Wednesday, March 16, 2011

early post :)

hey baby! Woke up this morning thinking about you! I'm missing you a lot. It's been hard sleeping at night without you because we sleep together all weekend. I love that you're a cuddler. Starting today I'm going to be very busy, but then after Thursday I'll be able to come home and be with you for a whole week! We'll be spending most of my Spring Break with daddy :) So I wanted to write to you early, just incase mommy won't have time later. But you know me, I'm sure I'll find time. I'm supposed to be getting ready and studying for a test tonight. But I'd rather write to you instead.

Yesterday I didn't do too much. Went to my Comm. class and turned in a paper and then went to my Mutlimedia class and turned in our project my group and I have been working on. We did it on the Morgantown High School show choir.

After class mommy just came home and cleaned up a little bit. Then just laid around all evening. I wanted to just relax because I knew how busy and stressed out these next two days are going to be. I didn't have too much time to talk to your grandma. But she did said you were good all day yesterday. She said you woke up twice last night just to eat and went right back to sleep. She did say you have been eating so much! She said you ate 4 cans of baby food yesterday!!! Your such a pig Sophia. Your daddy eats a lot. I hope you didn't get his appetite. When I called later that night around 9:30, she said you already had your bath and you were asleep. I want to be there and give you your bath and watch you sleep :( so soon though baby girl! I did get a picture of you yesterday of a boy at daycare and you!
But mommy's going to get ready for the day. I have an interview with a woman from a daycare at 2. Then a test at 4:30. I will probably stay on campus and get some homework done for a few. Then I have another interview at 9pm tonight! Then tomorrow is when I have to edit it everything. I'm going to try and edit early and have everything done as soon as I can. My writing conference is at 3 and the teacher usually makes me do stuff over. So I'll edit all that and HOPEFULLY get out of there as soon as I can. And if it's not too late I'll try and head home to Parkersburg. If it's too dark I wont go. Driving on Rt. 50 at night time scares me. Hope you have a good day today! I love you!               

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