it's Spring Break. Spending it with you :) I'll write to you again tonight. I hope you have a good day today.I LOVE YOU!

** Sophia, Mommy has been following this girl on blogger who lost her sweet baby girl. Today she is 5months old. You two are so close in age. I think about baby Maddie everyday. I will tell you about her when you get older. She wore big bows just like you do. Happy 5 months Maddie!

{When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they're seeing angels.}

I love this quote. You always seem to be doing this Sophia. I always catch you smiling and looking right past me. And sometime I'll here a squeel from you. I never knew what you were looking at why you were doing it. But I know now. Keep smiling with those angels baby girl.

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