Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hey baby girl. I told you I'd write to you again. You are asleep, sleeping just like your daddy. You two always sleep the same. You even sleep with your eyes a little open just like him. You were already asleep when I got home tonight from work. It was pretty late so I understand :)

Today before I left to work you ended up spitting up on yourself. It was a little chunky too because you ate baby food right before so you needed a bath. I needed to take a shower too but had to be ready for work in 30 minutes. SO I decided we'd just take one together. { Don't be too embarrassed when you read or find out about this when your older } I've heard other moms say they've done it but today was our first time. I got in first and left you in your swing thing in front of the shower while I got clean. I then got you undressed real quick and put you in with me. You kept looking around but you loved it. You smiled and laughed. I got you all clean and we were both all clean in like 5-10 mintues. Def saved some time! Might be taking more showers together in the future.

We got dressed and headed out the door to the daycare. You only had to go for an hour today. Daddy's game was over by the time we were done. They won their game today! I guess daddy played good too. He still misses you a lot and he asked for pictures of you. I sent him these.

You are getting so big! So is mommy! Well, not big but older. In about 7 minutes mommy will be 22 years old! It's still young but 21 went by really fast. Last year at this time I was pregnant with you! At the time I was kind of bummed out that I couldn't spend my 21st birthday the way I had planned to { before I knew I was pregnant with you } but mommy still had a good time. I couldn't wait to be 21 for the longest time. I was counting down the months but it was only because I wanted to go out with everyone. I was the youngest so I wasn't able to go to the places they were going in Morgantown.

Becoming pregnant, and having you made me realize what's more important in life. I'm glad it all happened to me too at a young age. I am more thankful than I was before I had you too. I just can't believe it's been a year already. It feels like yesterday. I don't have much plans for my birthday tomorrow. Daddy is still out of town so he won't be able to celebrate and really, mommy has friends but not like I used to. I would always have a bunch of people meet me for dinner for my birthday but now we're all so busy that I probably couldn't get that many people together anymore.

But that's ok. I don't mind at all. As long as I get to spend tomorrow to you that's all I need for my birthday. Let's have a good day tomorrow Sophia. Mommy is going to bed. Right when I turn 22! I hope this year was just as perfect as 21 was!! Can't wait to spend it with you baby girl!! I love you 

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