Friday, May 13, 2011

baby boys & belly buttons

{ May 12, 2011 }

Hey baby girl. So mommy wanted to write to you last night but the website was shut down until about a few minutes ago. So guess that means I get to write to you twice today! Yesterday was the same as the rest of the week. We got up, you actually played a lot more so I was able to clean up a little bit. I then got you ready and took you to the daycare because mommy had to work at 11. I've been working so much but saving up lots of money :)

Work was slow like usual. I just played on my phone the whole time. I guess that's why I don't mind working, because I get paid to play on my phone. I also get free Mexican food so that's another reason why too. I got off work at 2 and headed to the daycare to spend time with you on my break. It started to storm real bad so I just stayed at the daycare and played with you the whole time there. 

At 4:45 it was time for me to head back to work. Mommy worked from 5-8. Again, it wasn't busy at all. After work we headed to the hospital to see Kaylee Stoops new baby boy Jace. He was born yesterday weighing 6lb 6oz. It's funny because just the day before Kaylee and I were talking and she was talking about how she {TMI} lost her mucus plug and that she felt like he was going to come sooner. And she was right. She gave birth to him at 37 weeks. That's how far along I was when I had you. He seemed so tiny. I forgot how little you used to be! I was actually too nervous to hold him.

He is so cute! I am so happy for Kaylee. She's going to be such a good mommy. She was so calm while we were there. We wanted to take a picture of you and the babies that were there. As soon as we sat you down beside Jace you went and grabbed for his belly button clasp. Me and your grandma screamed and took you away. It didn't hurt him at all but we were just a little scared. Kaylee just laughed. You are so ornery Sophia. 

You slept really good last night. Your nights keep getting better and better. Carissa's schedule really helped us out. { Thank you Carissa! :) } You just woke up at like 6:30 and I got you out of your bed and put you in bed with me and you went back to sleep until almost 9, without a bottle!! We are getting there! This morning we did the usual. Played, ate, and now you are taking your second nap for the day. While mommy is being lazy and waisting her time on the computer.

I know your only 6 months { almost 7 } but I am already thinking about stuff for your first birthday party. I don't want it to come but I know it will { too fast } so I want to make it the best party ever. I want to make it a pink and monkey theme. I've already been searching for outfits and all that for your party. I do want to have a big screen of videos of your first year. I lost all the ones when you were a newborn but I've been taken a lot of random ones from about 2months and on. I want it to play at your birthday party. I already started one of all my maternity pictures. I want to start the other one now. I've been trying to get a picture and a video of you every day. Here's a video of you from the other morning when we first woke up :)

Now for an update on what daddy's been doing. Daddy says he misses you SO SO much!! He is still playing baseball { almost over } it's his last year playing so I've been doing better with him being too busy to text and stuff. I know he wants to be focused for his last few games. Usually I get kind of upset but I know he wants to do this for his team and for himself. So right now daddy is in Beckley, WV. We would have gone to the games but they are kind of far and mommy needs to work. Plus my birthday and graduation are this week so we would have been REALLY busy. It's kind of hard to travel with a baby too, alone. 

I'm not sure when he plays today but last night they played at 8pm and lost the game :( Hopefully they win today. He has to stay there Saturday no matter what, even if they lose but I'm not sure how the tournament rules go. I want him to win, but I also would LOVE for him to be done Saturday and come to my graduation, that'd be perfect!

Well mommy is going to quit writing to you so I can have stuff to tell you when I write to you again tonight when I get off work. I love you

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